Tracking issues accurately is essential in customer service. Here are the best software tools to do that in 2024.
Published on: Dec 01, 2023
Last updated: Jan 25, 2024

4 Best Customer Service Issue Tracking Software In 2024

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Keeping pace with customer inquiries, complaints, and requests can be a formidable task. HubSpot says, "90% of customers rate an 'immediate' response as important or very important when they have a customer service question." The right issue-tracking software can make all the difference, ensuring your business leaves no customer in limbo.

This article will delve into the best customer service issue-tracking software of 2024. We will also highlight how Fullview stacks up against other software solutions. Using the right issue-tracking software is an operating strategy your business can't afford to slack on, so let’s dive in.

What is issue-tracking software?

While there are mixed feelings about the pandemic and its effect on business, it did not change the value of customer support. And yet, it did change how companies provide consistent customer experiences. The future of customer loyalty depends on companies providing diverse customer support channels.

About 57% of customers say their loyalty to companies deepened after receiving customer support during the pandemic. Even when it’s challenging, offering customer support will win you brownie points with your customer base. The disorganized migration to digital-based services during the pandemic led to sub-par technology implementation.

With these less-than-ideal conditions, 53% of support teams saw an increase in support queries. Issue-tracking software offers a simplified way for customer service and developers to solve problems together. Think of issue-tracking software as digital dashboards that can:

  • Be a reliable customer tracker from start to finish
  • Allow anyone within the support structure to view the problem and its progress
  • Assist representatives in providing timely updates
  • Integrate with multiple programs to remove time-intensive workflows
  • Help engineers find software bugs for quick improvements

Because technology is constantly changing, companies have many types of issue-tracking software they can use.

Types of issue-tracking software

Because of higher innovation intensity, there is more likelihood of customer complaints. Whether this comes from changing services or adding new ones is hard to say. Either way, having multiple channels to assist customers can only improve the challenges of technological innovation when you’re shipping new features quickly.

Companies can solve a range of customer issues with:

  • Bug tracking software
  • Customer feedback tracking software
  • Ticket and escalation tracking software
  • Help desk software
  • Project management software

Without multiple channels, your business’s customer service approach will leave many unsatisfied.

Bug tracking software

Bug tracking software is an essential tool that provides a look into critical events of your customer's journey. Session Replays provides the "lens" for auto-recording users' sessions so you can see where the problem started and how to fix it. Support and product teams can recreate and rectify bugs in the blink of an eye.

Aside from visual session replays, Fullview provides console logs for technical details about the problem. With Fullview, you can detect and receive alerts to sessions with bugs, errors, rage clicks, or other issues. Its robust filtering features tag and highlight replays of interest.

While there are numerous bug-tracking software options on the market, here are three worth noting:

  • Fullview: As we’ve already mentioned, Fullview has session replays and console logs to help you diagnose, fix and keep track of bugs and errors in your product.
  • Jira: Jira excels at tracking software bugs, providing teams with a comprehensive overview and management system.
  • Bugzilla: Bugzilla offers robust tracking capabilities and a user-friendly interface. It’s an excellent all-around solution for issue tracking.

Remember, the choice of software boils down to your team's needs and the nature of the bugs.

Customer feedback tracking software

Customer feedback is essential when you’re building and improving upon software products, but it can be hard to condense it, organize it, and then distill it into actionable insights that you can act on.

Luckily, there are a number of platforms that can help you gather, analyze and organize user feedback.

Cobrowsing software is another tool that has valuable features for customer feedback tracking. Companies can initiate an in-app call with a user, allowing for more in-depth feedback on their issues. Instead of relying on CSAT or user surveys, cobrowsing provides an opportunity for more granular feedback.

Ticket and escalation tracking software

Ticket and escalation tracking software is pivotal in managing and addressing customer issues. With such software, support teams can create, assign, and monitor tickets, ensuring swift resolutions. This system also escalates serious problems to the right individuals.

Here are two standouts in this category:

  • Zendesk: Zendesk offers key features, including multi-channel ticketing, task automation, and reporting. Its built-in escalation process ensures that urgent issues never fall through the cracks.
  • ServiceNow: ServiceNow presents an expansive ticketing and escalation system. It integrates well with other applications and automates routine tasks.

To choose the right software, consider your support requirements, budget, and integrations you might need.

