The Best Apps for Cobrowsing Online

The Best Apps for Cobrowsing Online

Cobrowsing is a term used for customer support solutions that use a collaborative browsing tool to engage with a customer's browser in real-time. When a customer support agent has a cobrowsing app, they can interact with their customer's screen and fill out forms, create annotations, and give hands-on support to solve their customers’ needs. 

The level of interactivity you get from cobrowsing tools is quite unmatched. Companies that recognize their potential will secure a place ahead of the curve, developing a better customer relationship cycle and ensuring that the organization can achieve an excellent first contact resolution (FCR) rate.

Cobrowsing is ultimately designed to yield a host of benefits for your company, including a personalized experience for each user, which is in contrast with a lot of current customer support solutions that rely heavily on automation. This sort of personalization has been proven to work exceptionally well for customer retention. In fact, recent studies have found that businesses utilizing cobrowsing, and other visual engagement apps and tools, have seen an 83% increase in year-on-year revenue growth.

Additionally, cobrowsing software can be used to create an ideal customer experience. With all their behavioral patterns in full view, there's a good chance that your sales team, support agents, developers and product managers are going to learn a whole lot about the value your business provides from the point of view of your customers. They’ll also be able to see exactly how your users interact with your product, allowing you to minimize the dreaded customer gap.

With cobrowsing, all your users' behavioral patterns are in full view, so there's a good chance that your sales team, support agents, developers and product managers are going to learn a whole lot about the value your business provides from the point of view of your customers.

Today, we've compiled a list of the best cobrowsing tools online — including both free and paid ones — to help you find the ideal solution for your particular use case. 

We've covered the best options across a wide range of budgets, highlighting their features and limitations along the way. We’ve also indicated what tools suit which verticals the best. So whether you’re a marketer, or a support agent or a product manager, we’ve got a tool to suit your needs. 

This list will be a great resource if you want to add cobrowsing to your company's support tools, which we cannot recommend highly enough.

Fullview - An end-to-end solution for support and product teams 


  • End-to-end solution for support and product teams 
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • All data stored within the EU
  • Better, faster cobrowsing with rrWeb
  • Complete overview of user interactions with cobrowsing and session replays
  • Eliminates siloes between customer-facing and product teams
  • No downloads 
  • One of the only solutions that automatically pulls user data into an agent’s Fullview dashboard with our API integration
  • Easy user lookup, with offline, online and idle status tags
  • See console information like user journey, network and device info in-call for easier debugging.


A cobrowsing app that has everything you need in one place, Fullview will help your organization create a smooth customer support process for your end-users, while also destroying silos between your customer-facing and product teams.

With cobrowsing, you're bound to avoid the stress of constantly deciphering customer support requests that have little to no details attached. Instead, your support efforts can be channeled towards actionable solutions. Rather than taking customer requests out of context, helps you stay on track.

Cobrowsing with Fullview is superior because it has a smooth and intuitive user experience. Everything you need can be spotted at a glance with the presence of conveniently placed icons. You can also help customers out with the drawing feature, giving you the chance to illustrate specific scenarios better.

Because of our recent switch to rrWeb, starting a cobrowse session with your users is easier than ever before. Previously, users had to choose which tab or window to share when a cobrowsing session was initiated; now, it starts immediately within the tab your app is open on. This means three things:

  • User privacy is respected, because you’ll ONLY be able to cobrowse and screen control within your own app.
  • The process is much simpler and smoother, because users often get confused when asked which tab or window to share. This leads to some frustration while they scan the list looking for the right one. 
  • If you and your users do need to look at information outside of your app, our screen share feature allows you to do so. You won’t be able to draw or control a user’s screen during screen share, but they will be able to show you pertinent information when necessary. 

Cobrowsing with Fullview is easy to start and doesn’t require any downloads. Once you’ve installed Fullview’s script and API, your users are automatically pulled into your Fullview dashboard. From here, you can see which are online, idle or offline, look up users using a name or email, and initiate a call with one click when you find the user you want to cobrowse with. 

As one of the most secure cobrowsing tools available, Fullview takes data privacy to a whole new level and is fully GDPR compliant, with all data stored within the EU. Support agents can also customize the controls and blur out sensitive data. 

In the bigger picture, Fullview is a well-rounded solution that is an end-to-end platform for customer support and product teams. Beyond cobrowsing alone, it offers tools such as session replays and console logs for vital contextual information and in-app calls to communicate within a single window.

Fullview offers both free and premium plans. As a GDPR-compliant solution, none of your data or sensitive information will be leaked or tampered with.

Cobrowsing in Fullview


  • rrWeb cobrowsing
  • Session replays
  • Console, including user journey, network and device information 


Fullview Live Free

20 cobrowsing calls per user per month and 1 integration is included in our free plan.

Fullview Live Pro | €59/user/month

Unlimited usage and integration with existing tools and unlimited cobrowsing calls. 14 day free trial.

Fullview Live Enterprise | Custom Pricing

We also offer bespoke plans for enterprise clients tailored specifically to their needs, so get in touch.

A great cobrowsing solution for sales teams: Upscope


  • Cobrowsing solution for sales teams 
  • Reporting and audit tools 
  • Personal Upscope call link 


Upscope is an interactive cobrowsing solution that can help increase your closing rates and improve your sales funnel. It is designed to be used by even the least tech-savvy prospects, allowing you to control the reins on all sales-related matters. 

