How Startle Music Is Using Fullview To Understand User Behavior Without Bias

We sat down with Adam Castleton from Startle Music to talk about how they’re using Fullview to create next-level customer experiences.

How Startle Music Is Using Fullview To Understand User Behavior Without Bias
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Daniel Bakh
Daniel Bakh
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In the realm of business optimization, discovering the right tools to refine processes and enhance customer experiences can be akin to finding the perfect harmony — and just as challenging.

Startle Music, a player in the business-to-business (B2B) music and digital signage sector, embarked on precisely this journey, seeking to understand user behavior and elevate their customer support to new heights. At the heart of their transformation lies Fullview, a tool that has redefined their approach to product analytics and support.

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Setting the stage: Startle Music's ambiance-defining services

Startle Music, led by CEO Adam Castleton, is on a mission to craft captivating experiences for retail and hospitality brands across the UK, US, Europe, and beyond. Their portfolio spans the creation of bespoke auditory backdrops and curated digital displays, designed to resonate with the unique brand identities of their clients.

Fullview is one of the best tools we use in terms of ROI.

"We're a business-to-business music and digital signage company that provides services to retail and hospitality brands in the UK, US, Europe and beyond. We have hardware that's installed on site to power that service. And then on top of that, we have a SaaS platform that our end users and enterprise customers log into to control the music and content displayed on those screens," Adam elaborates.

In their pursuit of excellence, Startle Music recognized the need for a dynamic approach to understanding user behavior and refining customer support. Their hypothesis was clear: traditional metrics and surveys might overlook crucial nuances that can only be unveiled by observing actual user interactions with their product.

To put this theory to the test, they turned to Fullview's session replays—a tool that allows them to study user behavior in real-time, unadulterated by the biases and post-rationalization that often accompany surveys.

"We switched to Fullview from another supplier approximately two years ago. We wanted to have visibility across both our apps and our web-based portal. In fact, we were one of Fullview's earliest customers and have been using it for close to 2 years now."

The Fullview transformation: Elevating product analytics and support

Startle Music leverages Fullview for both product analytics and customer support. The ability to watch user sessions provides invaluable anecdotal insights, complementing quantitative analytics and highlighting areas in need of enhancement. This approach allows them to truly understand how customers experience their product, surpassing the limitations of traditional feedback methods.

We find value in having Fullview session replays linked within our Intercom chat interactions, enabling quicker issue resolution.

Fullview seamlessly integrates with Startle Music's support processes, particularly through Intercom. When a support ticket arrives, agents can instantly access session replays linked to the ticket, providing a holistic view of the user's journey leading up to the support request. This integration streamlines issue diagnosis and resolution, resulting in faster and more efficient customer support.

"We centralize our customer support around Intercom and use Fullview in conjunction with Intercom with the integration. We find value in having session replays linked within our chat interactions, enabling quicker issue resolution. When a support ticket comes in, one of our agents can immediately click through to the relevant replay since it is automatically pinned to the ticket and understand what occurred leading up to the user writing to us," explains Adam.

Startle Music meticulously tracks key metrics, including mean time to acknowledge, mean time to resolve, and customer satisfaction. Fullview's contribution is tangible—scalability without increased costs and heightened support efficiency.

Adam Castleton emphasizes, "It's one of the best tools we use in terms of ROI."

A resounding recommendation: Fullview's value unveiled

Would Startle Music recommend Fullview to other companies in their space? The answer is a resounding "yes."

Adam Castleton explains, "I’d recommend Fullview to anybody that is interested in knowing how users actually use their product in real life because it gives you a window to actual users using a product without it being influenced by what you might ask them."

"From a support perspective, if you're looking to increase the speed of your support, improve customer satisfaction, then it's a no-brainer that, actually, if you can watch what somebody was doing when they encountered an issue and see the logs in a browser that they hit, then that is invaluable. So it keeps the customer happy. It also means you spend less time supporting that customer."

In the journey of Startle Music's CX transformation, Fullview has emerged as a key contributor, conducting an ensemble of authentic user insights, support efficiency, and unfiltered user behavior analysis.

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