Help desk software

Help desk software acts as a central hub for tracking customer issues. According to 31% of customers, repeating their information multiple times is the most frustrating part of their experience. This tool maps the process of managing customer interactions across email, chat, and social media.

It promotes efficiency, enhances communication, and improves customer satisfaction. Contenders worth mentioning include:

  • Freshdesk: Freshdesk offers multi-channel support, smart ticket assignment, and a robust suite of integrations. Users get a comprehensive view of customer interactions, enabling swift issue resolution.
  • Zoho Desk: Zoho Desk excels as a user-friendly interface and in ticket management. Businesses can handle multiple channel requests with omni-channel support, intelligent ticket assignment, and customer happiness ratings.

Project management software

Project management software is instrumental in customer issue tracking, bringing together all aspects of customer service under one platform. This software helps teams:

  • Manage customer projects efficiently
  • Track issues
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Ensure seamless communication between all parties

It offers a centralized hub for project information, simplifying the management of multiple platforms into one tool. These programs provide real-time key performance indicators, enhancing customer service team productivity. Some worth mentioning include:

  • Asana: Asana excels as a project management software with its flexible and intuitive design. Support teams can track customer service issues, prioritize tasks, and use visual tools to enhance issue tracking.
  • Trello: Trello uses a card-based system to easily manage and track customer issues. It uses Butler to assign tasks, add due dates, and integrate with other tools.

When deciding on the right software, consider the size of your organization.

Best customer service issue tracking software for 2024

There is an endless roster of customer service solutions out there. But, the best issue tracking software does more than collect customer issues in an accessible pipeline. It also helps you distill that data into insights that you can act on to make improvements to your products or services.


Fullview is an exceptional customer service issue tracker that boosts support efficiency and reduces resolution time. Its cobrowsing feature allows painless collaboration with customers through in-app screen control. Fullview also has session replay capabilities for automatic recording of user sessions. Its easy integration with existing support systems makes it convenient for businesses.

Fullview's session replays and actionable insights empower teams to quickly uncover trends. Make data-driven product improvements and recreate issues. Using these standout features, customer support teams can use Fullview to reduce the back-and-forth with customers, optimize customer support processes, and reduce resolution times.

In 2024, Fullview is one of the top choices for effective customer service issue tracking.


  • Co browsing: One-click cobrowsing with seamless screen control helps customer support agents provide a personalized customer experience. Click on forms, visit links, and collaborate for an unmatched experience.
  • Annotation Tools: Highlight or draw on customer screens for better communication
  • In-call chat: Using an intuitive dashboard, agents can see what users do in-app. Live agents can take control or chat with them to offer information or give directions.
  • Privacy Features: Companies can choose what data to capture and what to exclude during cobrowsing calls and session replays. Maintain strict GDPR compliance and protect your client's sensitive information.
  • Cobrowsing Recordings: For QA, training, and compliance purposes, enterprise users can access call recordings of cobrowsing sessions.
  • Session Replays: Product managers and developers can use session replay recordings to identify contextual bugs and product issues. They can bridge the knowledge gap and provide faster resolution times.
  • Accessible Console Logs: Console logs are available to make troubleshooting easier. Logs provide device information, network details, and browser specifications to support teams.


  • Co-browsing solution that stands out, catering to both logged-in and anonymous users.
  • The software offers a seamless cobrowsing experience on third-party websites.
  • Users don’t need to download or install anything.
  • Gain complete context into customer issues with session replays.
  • Enjoy cross-browser and cross-platform abilities.
  • Fullview ensures security and 100% GDPR compliance.
  • Companies get custom privacy controls and data blurring.
  • Fullview deploys quickly with hassle-free implementation.
  • Use powerful filtering options for instant access to specific recordings.
  • The software detects rage and console errors during session recordings.
  • Interactive videos have a progress bar for easy navigation.
  • Create custom views with filters (e.g., console errors, page visits, or frustration signals) and access them.
  • Use call recordings for QA and training purposes.
  • A free plan and free trial are available for all pro plans.
  • Use an automated bug-reporting feature.


  • Fullview doesn't support mobile apps yet.

User Reviews

Fullview has a 5-star rating on Product Hunt. One user, Elen, praises the session replay feature. She notes that it enhances the customer support experience and "simplifies the task of product managers when investigating user feedback."

