Customer support at lightning speed

Fullview gives you instant context to support tickets, lets you take control with co-browsing, and look underneath the hood to deliver a customer support experience that is both personal and scalable.

See your user's screen with just one click

Get instant context for support tickets with a real-time feed of what's happening on your customers screen. Watch session replays when you need to understand issues retroactively. No more manual screenshots or long explainers over support chats

With Fullview you get:

  • Live video feed of customer screens
  • Recordings of past user sessions
  • Fully GDPR and privacy compliant

Take over and co-browse with multi-cursor screen control

Collaborate with customers and guide them to solve issues faster with Figma-like multiplayer screen control. Without ever leaving your own product.


Talk to your customers and see them inside your own app

Replace your traditional support phone line and call users from within your own product. Always secure and reliable audio and video calling, with no downloads or external links required.

"Customer centricity is everything when scaling SaaS companies. And a fast, personal and scalable customer support function is absolutely essential in delivering great customer experiences"

Jeppe Rindom
CEO / Founder, Pleo

Look under the hood for faster debugging

View your customer's real time console log, technical browser state and clickmaps to instantly diagnose technical issues. No more wasted developer hours on writing manual bug reports.


Today's Support Workflow is a mess

Without Fullview
Without Fullview
With Fullview
Support Chat
Customer Calls
Front-End Issues
Developer Diagnosis
With Fullview

Support Request

Receive ticket via support chat or email.

Instant Context

See your customer's live screen with one click. No more sending screenshots back and forth, or lengthy explainers to understand issues over support chats.

Take Control

Guide your customers with collaborative multi-cursor screen control, replacing traditional screen sharing on Zoom

Faster Debugging

Get full technical insight to customer issues with live console and error logs, session replays and clickmaps for detailed automatic bug reports.

Why use Fullview

Customer support made easy and effective


Fullview seamlessly integrates with your existing customer support stack and live chat providers.

Security and GDPR compliance

Fullview is built with security and privacy at top of mind. Fully GDPR compliant, SSO and SAML2.0 friendly.

Easy 5 Minute Implementation

Setting up Fullview on your web app is as easy as copy-pasting a few lines of code on your site. No set up whatsoever for your customers.

Collaborative experience

Fullview enables a collaborative experience between the customer support agent and the end user, hence allowing for instant context.

Minimal Load

Fullview's architecture is built having in mind the performance of your system.

Easy Debugging

Fullview is bridging the gap between customer support and product departments, allowing developers to see the console logs of each support session.