How Startle Music Is Using Fullview To Understand User Behavior Without Bias

We sat down with Adam Castleton and Ben Herbertson from Startle Music to talk about how they’re using Fullview to create next-level customer experiences.


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  • Startle Music provide background music and digital signage services to retail and hospitality brands in the UK, US, Europe and beyond.
  • They use Fullview's session replays to understand user behavior and improve customer support.
  • Startle Music has integrated Fullview with Intercom, allowing agents to quickly understand and resolve issues with session replays.
  • Fullview helps them gain insights into user interactions, enhance quantitative analytics and identify areas for improvement.
  • Fullview also provides video evidence and console logs, which reduces the time spent on bug diagnosis and enables more focus on product improvements.
  • Key metrics they track that have improved with Fullview include mean time to acknowledge and resolve tickets, and customer satisfaction score.
  • CEO Adam Castleton recommends Fullview for authentic user insights, cutting through biases and post-rationalization, and for improving support efficiency.

Striking the right note 

In the world of optimizing business operations, finding the right tools to fine-tune processes and elevate customer experience is akin to discovering a perfect harmony — and nearly as challenging.

Recognizing the need for a dynamic approach to understanding user behavior and refining customer support, Startle Music sought a fresh perspective. The thesis that emerged was this: 

Observing actual user interactions could unveil nuances that traditional metrics and surveys might overlook. 

The way to test it? 

Using Fullview’s session replays to study user behavior in situ without the influence of the post-rationalization that often occurs when people take surveys.  

Startle Music's services are orchestrated under the guidance of CEO Adam Castleton. They aim to provide captivating experiences to retail and hospitality brands across the UK, US, Europe and beyond. From crafting the perfect auditory backdrop to curating digital displays, Startle Music creates an ambiance that resonates with their clients' brand identity.

Reflecting on their search for a new product analytics and support solution, Adam noted, "We were seeking a means to truly understand how our users experience our product. Surveys and traditional metrics can sometimes fall short of capturing the intricacies of interactions that occur in reality."

We sat down with Adam and Ben Herbertson, a software engineer at Startle, to explore how they’re using Fullview to create next-level customer experiences. 

The interview

What does Startle Music do, and what services do you offer?

We're a business-to-business music and digital signage company that provides services to retail and hospitality brands in the UK, US, Europe and beyond. We have hardware that's installed on site to power that service. And then on top of that, we have a SaaS platform that our end users and enterprise customers log into to control the music and content displayed on those screens. 

When did Startle Music start using Fullview?

We switched to Fullview from another supplier approximately two years ago. We found it through online research while seeking alternatives to our previous solution. We wanted to have visibility across both our apps and our web-based portal. And we felt that the pricing model better fit our needs than your competitors. In fact, we were one of Fullview's earliest customers and have been using it for close to 2 years now.

How has Fullview impacted Startle Music's workflow?

We've been using Fullview for both observing user behavior and for customer support. We use it to gain insight into how customers use the product; the anecdotal understanding we get from watching user sessions helps bolster our quantitative analytics and shows us what areas we need to focus on or improve. Additionally, we utilize Fullview to provide faster and more effective customer support by diagnosing issues and resolving them more efficiently.

I’d recommend Fullview to anybody that is interested in knowing how users actually use their product in real life.

- Adam Castleton, CEO, Startle

In what ways does Startle Music integrate Fullview into their support processes?

We centralize our customer support around Intercom and use Fullview in conjunction with Intercom with the integration. We find value in having session replays linked within our chat interactions, enabling quicker issue resolution. When a support ticket comes in, one of our agents can immediately click through to the relevant replay since it is automatically pinned to the ticket and understand what occurred leading up to the user writing to us.

What key metrics does Startle Music track, and how has Fullview influenced them?

We monitor metrics such as mean time to acknowledge, mean time to resolve, and customer satisfaction when interacting with customers. While we already maintained high performance levels, using Fullview has allowed us to increase customer numbers while maintaining support efficiency, resulting in scalability without added costs. It's one of the best tools we use in terms of ROI.

Would Startle Music recommend Fullview to other companies in their space, and why?

I’d recommend Fullview to anybody that is interested in knowing how users actually use their product in real life because it gives you a window to actual users using a product without it being influenced by what you might ask them. You can actually see without influence or without post-rationalizing what they did in your product. And I think that's really important for product development especially because it cuts that layer where you lose the truth when you ask for feedback.

And then from a support perspective, if you're looking to increase the speed of your support, improve customer satisfaction, then it's a no-brainer that, actually, if you can watch what somebody was doing when they encountered an issue and see the logs in a browser that they hit, then that is invaluable. So it keeps the customer happy. It also means you spend less time supporting that customer.

I also want my product team to spend most of their time on product improvements rather than trying to diagnose and recreate bugs, and with Fullview, you don’t need to do that because there is video evidence and console logs.

A better alternative for support teams

  • Auto record user issues
  • See console log data
  • Cobrowse for live support
  • 100% GDPR compliant
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