Watch and analyze customer issues

Auto-record user sessions to quickly find key moments. View bugs, issues, user steps and frustration signs in both historical and live sessions.

Lower time to resolution

Jump to where issues occurred, watch what happened and understand customers' problems faster.

Break down silos

Bridge the gap between product and support teams. Share sessions with developers instead of bug reports.

Faster troubleshooting  

Get instant context and save hours of manual work. No more screenshots or back-and-forth with customers.

“Fullview has helped us replicate bugs and understand how we can improve our user journey. We now mention them to every SaaS company we meet.”

Johnathan Bell

CEO and Co-Founder

Emilien Potin

Trusted by leading SaaS teams

Fullview has definitely helped in cases where we weren't sure what was going on, making it clearer what really happened and how customers interacted with our platform. It makes things easier both internally and on calls with customers.

Emil Petersen

Emil Petersen

CEO and Co-founder

The replays are definitely a game-changer in this industry. It means that everyone is working with the exact same information all the time.

Lee Oldham

Lee Oldham

Platform Support Manager

Ever since we started using Fullview, we mention it to every SaaS company we meet.

Emilien Poten

Emilien Poten


The replays and the cobrowsing were a huge feature for me. We have seen Intercom threads be solved 25% to 30% faster after installing Fullview.

Greg Leizerowicz

Greg Leizerowicz


Our process is more seamless after installing Fullview. It’s easier to escalate the issues that can’t be resolved via chat or email and resolve them quickly with cobrowsing.

Kenneth Svenningsen

Kenneth Svenningsen


Fullview has also helped us replicate bugs and understand how we can improve our user journey.

Johnathan Bell

Johnathan Bell

CEO and Co-Founder

What are session replays?

Detailed user journeys

Gain instant context for faster troubleshooting and efficient problem-solving.

A session replay is a tool that automatically records user sessions within a web app or on a website, allowing product and support teams to watch both live and historical user web sessions. With session replays, you can see bugs, user behaviour, frustration signals and other product issues in context. This helps quickly identify and resolve problems, bridging the gap between product and support teams by sharing detailed session data instead of traditional bug reports.

Session replays provide real-time insights, enabling faster troubleshooting and a comprehensive understanding of the entire user journey.

See exactly what happened

with Fullview Session Replays

Rage clicks

Identify friction points and understand issues in seconds.

Navigation steps

Follow the user journey, both visually and under the hood

Console errors

Spot sessions containing errors and jump straight to them

You’re in good company

What our customers say about Fullview

Marco Ricciardi Image

The responsive Fullview team, coupled with a smooth implementation process and native integration with Personio's ticketing system, has resulted in faster issue resolution and increased overall customer satisfaction.

Principal Program Manager, Personio
Marco Ricciardi

The great thing about using Fullview is that we're able to resolve our customer issues in record time. And we're achieving that, while asking fewer questions in the process

Adam Castleton
CEO at Startle

The last thing that users want to do is recount what they've done to get to where they are if they're having an issue. So the replays and cobrowsing are a huge feature for us. We've seen Intercom threads be resolved about 30% quicker since installing Fullview.

Greg Leizerowicz
CTO and Co-Founder

For support agents, being able to watch a session replay without the pressure of a customer on the phone asking “can you fix it?” is great. And on the development side, not being able to reproduce a bug is no longer a blocker, because we’ve got video evidence that it did happen.

Lee Oldham
Platform Support Manager, Autoprotect Group

Fullview has absolutely become one of our go-to tools when we need to figure out what happened on the customer's side. Understanding what happened and trying to recreate bugs used be challenging. But with Fullview Session Replays, we can just go watch the relevant replay to spot what happened.

Emil Petersen
CEO and Co-Founder, Subit

Fullview has been super helpful for us to get a precise understanding of what our customers feel frustrated with the most, and build up empathy into how customers use our product versus how we think they use it. It definitely compliments and powers up the product analytics data we get from other tools like Mixpanel – powerful combo!

Tarek Khalil
CTO and Co-founder, Rasayel
Daniel Ruskim

Fullview gives us unparalleled insight into how real customers are using our product in their day-to-day lives. It's the single highest ROI discovery tool we use at Checkr Pay.

Daniel Ruskin
Product and Engineering Lead, Checkr, Inc.
Chloe Gloger

We approached Fullview to enhance troubleshooting and QA. Beyond those gains, which were realized immediately, the real value lies in swiftly testing customer behavior during new feature launches. We recently had such a launch, and I identified a problem, but I couldn’t get the full picture from the other tools we used. I checked Fullview Replays and was able to identify the root cause and have the UX fixed within the same week.

