Session Replays for PMs and Developers

Deciphering convoluted customer support issues without the right context is frustrating and creates silos between customer-facing and product teams.

With Fullview’s Session Replays and Debugging, support agents, product teams and developers can see a user’s previous sessions to proactively diagnose bugs, improve UIs and implement new solutions.

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Complete context

Diagnosing issues and implementing solutions is difficult to do without being able to see what your users see. Our session replays feature gives your support agents, product teams and developers instant context, so they can start diagnosing problems before they get on a call.

  • Full context

  • Better insight

  • Proactive support

Built for product managers

Fullview eliminates silos between customer-facing and support teams. See exactly what your users experience in-app to improve UX/UI, identify bugs, implement solutions and continuously iterate and improve your product.

  • See exactly what your users see

  • Proactively and asynchronously identify problems

    Collect user data to improve your product

X-ray vision

With Fullview, you can view a user’s metadata, including OS, Browser, IP and Location. Analyze meta events, including console, network, DOM events, button clicks, script errors, unhandled rejections and more to help give developers a more complete picture of technical issues. Fullview makes manual bug reports obsolete.

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  • Access user’s metadata

  • Access user’s meta events

    No manual bug reports needed

Data privacy

We take data privacy and security seriously at Fullview. Your users have complete control over the data they choose to share and you can further customize controls on what information to blur out during session replays. We are GDPR compliant. All data is encrypted and stored on EU servers.

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  • Customizable controls

  • Secure data

    GDPR compliant