Best AnyDesk Alternatives in 2024

AnyDesk is a popular remote access solution for sales and customer support teams. But what are some alternatives?
Published on: Jan 12, 2024
Last updated: Jan 25, 2024

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Remote access software is one of the most important tools in a customer support team’s arsenal. With increased accessibility and flexibility to identify and resolve problems, remote access software is definitely one you should be looking into.

However, it’s not quite that straightforward. There are a host of solid options on the market, each with their own unique selling points. So, how do you make the decision? How can you be sure the one you choose will go on to benefit you and your customers for the long term?

AnyDesk is a vastly popular remote access software option in 2023, but what else is out there?

Let’s dig into what makes AnyDesk a good option, as well as why it might be a good idea to consider something else for your business.

You can find out more about exactly what remote access software is, as well as what co-browsing can offer your business, by following these links.

So, read on to find out more about the best AnyDesk alternatives in 2023 and beyond!

What is AnyDesk?


To begin, we’ll take a look into what AnyDesk can offer your business.

AnyDesk is a paid software platform designed to facilitate remote access capabilities for a range of businesses. This involves remotely taking control of a machine, whether it’s your own in another location or the machine of a client, to access files or identify and resolve technical issues.

AnyDesk promises ‘industry-leading performance’ as well as high frame rates and low latency to offer the most seamless remote access experience. AnyDesk is also available on all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and more, making it a strong choice for businesses that operate across multiple platforms.

With full mobile support, customization options, and Cloud support, AnyDesk offers versatility in abundance - but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Want to find out more? See how AnyDesk stacks up against TeamViewer, and the differences between AnyDesk’s unattended and full access functions, here.

Why use an AnyDesk alternative?

After such a glowing review, you’d be forgiven for questioning why we are looking at alternatives to AnyDesk today. Well, in short, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Read on to find out four big reasons you might consider an alternative platform for your business.

AnyDesk is pricey

As with all things, price is always one of the main considerations when making a purchase for your business - and AnyDesk is no different.

Many remote access platforms offer a free trial or reduced functionality package to offer support without a cost, but AnyDesk does not.

AnyDesk’s most basic package is the ‘Solo’ package, designed for single-person companies and just one user. This comes in at around $16 per month.

If you’re not a one-person band, the standard package is around $33 per month and provides access for 20 users in a team. For bigger teams of up to 100 users, the price is around $86 per month.

So, keep that in mind - AnyDesk is not free, nor is it ‘cheap’.

AnyDesk is not suitable for customer support teams

If a crucial aspect of your business is customer support, AnyDesk may not be a choice your teams would thank you for.

At its core, AnyDesk is a basic remote access software. Whilst it does this well, the range of functionality and lack of versatility can quickly become a thorn in your side.

AnyDesk does not incorporate either console logs or session replays, both of which are incredibly valuable tools for a customer support team. Without these two tools, AnyDesk offers little more than a peek over the shoulder at your customer’s computer would.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have its place - it does - but if you are trying to build an efficient, versatile, and effective customer support team, you might consider a platform that takes advantage of console logs and session replays.

AnyDesk can be prone to remote access scams

One significant downside to remote desktop software in general is its propensity for scams —unfortunately, AnyDesk is no different.

The primary benefit of remote access software just so happens to be its biggest downfall. By allowing a third party full access to your machine, you run the risk of would-be scammers stealing sensitive information or using your details to log into various accounts or systems.

There are some ways to reduce the risk associated with remote access software, however there is always the risk that something could go wrong.

With a remote access alternative, such as cobrowsing, you can limit the third party’s access to a single window or program and also take advantage of customizable data blurring options. This greatly reduces the risk of scams, keeping your users safe and secure.

AnyDesk can be difficult to get the hang of

When you’re bringing a new piece of software into your business, useability is one of the most important factors. If a platform has all the functionality in the world but you can’t quite figure out how to use it, it’s not going to prove its worth.

By looking through reviews from AnyDesk users, a common theme of technical issues, crashes, and bugs appears. With multiple reviews also criticizing the customer support, it would appear that users running into issues are often unable to reach a resolution.