Fullview has also garnered positive reviews on G2. Gaurav K., a product engineer, notes Fullview's ability to allow easy navigation of customer replays to discover and fix product glitches. The users pleasantly expressed surprise at Fullview's ability to help them find "a few issues which otherwise had passed our internal test suites and QA."


Deploying Fullview takes no more than 15 minutes and involves copying a few lines of code into your web app. There are no downloads involved. With a simplified deployment process, scheduling meetings or sending unsecured links is unnecessary. Customers can join with a simple click through the provided URL or the "Accept Call" pop-up in the web app when cobrowsing.

Guiding them through issues is intuitive, with the ability to click and highlight on their screen. Fullview cobrowsing works on all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Say goodbye to multiple software solutions as Fullview replaces TeamViewer, Google Meet, and Zoom with one comprehensive platform.

Even organizations looking for GDPR-compliant software will have a streamlined customer support process. This case study shows how Fullview became Subit’s go-to solution for understanding and solving customer issues.


  • Free Forever Plan: Users enjoy 4 cobrowsing calls and 1,000 monthly session replays per month. Get unlimited seats, access to console logs, 1 integration with Intercom, and filtering and segmenting.
  • Pro: For $47/month per seat, users can take unlimited cobrowsing calls, get custom blurred data, and have a minimum of 5 seats. For $89/month, users get unlimited integrations for session replays and 10,000 monthly sessions.
  • Enterprise: For larger businesses scaling operations, users receive premium support, cobrowsing session recording, and custom SSO integration with Salesforce and Zendesk. Session replays include custom SSO, priority support, and extended data retention.


Organizations rely on business applications to work smoothly across various systems. Fullview integrates with Intercom, Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud, making it even more effective in tracking and resolving issues. These integrations substantially benefit companies striving to enhance their customer support operations.

With the Intercom integration, Fullview users can start cobrowsing sessions directly from the Intercom chatbox, so creating a frictionless transition from conversation to action is a breeze. The integration with Zendesk allows support teams to initiate cobrowsing within the ticketing tracking system.

These integrations promote a flawless workflow that accelerates resolutions, reduces frustrations, and results in a superior CX.



Zendesk is like having a magical inbox where all customer inquiries come together. It doesn’t matter whether they reach out via email, chat, phone, social media, or any other channel. The support agents get the complete picture of each customer's journey.


  • Live chatting and messaging with agents
  • An agent dashboard
  • AI and chatbot capabilities
  • Ticket routing automations
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Support customers across multiple channels with messaging options
  • Utilize AI and bot solutions to save time for everyone
  • Benefit from a unified agent workspace for collaboration and customer support
  • Integrate with other tools like ClickUp, Jira, and Salesforce for a more comprehensive support system


  • It can be expensive for smaller businesses or startups
  • It may be overwhelming for some users as its many features are challenging to tackle

User Reviews

Users give Zendesk a 4.3 rating on average. Most users say Zendesk's platform has everything they need to support customers. Migration is intuitive no matter what platform companies are using beforehand.

Users enjoy the custom features and high-level automations. Unfortunately, there are increasing user complaints regarding Zendesk's customer support.


The Suite Team plan has 5 agents, a ticketing system, a help center, and digital onboarding for $345/month. With enterprise plans, users get everything in the "Suite Professional" plan and more. Call the sales department for pricing.


LiveAgent is the real deal when it comes to cloud-based chat and a versatile help desk. With LiveAgent, your business has all the features it needs. Create custom chat windows, let the intelligent routing handle issues, and automate basic tasks. Don't forget about its innovative traffic management and automatic greetings.


  • API and other integrations
  • It has a customer portal
  • Provides unlimited ticketing history
  • Can prevent agents from working on the same ticket


  • Intelligent Query Routing directs customer issues to appropriate agents based on rules.
  • The system automates responses to FAQs to manage chat traffic.
  • Ensures a detailed record of customer interactions to track issue resolution and maintain service quality.
  • Customize ticket fields and tags to match your support workflow.
  • No contracts or set-up fees.


  • Setting up certain embedding choices can be challenging due to their specific nature.
  • There needs to be more knowledge base spaces for users with multiple clients.

User reviews

Users are rating LiveAgent with a remarkable 4.7 out of 5. Many users appreciate the customer service, features, and value for the money. Users have pointed out that the spam filter for email contact isn't working well and floods their inboxes with spam.