With one click, you can get access to your prospect’s screen, which is great if you notice them getting distracted during calls and want to make remote selling more engaging and interactive. 

Without a download requirement, you have a good chance of convincing your prospects to hop onto a cobrowsing session. All it takes is a simple request, and you're securely connected to their browser.

Your prospects will be able to see your cursor and the steps you take within your product. To elaborate on what you're doing, you have access to drawing with a pen tool.


  • Cobrowsing 
  • User management 
  • Reporting


Upscope | $30/Month | 14 Day free trial

Advanced user management, live chat support, cobrowse on third-party websites, see and draw on the user's screen, and more.

Enterprise | Custom

Everything from the Upscope tier, along with REST API, agent and admin training, dedicated account manager, 24/7 emergency line, technical support, and more.

A dedicated cobrowsing solution for small teams: Cobrowse


  • Dedicated cobrowsing solution for smaller teams 
  • Also supports mobile cobrowsing
  • Supports self hosting


If you're looking to troubleshoot any issues customers are facing with your apps remotely, is a solid choice for doing so, especially if your support team is small and isn’t looking for a tool with session replays and console logs just yet. With this app, you'll gain access to your customer's screen without needing to install any plugins or extensions.

Controlling your customer's screen with is easy to initiate, requiring only a simple authorization step to request remote control. You can then begin guiding your users and speaking to them through a phone call within the browser. Text-based communication is also an option to create a detailed dialogue between the user and agent.


  • Cobrowsing


Hosted Plans

$20/ month per agent – Websites Only

$40/month per agent – All Platforms


Starting at $4500 per year 

Best tool for AI and automation: Cohere


  • AI-powered tools to automate certain support interactions 


Cobrowsing with Cohere is pretty simple and relatively easy to navigate. With a simple click, you can get things started. It's easy to avoid the hassle of downloads or other frustrations that might come up. 

In addition to cobrowsing, includes customer experience-focused features that will help with automating manual tasks during your customer interactions using AI. It’s best if your company is not focused heavily on creating personalized customer support experiences and wants to automate some of your CS workflows.  

According to the official website, the app can help you achieve a 47% first contact resolution rate. 


  • AI-powered automation tools 
  • Cobrowsing 
  • Analytics



14 Day trial, access to the browser console, draw on customer's screen, call eight users per week using voice, view and control ten sessions per week.

Pro | $69/Month

All the same features as free but with unlimited access, third-party apps, sharing your own screen, advanced controls, integrations, 1,000 recorded sessions, and more.

Enterprise | Custom with a minimum of 6 months' payment

All pro features plus audit logs, multilingual support, HIPAA compliance, dedicated customer success manager, and more.

Best for e-signing: Surfly


  • Supports e-signing
  • No implementation needed 
  • Can start cobrowsing session via unique link


Surfly supports e-signatures, making it ideal for cobrowsing situations in which documents need to be reviewed and finalized. The app has a smooth navigation experience that is bound to impress users. 

Surfly does not require any changes to your tech stack in order to be utilized. Instead, you can use it from the moment you sign up, eliminating any need for implementation or other requirements. A simple URL is all it takes, and sharing it with someone will give them the option to join you in a cobrowsing session. Please note, however, that this approach has the drawback of not pulling user data into your dashboard, meaning you cannot look users up or see what their online status is, unlike with Fullview. This also means that they don’t support user session replays. 

Surfly allows you to record the events of a meeting, giving you a complete overview of what happened, including audit logs, signed documents, and a record of actions performed. 


  • Cobrowsing
  • E-signing 


Free Trial

Surfly offers a free trial for users. However, the website does not provide details regarding its length and requirements. Instead, prospective users will need to contact Surfly directly.

Surf | Contact required, 200,000 minutes/month

Co-browsing, screen sharing, unlimited users, video chat, and API access.

Stoked | Contact required, 500,000 minutes/month

Same with Surf with the addition of single sign-on, audit logs, field and element masking, and limiting scope.

Snap | Contact required, 10,000,000 minutes/month

All of Stoked with the addition of session continuation and an optional on-premise collaboration tool.

Best for video banking: Glia

Glia - Best for video banking


  • Best for video banking


Glia is a cobrowsing solution especially suited to video banking. As more and more banking interactions move online, it becomes imperative for banks and other financial institutions to think of better ways in which to collaborate with clients virtually. Cobrowsing can provide context, clarity and meaningful experiences when implemented as one part of a bank’s larger digital banking strategy, which is what Glia helps with. 


  • Cobrowsing
  • AI chatbots 
  • Messaging


Request a Demo

Glia doesn't have a standardized set of tiers for users to purchase, but it offers a live demo that can be accessed by contacting the company. 

Final Thoughts

Cobrowsing is a great way to increase sales, provide customer support and improve product development by providing real-time help to your customers and real-world insights to your company.

The best part is that there are many cobrowsing apps to choose from. We've outlined the main features, pricing plans, and what sets each app apart so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your business. Have you tried cobrowsing yet? If not, what are you waiting for? It could be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer. If you have any questions about choosing the best cobrowsing app for your business, contact us today, and we'd be happy to help.


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Content Marketing Manager


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