The Most Important CX Trends (2024 Update)

From chatbots, to customer loyalty, to retention and churn rates, here are the most important CX trends to keep your eyes on in 2024.
Published on: Nov 01, 2022
Last updated: Jan 09, 2024

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Why should companies invest in customer experience?

Source: SuperOffice

+ Companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience.

+ For SaaS companies, it's even more important to invest in CX! They can expect revenue to increase by $1 billion in that same timespan.

How does good CX help increase revenue and customer retention?

+ 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

+ 49% of buyers have made an impulse purchase after receiving more personalized customer service.

+ 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people.

+ Companies with the strongest omni-channel customer engagement strategies enjoy a 10% year-on-year growth, a 10% increase in average order value and a 25% increase in close rates.

How does bad CX decrease revenue and customer retention?

+ 57% of customers won't recommend a businesses with a bad mobile experience.

+ 55% of customers say 'a bad mobile experience makes me less likely to engage with a company'.

+ If a customer is not happy, 13% of them will share their experience with 15 or more people.

+ 33% of customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience.

+ 92% of customers will completely abandon a company after 2 or 3 negative experiences.

+ Only 1 in 26 customers will complain about a bad experience. The rest will say nothing before churning.

What are the main reasons companies invest in CX?

+ 32% of companies invest in CX to improve customer satisfaction.

+ 42% of companies invest in CX to improve cross-selling and upselling.

+ 33% of companies invest in CX to improve customer retention.

What are companies doing to prioritize and improve CX?

+ 88% of companies now prioritize customer experience in their contact centers.

+ More than 2/3 of companies now compete primarily on the basis on CX.

+ That number is up from only 36% in 2010.

+ PWC found that the number of companies investing in omni-channel experiences jumped from 20% to more than 80%

+ 84% of companies that claim to be customer-centric are now focusing on the mobile customer experience.

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