How Subit is understanding and solving customer issues faster with Fullview

Subit was looking for a GDPR-compliant and EU-based cobrowsing and session replays solution to level up their customer support, bug discovery and troubleshooting. Enter Fullview.

How Subit is understanding and solving customer issues faster with Fullview
Customer Support, Bug Discovery and Troubleshooting
Shifa Rahaman
Shifa Rahaman
Content Marketing Manager

In the competitive realm of software as a service (SaaS), where customer satisfaction is paramount, Subit, a Danish startup, embarked on a quest to streamline their customer support, bug discovery, and troubleshooting processes.

Their journey led them to Fullview, a GDPR-compliant, EU-based cobrowsing and session replays solution that has revolutionized the way they understand and address customer issues. In a candid conversation with Emil Petersen, CEO and co-founder of Subit, we explored how Fullview transformed their support philosophy and workflows.

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Setting the stage: Subit's commitment to customer support

Subit, a Danish software company, specializes in providing solutions for schools and daycares to manage staff scheduling and ensure compliance with union laws in Denmark. In a market where excellence in customer support is paramount, Subit has always aimed to provide top-notch assistance. They go the extra mile by offering phone support from 6 AM to 10 PM daily, ensuring accessibility to their customers when they need it the most.

However, every company faces challenges in delivering exceptional support. For Subit, the hurdle lay in understanding and resolving customer issues accurately and swiftly, especially in the technical realm.

Emil Petersen, with a background in software development, recognized the need for corroborating media like session replays to bridge the gap between customers' descriptions of issues and the technical reality.

Fullview has absolutely become one of our go-to tools when we need to figure out what happened on the customer's side

"The main issue we were having was that it wasn't always easy to understand customer issues just from speaking with the customer. As a technical person, I am interested in finding out exactly what the issue is so that we can release the right fixes," he explains when asked to elaborate on some of the support challenges Subit was experiencing.

"In addition to that, our customers work in the public sector and must adhere to strict IT security policies. As such, they do not have permission to install or download just anything on their systems and machines. So we are a little bit limited in terms of the tools we can use."

Enter Fullview: transforming support workflows

Fullview became Subit's answer to these challenges. As one of the earliest adopters of the platform, Subit was drawn to Fullview's GDPR compliance and EU-based data processing agreements—a perfect fit for a company dealing with public-sector clients and stringent data usage regulations.

With Fullview's installation directly within their app, Subit's customers were seamlessly integrated into the cobrowsing process and Subit could review recordings of their sessions on an ongoing basis to assist in issue resolution.

The Fullview impact: smoother support workflows and precise bug discovery

Emil Petersen acknowledges that Fullview had become an indispensable tool for Subit. The user session replay recordings provided by Fullview have made understanding customer issues a breeze.

"Fullview has absolutely become one of our go-to tools when we need to figure out what happened on the customer's side," Emil states, underscoring the importance of this feature.

"As a software company, it can be difficult to understand what a customer experienced during a session. Sometimes there is a big difference between what is being reported by them and what actually happened. This is not because anybody is lying, but because our understanding of our product and the technicalities is very different from the customer's. Fullview's user session replay recordings make it extremely easy to see exactly what happened. "

Bug discovery and reporting have also become much more efficient. Issues that were once challenging to recreate and diagnose can now be swiftly pinpointed by watching relevant Fullview session replays. Emil explains, "Fullview allows us to understand what really happened and how customers interacted with our product."

Subit's customer service team had also embraced Fullview's cobrowsing and screen control features, enabling them to interact directly with customers and resolve issues collaboratively.

Embracing Fullview: A Resounding Recommendation

Emil Petersen leaves no room for doubt when it comes to his thoughts on Fullview and how it's helped Subit reach new heights in their CX and customer support.

"We really appreciate that we can skip periods of inactivity when we’re watching user session replays. This saves us time and helps us focus on the important parts of the replay. Additionally, Fullview automatically identifies and labels user sessions with console errors or warnings. This is really helpful because it allows us to quickly pinpoint issues without having to watch hours and hours of video recordings. Overall, these features have made my work — and the work of our developers and support team — much more efficient and effective."

When asked if he would recommend Fullview to other companies, his answer is a resounding yes.

"I would definitely recommend Fullview to other customer support teams. The session replays make it really easy to identify and understand customer issues, which in turn makes it easy to solve those issues with the cobrowsing feature. I also appreciate how responsive Fullview's team is. We have a shared Slack channel where we can report any issues and someone from Fullview's team always responds promptly and helps us. It's also exciting to see how the product is evolving and improving every day."

In the world of SaaS customer support, Subit's partnership with Fullview is a testament to the transformative power of efficient tools. It's a story of precision, speed, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction—setting the stage for a harmonious future of support excellence.

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