TeamViewer vs Anydesk: Which Is better?

We break down two of the most popular remote access software, TeamViewer vs. Anydesk, so you can choose the right solution for your use case


  • TeamViewer and Anydesk are both popular remote-access software solutions.
  • TeamViewer is more established and has more features, but Anydesk is much faster and easier to use.
  • It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each solution before making a decision.
  • For a better alternative to both TeamViewer and Anydesk, consider using Fullview.
  • Fullview supplements its remote access capabilities with features like cobrowsing, console logs, and session replays to help technical support teams to provide end-to-end support for customers.
  • It also has robust GDPR compliance and data privacy settings.

Customer support teams often require remote desktop access to address technical issues. TeamViewer and Anydesk are two popular customer support software solutions that allow team members to access a customer's computer remotely.

Both enable team members to control another device, providing easy-to-use software for fast connections and troubleshooting. While both products offer similar functionalities, understanding their differences is key to making an educated choice of the right solution for your team.

In this article, we compare TeamViewer vs. Anydesk to help you decide which is the best fit for your team.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a remote support software platform that is used to provide quick and secure remote access to customers' computers. It allows team members to access, share and control another computer from anywhere in the world. The tool also provides basic features such as file transfer, remote printing, and text chat, making it ideal for team collaboration.

What is Anydesk?

Anydesk is a remote access software that is used to connect team members with customers' computers. It provides users with secure access, allowing team members to control a customer's computer from anywhere and at anytime. The tool is regarded as one of the safest and fastest software programs for remote desktop access and boasts a range of features from file transfer to voice and video conferencing.

Feature comparison: TeamViewer vs. Anydesk

While both tools provide team members with the ability to access a customer's computer, there are some key differences worth exploring. Let's dive into each of the top features of both applications.

TeamViewer Features

Some of the most impressive features of TeamViewer include:

  • Remote control of other devices: TeamViewer enables team members to access and control another computer from anywhere in the world. Whether this is to help provide support to customers or to simply collaborate with team members, the software's remote control feature provides an easy solution.
  • Multi-Platform Support: TeamViewer can be used on all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS, making it easy to provide support from whatever operating system your team already uses.
  • File transfer: TeamViewer also enables team members to transfer files from one computer to another. This makes it easy to share documents and other important data with team members or customers.

Anydesk features

Anydesk has some impressive features of its own, including:

  • Secure connection: Anydesk provides team members with secure connections to customer computers. All data is encrypted, making it virtually impossible for hackers or other malicious actors to access the data.
  • Desktop sharing: One of the main features of Anydesk is the ability to share desktops with team members. This makes it easy for team members to collaborate and work on projects together.
  • Session permissions: Anydesk allows admins to set up different levels of permissions for team members and customers. This makes it easy to control which team members can access what information.

Pricing Comparison: Teamviewer vs. Anydesk

TeamViewer provides a free plan if you're only looking for basic features, such as remote support and file transfer. The paid plans start from $400/ month. However, this price can change depending on how many users need to be licensed on the platform.

Anydesk also provides a free plan, with paid plans starting from $14.90/ month for a single user. For the most advanced package they offer, expect to pay $79.90. If you're looking for an affordable team collaboration solution, Anydesk is a great choice.

Target Audience

TeamViewer is best suited for team members who need to provide remote support to customers or collaborate with other members of their distributed teams.

If you are a smaller team looking for a team collaboration solution, Anydesk is the better choice. The simple and secure connection allows team members to work together on projects from anywhere in the world. Plus, the pricing is more affordable.

User Reviews

TeamViewer has a 4.5 review on G2 and is regarded by many as a reliable and secure remote access tool. The connectivity is fast and team members can access any computer from anywhere in the world. As one reviewer states, "TeamViewer is unbeatable for remote desktop sharing and virtual meeting purposes."

Anydesk also has a rating of 4.5 on G2 and is praised for its ease of use and affordability. Many users have described the software as "easy to use" and "very secure." As one reviewer states, "This program makes it incredibly easy to gain remote access to another device; installation is simple and is supported across all major platforms. As a result, it is excellent for support and IT teams and contains all of the crucial capabilities many competitors lack".

Anydesk is excellent for support and IT teams and contains all of the crucial capabilities many competitors lack

Alternative To TeamViewer And Anydesk: Fullview

Looking for a secure, reliable, and cost-effective remote access solution specifically designed for technical support teams?

The answer is Fullview. Not only is it an excellent alternative to TeamViewer and AnyDesk in terms of price and ease of use, but it also offers unprecedented data security in compliance with GDPR requirements.

With tight restrictions and security protocols, Fullview's customizable controls over the user data you collect should give you great peace of mind when using the service.

Furthermore, Fullview caters to support agents with specialized features that are not offered by other remote access software, such as session replays and console logs, making it easier to take care of customer inquiries in real-time without compromising compliance standards or service levels.


TeamViewer and AnyDesk are popular software solutions for team collaboration and customer support, so it's important to understand their features and pricing structure before making a decision. While both have strong user reviews and a good feature set, AnyDesk may be more cost-effective for team members who need remote access to multiple devices or users.

For those looking for the highest levels of data security and compliance with GDPR requirements, Fullview is an excellent alternative that offers great value for money and is built specifically for technical support teams.


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