A faster way to solve customer issues

With session replays, you can watch recent users sessions whenever a support request comes in, and jump straight to where an issue occurred.

If live support is needed, you can instantly start an in-app call and cobrowse with your customers - all without them leaving your product.

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Real-time support

Select a customer and start a live session. It's that simple. No downloads nor link sharing. You will be able to cobrowse with them, highlight and click on elements and more.

  • Cobrowse, screen takeover and debug

  • Instant context, instant results

Faster asynchronous support

With Fullview's session replays you can filter for sessions where errors occurred and only watch those. Get instant context into what happened and share it with your developers in seconds.

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  • Full context

  • Better insight

  • Proactive support

Instant results

Get instant facetime, instant context and instant results with Fullview. Hop on a call with your users, see what they’re seeing in real-time and check console logs to spot bugs or glitches.

  • Instant facetime

  • See what your users see

  • Check console logs

Data privacy

Sensitive information is automatically blurred out to respect your customers privacy, and cobrowsing is limited to your own product.
We are GDPR compliant and all data is encrypted and stored on EU servers.

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  • Sensitive information blurred out

  • Secure data

  • GDPR compliant