Chloe Gloger
Product Manager, Tabit

Integrate with existing tools

Cobrowse and replay user activity right from your helpdesk and ticketing software

See all integrations

Bridging support and development teams for quicker issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Fullview is backed by CEOs and support execs from world-class companies

"Customer centricity is everything when scaling SaaS companies. And a fast, personal and scalable customer support function is absolutely essential in delivering great customer experiences ."

Man in light blue shirt looking through the window

Jeppe Rindom, CEO & Founder, Pleo

Understand issues and user journeys

Stop asking questions and start seeing things for yourself. Automatically recreate every single user session to better understand pain points and optimize customer experiences.

No sampling, all sessions are recorded

See both historical and ongoing sessions

Jump to pre-detected events

Watch specific user sessions in real-time

Unlike traditional session replay tools, with Fullview you can easily see how each specific customer interacts with your  product. The best part? It works in real-time.

See sessions directly in support chats or tickets

Filter by user or organization

See what your customers see

Jump straight to issues and replicate bugs easily

Jump straight to clearly-marked sections on the Fullview Replays timeline so you can identify exactly where an issue occurred.

See bugs in context    

Save time understanding what happened

View console logs

Without Fullview

Simplify your support workflow mess with our all-in-one solution

Without Fullview
With Fullview
Support Chat
Customer Calls
Front-End Issues
Developer Diagnosis
With Fullview

Support Request

Access Fullview's features directly in your support chat or tickets with our powerful integrations.

Instant Context

Understand what happened by replaying recent or ongoing sessions, and jump to pre-detected events.

Take Control

Guide your customers with multi-cursor screen control, replacing traditional screen sharing tools.

Faster Debugging

See the user journey, network data, rage clicks, warning and errors. Both in live calls and session replays.

Integrate with existing tools

Cobrowse and replay user activity right from your helpdesk and ticketing software

Fullview integration tools image
See all integrations
Fullview integration tools image

Stay organized with labels and custom views

Create custom views for filters you use often and review the highest-priority issues in seconds.

Filter by user, errors, event and more

Apply custom labels to sessions

Create custom views

Privacy focused

Stay compliant. Sensitive information is redacted at source, meaning it never reaches our servers, and you have full control over what's visible and what's censored in Fullview Replays.

Customizable privacy settings

All data stored in the E.U. or US

GDPR compliant

Why choose Fullview for session replays?

What sets us apart.

Other session replay solutions

Built around customer identity

Access to console logs

Some providers

100% GDPR compliant

Customizable privacy settings

Some providers

Supports mobile apps

Some providers

View customer sessions from support software via integration


Free plan

Some providers

Record all users — no sampling

Some providers

Rage click detection

Some providers


What are Session Replays? 

Fullview Session Replays lets product and customer support teams auto-record all user sessions in their app so they can watch the recordings (both live and historical) to see bugs, user behavior, frustration signals, and other product issues in context. You can see and understand the entire user journey in your app, diagnose bugs faster, deploy the right fixes, and more deeply understand product and customer issues with quantitative and qualitative data. Fullview has powerful filtering and segmentation capabilities, so you can tag, sort, and identify replays of interest in seconds. 

How to replay a user session in Fullview? 

In order to record and watch Fullview Session Replays, you will have to add our script to your web app (by copy-pasting a few lines of code) and do a simple API implementation to pull your users into your Fullview dashboard. Once you have done that, Fullview will automatically start recording user sessions in your app and populating your dashboard, from where you can watch them. You can filter sessions by user, role, environment, console errors, rage clicks, and more to surface relevant replays quickly. 

Are Session Replays GDPR compliant? 

Fullview Session Replays is completely safe and GDPR compliant. All our data is stored on EU servers in Germany (with the option to store data on US servers if you require that). Sensitive data is automatically blurred out during replays, and we give you further options to customize what customer data you want to capture and what you want to censor. Fullview complies with SOC 1-3, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and is HIPAA-BAA eligible. Learn more about how Fullview keeps your data safe on our security page.

How much does Fullview Session Replays cost? 

Fullview has both free and paid versions of our session replays plan. The free version includes up to 1000 replays a month and 1 integration. Our pro plan starts at $71 a month for 10,000 sessions and includes unlimited integrations. You can add unlimited team members to your organization on both plans. For enterprise companies, please get in touch with us for custom pricing and discounts. Find more information on our pricing page. 

Learn how the world’s best support system will impact your business

Learn how the world’s best support system will impact your business

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