Some ‘bedding in’ time is to be expected, but if a tricky UI and recurring bugs get in the way, there’s not much hope for a stable customer support delivery mechanism.

Best alternatives to AnyDesk in 2024

If AnyDesk isn’t the perfect solution for you, what is?

That’s a fair question, and one we’d like to help you answer. We’ve put together some of the best alternatives available on the market to help you make the best decision possible.

Read on to find out more about the different remote access software options available to you and your business.

Alternative one - Fullview

The first alternative software we’ll look at here is Fullview.

Fullview is a customer experience and technical support platform designed to empower teams to create better customer experiences, and it does so through two main features: cobrowsing and session replays.

To provide more context, we’ll cover these features briefly. Cobrowsing is essentially a direct alternative to traditional remote access software, as it offers the ability to limit third-party screen control to specific windows or programs rather than an entire system. If you use remote access to support your customers, you can switch to the safer alternative by implementing cobrowsing on your website or in your web app. By doing this, you’ll limit screen control exclusively to your site or app, making it easier to remain compliant and keep your users’ data safe.

Fullview also offers customizable data blurring which helps to hide any sensitive information.

Cobrowsing is an excellent option for facilitating collaborative work between users and agents to diagnose and resolve issues without any of the risk. Fullview’s cobrowsing also works seamlessly with your existing software, including Intercom, Zendesk, or Salesforce Service Cloud, meaning you can initiate cobrowsing calls straight from support tickets.

Moving onto session replays, this feature offers another valuable tool for customer service agents. Session replays enable agents to track and rewatch user interactions with a service, helping agents and technicians to locate pain points and identify potential bugs before they become a bigger issue. Thanks to precise filtering options, your agents can locate the exact session recordings they’re looking for in a flash.

With console logs and custom dashboard functionality, your agents can spot bugs and errors easier than ever before. With some personalized tinkering, your teams can tailor the perfect dashboard to provide them with all the information they need to provide excellent customer experiences.

Why Fullview is better than AnyDesk

There are a host of reasons you might opt for Fullview over AnyDesk, and we’ll cover them here.

First of all, when it comes to customer support teams, there is no better choice than a solution built with them in mind. Fullview is specifically designed to facilitate effective customer support and drive improvement in metrics like CSTA, FCR, and ART.

The functionality of Fullview is also perfectly aligned with the day-to-day operations of a customer support team. With cobrowsing, session replays, and console logs all part of the package, Fullview offers everything a customer support team needs, whereas AnyDesk offers just one main feature.

Security is also another significant advantage, with 100% GDPR compliance, data blurring options, and reduced potential for remote access scans. If keeping your customers secure is a focus, and it should be, Fullview is vastly superior here.

Fullview’s usability is also a major plus over AnyDesk. With no downloads, fast installation, and low latency, Fullview can also be integrated with your existing customer support software to offer unparalleled ease of use and convenience.

Finally, if pricing is what you’re concerned with, Fullview offers a ‘forever free’ package with four cobrowsing calls a month, and several paid options for premium access. Paid options include a Pro membership at €47 per month, and an Enterprise package with POA. All paid packages have a 15-day free trial.

Alternative two - TeamViewer


Moving onto alternative two, next up is TeamViewer. TeamViewer is one of the most well-known remote access software, with more than 2.5 billion devices around the world making use of it.

TeamViewer’s offering can be broken down into three main services. These three services are remote access and support for customer service teams, after-sales service solutions for sales teams, and vision-picking solutions for warehouse teams.

TeamViewer also comes with an established level of pedigree as one of the most popular options on the market. With a 4.7/5 rating amassed over more than 75,000 reviews, TeamViewer provides reliability, ease of use, and effective product training in abundance.

Why TeamViewer is better than AnyDesk

Again, there are a host of reasons why you might opt for TeamViewer over AnyDesk.

First things first, Teamviewer’s stature and reputation as a brand are extensive and well-established. As one supported by countless companies around the world, you are buying into an established organization that has helped many businesses just like yours.

