What is cobrowsing - and how does it work?

Elevate your customer experience with this game-changing technology.

Real-time Assistance

Cobrowsing allows support & sales agents to provide immediate, hands-on help by seeing exactly what the customer sees.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Visually guide customers through processes and troubleshooting steps. Reduce confusion and frustration, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Privacy and Security

Choose what to show and hide with customizable data masking options. Ensuring customer privacy and data security while providing effective support.

What is cobrowsing?

Collaborative Online Interaction

Cobrowsing (also known as collaborative browsing, co-browsing, or co browsing), is an innovative technology that allows two or more individuals to collaborate online by simultaneously viewing and interacting with the same webpage, browser tab, or app during a video call or online session. It's utilized for collaborative work, remote troubleshooting and interactive customer support.

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Download our guide to understand how you can enhance CSAT scores, reduce resolution time, and boost customer loyalty with Fullview Cobrowsing.

The world's best cobrowsing

Browser-based, no downloads.

Cobrowse seamlessly on all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Easy setup

Enable cobrowsing directly within your app with just a few lines of code. Guide users live in your websites, web app, or other digital  properties.

Initiate sessions effortlessly

Unlike other tools, Fullview's cobrowsing can be initiated by support  agents with just one click. No confusing meeting codes or links to slow  you down or confuse customers.

Inbound cobrowsing

With Fullview, your customers can send you a cobrowsing request when they need help. All requests will be sent to a queue on your Fullview dashboard, from where you can easily initiate a session.

Record cobrowse sessions

Fullview's cobrowsing sessions are automatically recorded so you can watch back past sessions for context, reproducing issues or training new staff members.

Technical console data

Fullview's cobrowsing sessions also record technical console and network data from your customer's browser so you can look under the hood, and understand technical issues faster too. Easily send to developers after live sessions.

Hands-on support at a distance. Once you’re on a cobrowsing call with a user, you can request screen control, and use an independent cursor and annotation tools to interact with your user’s screen.

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How does cobrowsing work?

Most modern cobrowsing technology is based on either WebRTC or rrWeb. These technologies were created to allow for seamless peer-to-peer communication over the internet and require no downloads or plugins.

Cobrowsing typically follows these steps:

Implement cobrowsing software

To cobrowse, you'll need to sign up for a software or platform that supports that functionality, like Fullview.

Establish a connection

By embedding a simple code snippet, companies can activate cobrowsing within their app and establish a connection. This allows support or contact center agents to directly initiate calls with online customers, bypassing the need for Zoom links or scheduled meetings.

Initiate a cobrowse call

Initiate cobrowsing by distributing a unique session ID or URL. Alternatively, with Fullview's cobrowsing API, you can launch cobrowse sessions directly from your web app and connect with your customer's browser. After integrating this API, users automatically appear in your Fullview dashboard. Click on the 'cobrowse' button next to their name to begin the session.

Synchronizing browsing on
the web page or app

Once all participants are connected, the cobrowsing platform will synchronize their browsers. This ensures that everyone sees the same web page or application interface simultaneously.

Navigation and interaction

Participants can then take turns navigating the web page or application. When one user interacts with the content—such as scrolling, clicking links, filling out forms, or submitting data—the changes are replicated and instantly displayed on the screens of all participants.

Collaboration features

Cobrowsing platforms often include additional collaboration features to enhance the experience. These may include live chat, audio or video communication, annotation tools, or the ability to highlight specific elements on the screen. Fullview's cobrowsing has all these features.

Session termination

Once the cobrowsing session is complete, participants can choose to end the session. The platform terminates the connection, and users can continue browsing independently.

What does a cobrowsing solution look like?

Agents and customers


Independent cursor

Annotation tools

Audio & video controls

Chat box

Both users and agents will enjoy a seamless cobrowsing experience and faster issue resolution without the need for any downloads with Fullview Cobrowse.


Additional tools

Console errors & warnings

User steps

Network, device & browser info

In addition, agents can see exactly what users do in their app while on a cobrowsing call to troubleshoot easily and quickly.

What can you do during a cobrowsing call?

From drawing and highlighting on screen to taking screen control, here is what you can do during a collaborative cobrowsing call.

Screen control and screen sharing

Use annotation tools to highlight or draw on screen

Click buttons and navigate

Fill fields and submit forms together

Screen share on 3rd party content and websites

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Why choose Fullview's cobrowsing tool?

Offer top-notch cobrowsing directly from your app with one-click initiation to enhance remote support and solve customer issues more efficiently.
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Simplify your support workflow mess with our cobrowsing

Without Fullview
Without Fullview
With Fullview
Support Chat
Customer Calls
Front-End Issues
Developer Diagnosis
With Fullview

Support Request

Access Fullview's features directly in your support chat or tickets with our powerful integrations.

