Upscope: Product Overview And Alternatives

Considering Upscope for your business? Learn about Upscope's features as well as the best alternatives.
Published on: Sep 30, 2022
Last updated: Mar 12, 2024


  • Upscope offers cobrowsing for customer support and sales.
  • It has a free two-week trial, with paid plans start at $30 / seat / month.
  • If you are looking for more specialized tools, Upscope may be too limited in what it can do.
  • Some Upscope alternatives include Fullview (the best end-to-end solution for technical customer support), Surfly (best for e-signing), (best for automation) and two others we will cover in this article.

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If your business has been searching for an interactive program to help improve how you connect with customers, you may have come across Upscope. 

As one of the most popular cobrowsing tools on the market, you may be wondering if it's the right fit for your business. 

So, does Upscope live up to the hype, or is there a better alternative that you should consider using? 

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about Upscope, along with other alternatives on the market that may be a better fit for your business needs.

What Is Upscope?

Upscope is a cobrowsing solution for customer experience and sales teams. Some of its most notable features are:

  • Cobrowsing: Upscope allows agents to cobrowse with customers in real time. This can be used for sales, support or success purposes. Agents can scroll, draw, and click on a user’s screen to show the customer exactly what they need to see.
  • Full API access: With Upscope, businesses have full API access. This means that companies can integrate the program with their existing customer support tools. There will be no branding labeled on the Upscope program so that companies can use it as their own and implement their own authentication system.
  • Dedicated onboarding support team: When you sign up for Upscope, you'll be assigned a dedicated onboarding support team. This team will help you get set up and make sure that you're using all of the features correctly. They can even provide custom training to ensure that your team is getting the most out of the program.

Upscope pricing

Upscope offers a free two-week trial. Thereafter, pricing plan starts at $30 per month per agent, with no minimum agents required in order to sign up. If you need a larger enterprise plan with customized features, you can contact their sales team for a quote.

Advantages and disadvantages of Upscope


  • Good cobrowsing capabilities for customer support and sales teams
  • Ability to add users without them being on an "agent license"
  • Can be integrated with existing live chat services


  • Requires a paid plan for full access to features
  • The software is only limited to live call features, which may not be suitable for all businesses
  • Upscope doesn't have session replays, making it limited as far as proactive customer support goes
  • No proper reporting ability for bugs or software issues
  • Agents don't have access to browser console data during a call

Target market for Upscope

Upscope is an excellent tool for businesses that want a communication tool to improve customer service and sales. It's also a good fit for companies that already use live chat services and want to integrate Upscope into their existing workflow. However, it's not suitable for all businesses due to some important limitations. If you're looking for a tool that offers more features, such as live chat, video calling, session replays, cobrowsing and console logs, you may want to consider one of the other options on this list.


One important thing to consider when choosing a customer support tool is the integrations that are available. Upscope integrates with existing software such as Salesforce, Help Scout, Zendesk, Intercom, and more. This makes it easy to get started with Upscope without having to learn a whole new system and interface. However, it's important to note that Upscope doesn't offer a lot of integrations when compared to other customer support tools on this list.

Upscope Alternatives

When it comes to customer support tools, there are many great alternatives to the Upscope platform. Some of the most popular Upscope alternatives include Fullview, Median, Surfly,, and FullSession.


Support agents can initiate zero-download one-click cobrowsing calls with users to solve problems collaboratively.

Fullview is an end-to-end technical customer support tool that allows businesses to provide both live and asynchronous support to their customers. This comprehensive solution makes it easy to pull all your user data into one central support platform, start one-click screen control sessions in your app with users, watch user sessions to quickly diagnose bugs and issues in context, see real-time and relevant console information for effortless troubleshooting and initiate a cobrowsing call for faster resolution. 

Some of Fullview's features includes: 

  • A 14-day free trial on any of the paid plans, as well as a forever free plan, making it easy to get started for businesses of all sizes. 
  • Integrations with Intercom, Zendesk and more, making it easy to escalate level 1 support tickets (that can be handled via chat) to level 2 & level 3 instead. These typically require session replays, cobrowsing and console logs to resolve.
  • Easy ways to bust silos between support and development teams. For example, if a support agent watches a session replay and notices a bug, they can immediately share that recording with the development team instead of spending time on creating a manual bug report.
  • Lastly, Fullview is fully GDPR compliant, which is a major advantage if you do business in the EU or have customers that are located there.

Fullview is a great alternative for those businesses that need a customer support tool that offers more features than Upscope. This fully-encompassing tool provides a better approach to customer service by providing tools for real-time and asynchronous customer support.

All of these features help to improve metrics like time to resolution and CSAT.

Median CoBrowse

Median CoBrowse is a customer support tool that helps businesses improve their customer service by offering cobrowsing. This enables businesses to see what their customers are doing on their websites. It also helps businesses provide solutions to customers' problems in real time. Plus, with the ability to integrate with various CRM platforms, businesses can provide a more seamless customer experience.

Median does not offer a free plan. Instead, their paid plan starts at $50 per month per user, with a minimum of two users.

The downside to this tool is that it only offers live chat and cobrowsing features. It doesn't have the same comprehensive approach as other solutions that really allow you to improve your customer support.


Surfly is a customer support tool that helps businesses provide solutions to their customers' problems in real time. With features like cobrowsing, video calls, and e-signing, companies can quickly fix customer issues. Additionally, Surfly offers a wide range of customizations, making it easy to tailor the tool to your specific business needs.

Surfly is known to help with remote collaboration and selling since it makes it easy to give demonstrations, provide customer support, and close deals. However, Surfly is not very transparent in its pricing structure. And it doesn't have session replays or console logs, so not quite as comprehensive of a support solution as some other platforms on this list. provides a powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers in real-time. The platform offers a variety of features that allow businesses to interact with customers through chat, voice, and video. In addition, also offers a number of tools that businesses can use to automate customer support, sales, and marketing processes.

Pricing for starts at $300 per month, with an additional $40 for each agent added. is a great alternative for businesses that are looking for a customer support tool that offers more features than Upscope.


FullSession is a web analytics platform that offers heatmaps, session recording, and customer feedback. The platform provides valuable insights into user behavior, which can help businesses make more informed decisions about their website and online presence. In addition, the ability to record user sessions can be extremely helpful in troubleshooting issues and identifying areas for improvement. Overall, FullSession is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes better understand their customers and make more strategic decisions about their online presence.

The downside to FullSession is that it doesn't offer the same comprehensive approach to customer service as other solutions. Additionally, the pricing for FullSession starts at $39 per month for the basic package, with additional features costing extra.


When it comes to customer support tools, Upscope is a great option for businesses that want a communication tool to improve customer service. However, there are many excellent alternatives to Upscope, such as Fullview, Median, Surfly, and Each of these tools offers its own unique advantages that can help your business in different ways. Consider all of your options before deciding on the customer support tool that's right for you.


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  • View console logs
  • Cobrowse for live support
  • 100% GDPR compliant
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