Session Replay: What is it and How Can it Help SaaS Companies Improve CSAT Scores?

Session Replay: What is it and How Can it Help SaaS Companies Improve CSAT Scores?

Nothing is more crucial to the success of a SaaS company than understanding exactly what your users are experiencing while they’re in your product and how they interact with it. 

What you glean from these interactions can be used to: 

  • Identify recurrent issues 
  • Recreate bugs
  • Employ timely fixes 
  • Offer proactive support 
  • Identify and reduce pain points
  • Increase product adoption
  • Increase retention rates
  • Increase recurring revenue 

But what’s the best way to watch and record these interactions? 

What is Session Replay? 

Session replay is a technology that creates anonymized videos of users while they are in your product and records their interactions within it. 

Though the mechanism isn’t quite so simple (as it involves logging and recreating DOM events), you can think of a session replay as watching a screen recording from your user while they are interacting with your product.

This screen recording will show you: 

  • The pages a user visited on your website or app 
  • How far they scrolled down a particular page 
  • How quickly they scrolled
  • How they interacted with elements on a page 
  • Where they clicked on a page 
  • How fast they clicked off your app or webpage 
  • If they showed signs of frustration, by rage clicking, for example. 

3 reasons why session replay is an important tool for SaaS

As we’ve mentioned previously, there’s nothing more important to a SaaS organization than understanding how its users are interacting with the app. Session replay is a great way to understand just that. 

Track user pain points

Because session replays make it possible for you to see the entire user journey from start to finish as your users experience your product in real-time, they are an invaluable resource for when you’re creating and refining your user journey and support touchpoints. They make it easy to see, at a glance, where users are losing interest and leaving your app or getting frustrated and rage clicking. You can then proactively offer support and fix issues before they become major sore points with your users. 

Reduce resolution time

Once you have a way to proactively identify the exact problems your users are facing in-app by using a session replay tool like Fullview, it makes the work of closing support tickets — and recreating and fixing bugs — so much easier and faster. This is primarily because so much time is wasted in back-and-forth conversations between users, support agents and developers. Session replays make this back-and-forth completely unnecessary, which means less work for both your support agents and developers, less burnout, happier workers and happier users. 

The full view 

Analytics tools like GA are great and definitely have their place in the SaaS arsenal, but they fail when it comes to understanding user behavior in the context of their journey and experiences with your product. Will metrics like bounce rate and pages per session can give you a top-level view of how your website or app is performing, nothing beats session replay as a tool that can give you the complete picture of user behavior. 

3 ways in which session replay can be harnessed for SaaS Success

There are a number of ways in which the wealth of data that a session replay tool like Fullview provides can be harnessed to improve CX and boost retention and revenue. 

Improve CSAT Scores

High CSAT scores are vital to the health and sustainability of any SaaS business. Improving them over time needs to be made a top priority. Session replays can help you improve CSAT scores by: 

Reducing resolution times

The faster you identify a problem, the quicker you can solve it. And by far the fastest way of discovering issues is watching a session replay. By allowing you to bypass the long back-and-forth conversations between users, agents and developers, session replay tools allow you to dramatically improve response times. 

Providing proactive support

Understanding your user journey is key to strategizing what kind of support to offer when – and to whom. Your agents and product team will no longer have to wait until issues become noticeable enough to be flagged by users. By watching session replays, they can proactively diagnose issues and reach out to users to offer a helping hand. 

Aggregate data

Session replay tools allow you to aggregate data across multiple user interactions, so it’s easier for your product team to identify problem areas and deploy targeted fixes. 

Replay User Sessions in Fullview
Session replays in Fullview are available in real-time with no sampling.

Improve Retention and Revenue Metrics 

Retention and revenue rates are other important metrics SaaS companies need to constantly strive to improve. Here’s how session replay tools like Fullview allow you to do just that: 

Optimize conversion rates

Marketing and sales teams are always looking for better insight into what parts of the funnel are failing to convert website visitors into sign ups. Session replays should be an important tool in their arsenal to determine just that. Watching them back can help sales and marketing teams identify user pain points and improve elements or pages that are performing poorly. 

Improve onboarding

Signups failing to convert into paid users? Session replay tools like Fullview can give your product team much needed insight into parts of the onboarding process that are causing users to become frustrated and abandon your SaaS platform. By constantly monitoring session replays, product teams can continually tweak and optimize the onboarding processes and pave the way to user success! 

Improve bug detection and deploy fixes

Long back-and-forth discussions between developers and users, with non-technical support agents often acting as the middleman, are tedious and inefficient. Session replay replaces all of that with an easy and streamlined way to detect bugs and deploy fixes. 

Identify and reproduce bugs faster 

Your developers will no longer have to depend on support agents without a technical background to file manual bug reports or explain users issues verbally. With session replay tools like Fullview, they can easily watch user sessions to see exactly what bugs or issues the user was confronted with and what these issues looked like on their screen. They can then use this to quickly and efficiently reproduce bugs. 

Deploy proactive fixes 

Developers and product managers should also make it a habit to regularly watch session replays to identify issues before they cause enough frustration to be flagged by users. By doing so, they can employ proactive fixes and continually make improvements to the product to meet user expectations, without even having to ask! They can also use session replay tools to determine whether bugs are a one-off issue or a symptom of something more fundamentally wrong with the product.

How to identify the right session replay tool

Since session replay tools are more popular than ever, many players have entered the market and it isn’t always easy to identify which one solution to settle on. Here are some key things to look for when evaluating the different solutions on the market. 

Is this easy to implement? 

Session replay tools should make the job of your developers easier, not harder. A session replay tool that is a pain to implement is no good. With Fullview, you’ll only ever have a few lines of code to implement in order to start using our end-to-end customer support platform, including cobrowsing and session replays. 

Is it worth your money?

Since most session replay tools are cloud-based and use cloud infrastructure to store and retrieve your session recordings, the pricing structure can quickly get convoluted and expensive, so make sure the session replay tool you choose is upfront about the amount of recordings you can store and watch on your plan. Fullview offers both a free and pro plan and you can store and watch session recordings on both. On our free plan, you have access to a monthly limit of 1000 recorded replays and 25 watched replays. On our pro plan, the monthly limit is raised significantly to 5000 recorded and 125 watched. We also offer add-ons here, so you can choose to purchase extensions to these monthly limits. 

Does it have minimal infrastructure impact? 

The way your session replay tool records, compresses and stores user sessions can have an impact on the performance of your own platform, so it’s important to pick a tool that will have minimum infrastructure impact, working quietly in the background without drawing attention to itself. Fullview takes this seriously and will never negatively impact your product performance. 

Does it take user privacy seriously?

Because session replay inherently involves recording user activity, it is immensely important to find a tool that takes user privacy seriously. Fullview’s session replay tool is fully GDPR compliant. We also give you the option to blur out sensitive data during recording sessions so you can easily put the privacy of your users front and center. 

Does it feature robust integrations? 

A session replay tool that works in isolation without any way to integrate it into your larger support stack is not ideal. In the very near future, Fullview will feature integrations with Zendesk, Intercom, Jira and other common support SaaS to truly facilitate giving your agents, developers and product managers a full(over)view.

Looking for the best session replay tool for customer support and product teams? Look no further! Try Fullview Replays today by signing up here.

Shifa Rahaman

Content Marketing Manager