Instant Context

Understand what happened by replaying recent or ongoing sessions, and jump to pre-detected events.

Take Control

Guide your customers with multi-cursor screen control, replacing traditional screen sharing tools.

Faster Debugging

See the user journey, network data, rage clicks, warning and errors. Both in live calls and session replays.

Provide a customized experience

Cobrowse, screen share and interact with your users' screens for real-time collaboration and problem-solving.

Get instant context with console logs and replays

Record user sessions and see user activity before and after a call —  including user steps, page visits, device, network information, errors and events.

Stay compliant

Fullview protects sensitive customer data with data masking and strong encryption standards. Fullview is 100% GDPR compliant.

Inbound cobrowsing

Fullview protects sensitive customer data with data masking and strong encryption standards. Fullview is 100% GDPR compliant.

Integrate with existing tools

Cobrowse and replay user activity right from your helpdesk and ticketing software

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You’re in good company

What our customers say about Fullview

Marco Ricciardi Image

The responsive Fullview team, coupled with a smooth implementation process and native integration with Personio's ticketing system, has resulted in faster issue resolution and increased overall customer satisfaction.

Principal Program Manager, Personio
Marco Ricciardi

The great thing about using Fullview is that we're able to resolve our customer issues in record time. And we're achieving that, while asking fewer questions in the process

Adam Castleton
CEO at Startle

The last thing that users want to do is recount what they've done to get to where they are if they're having an issue. So the replays and cobrowsing are a huge feature for us. We've seen Intercom threads be resolved about 30% quicker since installing Fullview.

Greg Leizerowicz
CTO and Co-Founder

For support agents, being able to watch a session replay without the pressure of a customer on the phone asking “can you fix it?” is great. And on the development side, not being able to reproduce a bug is no longer a blocker, because we’ve got video evidence that it did happen.

Lee Oldham
Platform Support Manager, Autoprotect Group

Fullview has absolutely become one of our go-to tools when we need to figure out what happened on the customer's side. Understanding what happened and trying to recreate bugs used be challenging. But with Fullview Session Replays, we can just go watch the relevant replay to spot what happened.

Emil Petersen
CEO and Co-Founder, Subit

Fullview has been super helpful for us to get a precise understanding of what our customers feel frustrated with the most, and build up empathy into how customers use our product versus how we think they use it. It definitely compliments and powers up the product analytics data we get from other tools like Mixpanel – powerful combo!

Tarek Khalil
CTO and Co-founder, Rasayel
Daniel Ruskim

Fullview gives us unparalleled insight into how real customers are using our product in their day-to-day lives. It's the single highest ROI discovery tool we use at Checkr Pay.

Daniel Ruskin
Product and Engineering Lead, Checkr, Inc.
Chloe Gloger

We approached Fullview to enhance troubleshooting and QA. Beyond those gains, which were realized immediately, the real value lies in swiftly testing customer behavior during new feature launches. We recently had such a launch, and I identified a problem, but I couldn’t get the full picture from the other tools we used. I checked Fullview Replays and was able to identify the root cause and have the UX fixed within the same week.

Chloe Gloger
Product Manager, Tabit

Resolve customer issues — Fast. Intuitive.

Improve efficiency & decrease costs

Reduce all the unnecessary back-and-forth with users, do more with fewer support agents, and get to resolution faster.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Reduce user frustration or avoid it altogether by solving challenging  issues for them with remote screen control. Create personalized experiences at scale to improve retention.

Improve FCR and AHT

Cobrowsing makes it easy to solve customer  support issues in a single browsing session, so your first contact resolution rate and average handle times are about to get a major boost.

Key uses of cobrowsing technology

From customer support to product development to  remote collaboration, cobrowsing can be used to do any number of things.

Fill out forms, solve complex technical support requests, create presentations together, process claims, change account settings and more with the best way to collaborate online.
Customer support

Diagnose issues faster, see exactly what your users are seeing and offer personalized customer support — all without leaving your app. Cobrowsing can help you solve complex technical support tickets without any back-and-forth over email or chat.

Product development

With cobrowsing, you can demo new features to your customers to get feedback instantly! You can show them how to use new functionalities while observing points of friction.

Customer success

If you have new features or products launching, and you want to show your existing customers how they can leverage them, cobrowsing is the perfect solution to have them see the product firsthand. You can take them on a tour of the new features and show them how the product works and how it can benefit them.

Team collaboration

Hybrid team? No problem! Cobrowsing can make it much easier and more convenient for teams to collaborate on projects such as presentations, data analysis, brainstorming, and more.

Sales experience

When it comes to complex sales processes such as finance or insurance, cobrowsing can be used to help customers understand what they're signing up for. You can use co-browsing to show them exactly what they're buying and help them fill out any paperwork or applications.

