A better alternative to Fullstory

Fullview is different. Get  access to all of your customers, see who's online, see their journey with the Fullview Console, replay specific sessions, jump to where issues happened, or hop on a live session when needed.

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Lower time to resolution

Jump straight to where issues occurred and watch what happened to understand customer's problems and support them faster.

Destroy silos

Bridge the gap between product and support teams. Give developers full context to bugs and user issues for troubleshooting.

Faster troubleshooting

Get instant context and save hours of manual work. No more screenshots or tedious paragraphs from customers.

How Fullview compares to Fullstory




Record all sessions (no sampling)

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Built for UI and UX teams

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Customer sync by default

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Built for support and product teams

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User sentiment insights

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Install with two lines of code

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Supports web apps

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Supports mobile apps

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Customizable privacy features

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Live in-app calls

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Cobrowsing for live support and onboarding

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Technology detection and console logs

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Fullview is the fastest way to understand and solve customer support issues. Unlike Fullstory, you can faster jump to where issues occurred and watch user sessions to get instant context.

Understand issues and user journeys.

Automatically recreate every single user session to better understand pain points and optimize customer experiences. Quickly understand the issues your users are facing when they reach out to your support team.

  • Privacy & GDPR friendly

  • Automatic video-like recreation of user sessions

  • Instant context for support agents and developers

Watch specific user sessions collected in one place.

Our API pulls all your user data into one place — your Fullview dashboard. Unlike traditional session replay tools, Fullview Replay allow you to see how each specific customer interacts with your product. Just navigate to your customer’s page to see all their sessions and issue data.

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  • All your users on your Fullview Dashboard

  • Watch individual user sessions for full context

  • Integration with support chat and developer ticketing tools

“When we started, we were only looking for a better way to show users around our app, but Fullview has also helped us replicate bugs and understand how we can improve our user journey.”

Johnathan Bell

CEO and Co-Founder

Jump straight to issues and replicate bugs easily.

Jump straight to clearly-marked sections on the Fullview Replays timeline so you can identify exactly where an issue occurred.

Replicate bugs easily, without having to rely on manual bug reports or tedious descriptions from users or support agents ever again.

  • See bugs in context

  • Recreate bugs without manual reports

  • Deploy proactive fixes

Additional context at your fingertips with Fullview Console.

Enhance session replays with information about your users journey inside your product, network logs and device info. Easily filter for errors, warnings and logs, depending on your customer's issue.

  • Console information for the entire session

  • See user journey, network and device information

  • Filters for errors, warnings and logs


Step up your privacy and GDPR compliance with Fullview. We automatically blur sensitive info with customizable controls for what information to hide  during Fullview Replays.

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  • Customizable controls

  • All data stored in the E.U.

  • GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 ready

Easy, compliant, and designed with
collaboration in mind.

Fullview is built with support teams in mind. Investigate issues before engaging in a session with you customers, automatically access into console logs, and more.

In-App Calls

Start calls in seconds. No link sharing and no downloads required.


Guide your users with cobrowsing, draw on their screen and collaborate.

Screen Control

Take over your user's screen and solve issues faster.

Console Logs

Access browser information and console logs for instant context.

Session Replays

Watch previous user session to investigate issues faster.

Privacy Features

Only see what's needed and protect your user's privacy.

Supercharge customer support

Discover customer and product issues with instant replays, in-app cobrowsing, and console logs.

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