How DeepStream is making CX a key differentiator with Fullview

Deepstream set out to turn customer support into a key differentiator and create the best customer experience in their industry with Fullview's help.

How DeepStream is making CX a key differentiator with Fullview
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Shifa Rahaman
Shifa Rahaman
Content Marketing Manager

In an industry challenged by the complexity of procurement processes, DeepStream stands out as a leader in innovation and efficiency. When they committed to making customer experience a central part of their value proposition, they knew finding the right partners was crucial to their success.

This search brought them to Fullview. In a conversation with Scott Farrance, DeepStream's Head of Client and Partnership Development, we delve into how Fullview's cobrowsing solution is enhancing their customer support.

Embracing cobrowsing

The introduction of Fullview's cobrowsing technology to DeepStream's support workflow has been a game-changer, enabling them to provide real-time guidance to their clients.

"The primary challenge was that customer issues, especially technical ones, couldn't be efficiently resolved through messages, emails, or calls," Scott explains.

"This was particularly true for users unfamiliar with our platform. We needed a swift, secure, and straightforward method to guide customers directly on the platform. Cobrowsing emerged as the perfect solution, complementing our existing support methods by allowing immediate resolution of issues during live interactions, eliminating the need for prolonged email exchanges or multiple calls."

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Beyond problem-solving: educating customers

DeepStream's collaboration with Fullview extends beyond mere problem-solving; it's about empowering customers through education.

"It fosters a more collaborative and engaging support experience, which not only resolves issues faster but also builds stronger relationships with our customers," Scott emphasizes.

Fullview's impact on Deepstream

The integration of Fullview into DeepStream's support strategy has had a profound impact on their operations.

"The most notable improvement has been in reducing our resolution times, although we're careful not to use that as our only KPI due to the diverse nature of support requests. Instead, our focus is on customer satisfaction scores which are consistently above 96%. Fullview has been instrumental in achieving and enhancing these scores by streamlining problem-solving and enriching customer interactions."

Fullview fosters a more collaborative and engaging support experience, which not only resolves issues faster but also builds stronger relationships with our customers.

Scott's confidence in Fullview is evident given that he says he would "absolutely" recommend Fullview.

"Our team appreciates the efficiency of quickly resolving issues. And in addition to that, Fullview has enabled us to shift our approach from mere message exchanges on Intercom to meaningful conversations, adding a valuable human touch that's often missing in today's remote work environment," he elaborates.

A partnership defined by innovation and customer-centricity

DeepStream's journey with Fullview illustrates the transformative power of innovative technology in elevating customer support. This partnership is not merely a success story for both companies but a blueprint for the industry, demonstrating the impact of cobrowsing technology on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

As DeepStream continues to lead in the procurement technology sector, their focus on customer success and strategic use of Fullview's technology remains a key differentiator, setting a new standard for customer-centric services in their industry.

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