Customer onboarding

With cobrowsing, you can make sure your newly landed customers are off to a great start and seeing immediate value from your product. You can take them on a tour of your product, show them how to use it, and answer any questions they may have.


Cobrowsing is particularly useful for businesses that offer consulting services as it can help to build trust and credibility with potential clients. By cobrowsing with them, you can help them understand difficult information or help them complete complex forms or processes.

Online banking and wealth management

Transform the in-branch customer experience for a digital world by aligning advisors and clients with shared viewing and live on-screen interaction.


With cobrowsing, insurance agents have the tools to demonstrate each plan on offer, as well as guide users through the difficult business of signing up for them. It can also help ease friction during the claims process.

Online hospitality and travel

Helping customers through the process of choosing the right travel packages, booking airplane tickets and making hotel reservations would be a lot simpler if you could just point and click. With cobrowsing, you can do just that.

Background Gradient
Financial services
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Government agencies
Hospitality & travel
Call centers

Fields enhanced by cobrowsing technology

Discover how diverse industries enhance customer support and efficiency with cobrowsing technology.

Why use cobrowsing software?

Improve CSAT

Reduce customer effort

Boost customer loyalty

Increase online conversions

Reduce average handle time

Exceed customer expectations

Cobrowsing is used by call centers, SaaS companies, financial  services, government agencies, insurance companies and more.


What is cobrowsing software?

Fullview Cobrowsing lets customer support agents initiate in-app calls with users who are online. Once the user accepts, the agent can request screen control to solve customer issues that are hard to resolve over chat, the phone, or email. Fullview Cobrowsing includes video and audio conferencing, annotation tools, and an in-call chat feature. Console information (like user steps, errors, warnings, frustration signals, device, network information, and page visits) is visible to the agent in a side panel during the call so they can see exactly what is happening on the user’s side for easier troubleshooting.

How to implement cobrowsing?

In order to implement Fullview Cobrowsing, you will have to add our script to your web app (by copy-pasting a few lines of code) and do a simple API implementation to pull your users into your Fullview dashboard. Once you have done that, you will be able to see whether your users are offline, idle, or online, start a cobrowsing call with them, and view any recordings of user sessions in your app. Installing Fullview takes no more than 10 minutes and can also be done using tools like Google Tag Manager to make it even easier.

Is cobrowsing safe?

Fullview Cobrowsing is completely safe and GDPR compliant. All our data is stored on EU or US servers depending on your needs. Sensitive data is automatically blurred out during calls, and we give you additional options to customize what customer data you want to capture and what you want to censor during a cobrowsing call. Fullview complies with SOC 1-3, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and is HIPAA-BAA eligible. Learn more about how Fullview keeps your data safe on our security page.

How much does Fullview Cobrowsing cost?

Fullview has both free and paid versions of cobrowsing plans. The free version includes 4 cobrowsing calls per seat per month. Our pro plan starts at $49 per seat per month and includes access to unlimited cobrowsing calls and unlimited integrations. You can add unlimited team members to your organization on both plans. For enterprise companies, please get in touch with us for custom pricing and discounts. Find more information on our pricing page.

What is the difference between cobrowsing and screen sharing?

Cobrowsing and screen sharing both facilitate collaboration during online interactions. Cobrowsing allows users to jointly navigate web content with shared control, annotation, and privacy features. In contrast, screen sharing involves one-way streaming of a user's screen content without collaborative control.

What makes cobrowser essential for customer support?

Cobrowser is particularly beneficial for handling level 2 and 3 support tickets that are complex to resolve via chat. It enhances the support process by providing real-time collaboration, making it a valuable addition to a multi-channel support strategy. Cobrowser significantly reduces customer frustration by speeding up time-to-resolution. Agents can troubleshoot problems faster by taking control of a user's screen, especially for non-tech-savvy users who may find following instructions challenging.

How does cobrowsing websites improve customer engagement?

Cobrowsing increases customer engagement by offering a seamless support experience within the application, eliminating the need for users to leave the platform or download additional tools. This results in higher response rates and more efficient issue resolution.

How to cobrowse with co-browsing API?

Fullview's cross-platform cobrowsing capability allows you to cobrowse on any browser or device by simply signing up and installing the Fullview co-browsing API, which involves copy-pasting a few lines of code—a process that typically takes about 15 minutes. Once installed, all your users are automatically integrated into your Fullview dashboard, where you can easily look up a user to contact through the search function. To initiate a cobrowse session, press 'Cobrowse'; the user will then see a popup request in an open tab of your product, asking if they wish to accept the call. By clicking 'Accept,' they can start the cobrowse session. During the session, each participant has their own cursor for pointing, highlighting, and drawing on the screen, enhancing remote collaboration and support. You can also chat with users during a session to share links or offer further help, making the process efficient and user-friendly.

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