Set your customers up for success.

Whether it’s a new customer or an expanding account, Fullview’s in-app calls and cobrowsing improve CX and retention rates.

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Hands-on onboarding

Static product tours are a thing of the past with Fullview’s cobrowsing. Show new users around your app, point to what’s important, implement account settings, and guide them through forms without delay.

  • Draw or highlight on a user’s screen

  • Easy collaboration

  • Effortless onboarding

A click away

Search for users, see their status, and initiate a call with just one click, all without leaving your app. No more frustrated users, lengthy onboarding sequences and poor adoption rates. Hop on a call and show them around.

  • Easy user lookup 

  • One-click calls with no downloads

Show off new releases

Whether you’ve just launched a dashboard redesign, a new feature, or an entirely new product, cobrowsing is the most effective way to present or onboard your customers on those changes.

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  • Increase product awareness

  • Easily upsell new features

  • Onboard on product changes

Data privacy

We take data privacy and security seriously at Fullview.
Unlike legacy remote desktop solutions, cobrowsing is limited to your own product. We are GDPR compliant and all data is encrypted and stored on EU servers.

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  • Customizable controls

  • Secure data

  • No downloads 

Supercharge customer support

Discover customer and product issues with instant replays, in-app cobrowsing, and console logs.

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