Start with the Small Business plan, featuring 3 email accounts, 2 live chat buttons, and 1 knowledge base for $15 per agent/month. Large enterprises can have up to 500 email accounts and 3+ Whatsapp numbers for $85 per agent/month.



Jira is a purpose-built issue management software that connects your engineering and support teams on development issues. Jira includes the core functionality to escalate and link tickets in your integrated support system. The app provides a comprehensive view of all customer conversations related to development issues.

Jira enables support and engineering teams to understand an issue and collaborate on the ideal fix.


  • Use the timeline to visualize progress better and keep all teams informed.
  • Create custom dashboards in Jira to reflect unique issue resolution processes.
  • Jira Query Language (JQL) allows for precise issue filtering. Teams can group customer issues based on severity, customer tier, and issue type.
  • Using custom rules, the system escalates unresolved issues automatically. Higher-priority matters receive the attention they deserve.


  • Jira is a flexible software issue tracking system that supports different methodologies like Scrum or Kanban. It empowers teams by including backlogs, roadmaps, reports, and integrations.
  • Users can create tickets to describe problems or roadblocks and get prompt solutions. This is particularly beneficial for IT teams collaborating with customer service teams.
  • Integrations simplify connecting your daily applications in one place. With Jira, users can access many standard app integrations from day one.


  • For larger teams and those working on multiple projects, Jira has limited collaborative capabilities compared to other software.
  • Jira can sometimes be slow, especially for teams with large amounts of work data, causing long query load times.

User Reviews

The average user gives Jira a 4.3 out of 5 and enjoys its flexibility. Many users praise Jira's integrations with other software. Still, they often complain about its complexity, especially if the team is new to similar software.


Jira offers a free user plan for up to 10 people. Get unlimited project boards, reporting and insights, 2 GB of storage, and community support. Enterprises can get up to 35,000 users, audit logs, 24/7 premium support, unlimited storage, and project archiving. Contact Jira’s sales department for more information.



If you and your team are familiar with project management tools, ClickUp is an excellent choice for issue tracking. It's fully cloud-based and offers communication, collaboration, task assignment, status tracking, alerts, and more. The activity stream in ClickUp displays tasks in real-time, allowing you to monitor their status.

You can easily link ClickUp tasks to tickets when integrated with your issue tracker. Use this system for efficient transfer of information between them. The two-way link provides automatic updates when tickets sync to tasks.


  • Say goodbye to bugs in your project by assigning tasks to one or more team members.
  • Collaborate more efficiently with ClickUp Docs by editing, sharing, and tracking issues.
  • Receive ClickUp notifications for new GitHub activity items added to tasks with the ClickUp-GitHub integration.
  • Custom Task Statuses allow you to customize workflows for issue tracking. Assign custom statuses such as 'identified,' 'resolved,' or 'clueless and stuck.'


  • Foster collaboration between marketing and customer support teams with Collaborative Editing.
  • Ensure your teammates have a smooth workflow with a Workload view for effective resource management.
  • Streamline issue-tracking by automating repetitive tasks with Automations.
  • Utilize Checklists to prevent any overlooked customer issues from bugging your team.


  • Lagging and general slowness at times when refreshing the dashboard.
  • It can take more work to optimize for different work processes.

User reviews

Many users rate this platform an amazing 4.7 out of 5. Users appreciate that ClickUp becomes more or less complex when needed. One common complaint was the time it takes to complete tasks because of lagging app issues or forced repetitive actions.


ClickUp offers a free forever plan that's best for personal use. The free plan includes 100MB storage, unlimited members, collaborative docs, and 24/7 support. It also offers a monthly business plan for mid-sized teams at $19/user.

The business plan includes everything in the unlimited plan plus Google SSO, unlimited teams, advanced automation, and AI abilities.


Choosing the right issue tracking tools is a decision that depends on the specific needs of your business. The right tool can streamline customer support operations, improve response times, and ultimately enhance CX. Fullview has stellar features, diverse integrations, and competitive pricing.

It stands out as a comprehensive solution for diverse businesses, making it well worth considering. However, the final decision should align with your unique needs and goals. Business owners should carefully evaluate each software solution's features and impact on the customer service journey.

The right choice can transform your business by turning support tickets into customer engagement and satisfaction opportunities.

Guide customers to faster resolutions
Cobrowse with screen control
Highlight on screen
Integrate with Zendesk and more
Take interactive demo
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