How Subit is understanding and solving customer issues faster with Fullview

Subit was looking for a GDPR-compliant and EU-based cobrowsing and session replays solution to level up their customer support, bug discovery and troubleshooting. Enter Fullview.



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  • Subit is a Danish software company that provides a product to manage staff scheduling and ensure compliance with Danish union laws for schools and daycares.
  • Before Fullview, it wasn't always easy for Subit’s customer support team to understand customer issues just from speaking with them.
  • Fullview's user session replay recordings feature has made it extremely easy to see exactly what happened on the customer’s side, making bug discovery and reporting a breeze.
  • Fullview's cobrowsing feature allows Subit’s customer support team to solve customer issues collaboratively with screen control.
  • Fullview's GDPR compliance and data processing agreements for EU customers make it an attractive tool to use for a company with a lot of public-sector clients.
  • Fullview has become one of Subit's go-to tools when they need to understand and solve customer issues.

Subbing in Fullview

We recently spoke with Emil Petersen, CEO and co-founder of Subit, a software company that provides a product for schools and daycares to manage staff scheduling and ensure compliance with union laws in Denmark.

As a Danish company that works with the public sector and municipalities across Denmark, Subit was on the hunt for a GDPR-compliant cobrowsing and session replays solution that was based in Europe. Enter Fullview. Emil and his team were amongst the first users to sign up for our platform in hopes of improving their customer support workflows. And did they ever!

Emil, whose background is in software development, spends a lot of time working on Subit's platform and interacting with customers who report issues and bugs. In our interview, he noted how hard it can be for technical issues to be accurately conveyed and understood by customers and support agents without corroborating media like session replays, which are video-like recordings of user sessions in-app that customer support and product teams can watch to see exactly what happened on their customers' screens.

Since installing Fullview, Subit's customer support and product teams have experienced smoother customer support workflows, easier bug discovery and quicker troubleshooting.

Read on to find out why Emil says there's no doubt he would recommend Fullview to other SaaS customer support and product teams.

Understanding and resolving customer issues faster with Fullview

What was Subit's support philosophy before you started to use Fullview and what did your support flow look like?

At Subit, we believe in providing our customers with a high level of support. This is why we offer phone support every day from 6 AM to 10 PM in the evening. This is a little atypical in our market, but we believe it's important to be accessible to our customers when they need us. At the same time, we also strive to minimize the amount of support work we have to do during those hours by using good tools and automation. This helps us balance our commitment to providing excellent support with our need to manage costs and be efficient with our time.

Were there any issues that you and your team were having with your existing customer support tech stack that made you look for a solution like Fullview?

The main issue we were having was that it wasn't always easy to understand customer issues just from speaking with the customer. As a technical person, I am interested in finding out exactly what the issue is so that we can release the right fixes. In addition to that, our customers work in the public sector and must adhere to strict IT security policies. As such, they do not have permission to install or download just anything on their systems and machines. So we are a little bit limited in terms of the tools we can use. However, since Fullview is installed directly in our app by us and is GDPR-compliant being headquartered in the EU, it is a perfect addition to our tech stack. Our customers don’t have to do anything on their end, apart from clicking ‘accept’ when we want to cobrowse with them.

Was there anything in particular about Fullview that made you choose us?

As a startup working with customers in the public sector, we have to comply with strict rules and policies regarding data usage. Fullview's GDPR compliance and data processing agreements were a perfect fit for our requirements. The fact that all data is stored on EU servers in Germany, and that GDPR-sensitive data is automatically blurred out with customization options on top of that, made it an extremely attractive tool to use. Furthermore, Fullview is a Danish startup, which means that we get to deal with like-minded people in the same ecosystem, making communication and collaboration much easier.

Have any of your support processes or workflows changed since switching to Fullview?

Fullview has absolutely become one of our go-to tools when we need to figure out what happened on the customer's side. The user session replay recordings make it extremely easy to see exactly what happened. As a software company, it can be difficult to understand what a customer experienced during a session. Sometimes there is a big difference between what is being reported by them and what actually happened. This is not because anybody is lying, but because our understanding of our product and the technicalities is very different from the customer's.

It can also be difficult to recreate bugs. For example, if a customer reports the system is slow, it can be hard to pin down what that means. Was it slow at a particular time? Was it a particular feature that was lagging? But with Fullview Session Replays, we can just go watch the relevant replay to spot what happened. Fullview allows us to understand what really happened and how customers interacted with our product.

I also know that our customer service team uses a lot of cobrowsing so that they can talk directly with our customers and screen control to help them solve issues if needed. This has also been very helpful.

What are some of the features that you and your team find really useful and what are some that you'd like to see in the future?

We really appreciate that we can skip periods of inactivity when we’re watching user session replays. This saves us time and helps us focus on the important parts of the replay. Additionally, Fullview automatically identifies and labels user sessions with console errors or warnings. This is really helpful because it allows us to quickly pinpoint issues without having to watch hours and hours of video recordings. Overall, these features have made my work — and the work of our developers and support team — much more efficient and effective.

Would you recommend Fullview to other companies and support teams? And if you would, why would you?

I would definitely recommend Fullview to other customer support teams. The session replays make it really easy to identify and understand customer issues, which in turn makes it easy to solve those issues with the cobrowsing feature.

I also appreciate how responsive Fullview's team is. We have a shared Slack channel where we can report any issues and someone from Fullview's team always responds promptly and helps us.

It's also exciting to see how the product is evolving and improving every day.

A better alternative for support teams

  • Automatically record user issues
  • See console log data
  • Cobrowse for real time support
  • 100% GDPR compliant
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