Another benefit over AnyDesk is that TeamViewer is built for both the support agent and the recipient of the support. Many remote access software are designed with either one in mind, so TeamViewer’s combination makes it a very usable option for both parties.

TeamViewer is also a relatively cost-effective solution, with a Remote Access package coming in at around $20 per month and a Business package for around $45 per month.

TeamViewer can also be integrated with some of your existing software, including Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, and Microsoft Teams, which is not possible with AnyDesk.

However, there are other considerations. As a typical remote access software, TeamViewer can be prone to scams, which is an important factor to keep in mind when delivering customer support.

Alternative three - AnyViewer

Third on our list of alternatives is AnyViewer.

AnyViewer is a directly comparable option with AnyDesk, as it shares some similarities in its pricing and function. As its core package is a free, basic remote desktop software, AnyViewer vs AnyDesk is a tightly contested battle.

The most notable difference between the two is that AnyViewer is built specifically for Windows. If your systems utilize Microsoft Windows, AnyViewer would be a strong choice, however if you operate across multiple platforms, AnyDesk would take the crown here.

AnyViewer is also secured by Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption, protecting users’ data from leakage during a remote access session. On top of this, AnyViewer also offers the functionality to blacken your screen and disable remote input at any time, giving your users the security and confidence they need when allowing someone else to access their device.

Why AnyViewer is better than AnyDesk

So, AnyViewer is a well-established option, but what makes it a better solution than AnyDesk?

AnyViewer is backed by countless positive reviews from reputable publications and critics, including TechRadar, Lifewire, and ZDNet, which offers confidence in the platform and what others users have thought of it.

What’s more, AnyViewer benefits from a mostly superior stability of connection, however it can be prone to drop-outs and delays at times. This is a key factor to consider, as no matter how good a solution is, if you can’t rely on it to function when your customers need you most, you’re going to run into issues.

All in all, AnyViewer is just as effective, secure, and reliable as AnyDesk, and makes the perfect choice for Windows users looking for a low-cost, basic remote access solution.

You can find out more about AnyViewer, including how it stacks up against TeamViewer, here.

Alternative four - Zoho Assist

zoho assist

The fourth and final alternative on our list is Zoho Assist.

Zoho Assist is a remote support solution designed to improve efficiency of collaboration and task troubleshooting. This platform includes features such as screen sharing, file transferring, unattended remote access, and chat support, providing a plethora of tools to arm your customer support teams with.

As a well-known option, Zoho Assist boasts a user-friendly interface and easy scalability, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Why Zoho Assist is better than AnyDesk

Zoho Assist is a strong option for many businesses, with some features and functionality that could make it a preferable choice to AnyDesk for you.

First of all, Zoho Assist includes a deep bag of features, including remote support, unattended remote access, file transfer, session recording, and remote reboot. These tools are vital for effective customer support teams.

When it comes to reviews, Zoho Assist has received a 4.6/5 rating across almost 400 reviews, showcasing it as an excellent choice for your business. Reviews have described the platform as ‘the best I’ve used’, ‘quality remote support for the last 5+ years’, and ‘simple interface works as it’s supposed to’.

Zoho Assist is also a cost-effective solution, with four main pricing tiers. The first is the free tier, which could be a huge bonus for smaller businesses, and the three following tiers come in at $10, $15, and $24 per month respectively.


When considering remote access software for your business, AnyDesk is certainly a strong option but it is far from a complete solution.

With so many options on the market, from Fullview to TeamViewer, it is crucial to take the time to consider the different offerings to ensure you prepare your customer support teams with everything they need.

Reputation and consumer opinion are always reliable indicators for evaluating your options, but they should not be the only thing you consider. From pricing and features to scam management and proactive tools, it’s important to find the solution that works best for your business and its customers.

If remote access software feels like it’s lacking for you, consider Fullview’s cobrowsing and session replay functionality to give your teams unparalleled insight and access to the details that really matter.

Take the time to consider your options and ensure you make the right one — it’ll pay you back in more ways than you can imagine.


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