7 Best Software Tools To Measure CSAT in 2024

Discover the top customer satisfaction measurement tools for 2024. Explore features, pros, cons, user reviews, and pricing.
Published on: Oct 25, 2023
Last updated: May 14, 2024


  • Measuring CSAT is crucial for business growth and improved customer experiences.
  • The seven best CSAT tools for 2024 are Fullview, Zonka Feedback, Qualtrics, Zendesk, Feedbackly, Hotjar, and HelpDesk.
  • These tools offer various features, from survey creation to ticket management and data analysis.
  • Pros include excellent customer support, real-time feedback, and high ROI.
  • Cons may include pricing concerns, integration complexity, and limited features on free plans.

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As industries adapt and customer expectations evolve, measuring and understanding customer satisfaction is key to staying competitive, ensuring better product experiences, and growing your business.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a hot topic we’ve covered before, including why it’s so important for ensuring business growth and actionable ways you can improve your CSAT score. But how do you accurately track and measure CSAT?

CSAT tools provide valuable insights into customers' sentiments, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance their experience with your products and services. They are indispensable assets for businesses of all sizes.

While many tools track metrics of customer contentment, including churn rate, retention rates, and more, finding the right CSAT tool may seem overwhelming, so we’ve put together this guide of the seven best software tools to measure customer satisfaction in 2024.

We’ll be comparing features, pros, cons, and pricing, so you can find the right tool for your needs.

Best Customer Satisfaction Score Measurement Tools

1. Fullview

fullview - customer satisfaction tools
Cobrowsing can be a powerful way to gather feedback from customers in the context of a session in your product.

Fullview is a powerful and versatile platform that provides comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to unlock their customer satisfaction data. Product teams, support teams, and business owners can use intuitive customer journey tools, like session replays, to identify user trends, improve satisfaction, and enhance customer experiences.


  • Cobrowsing: Start an in-app live support session to guide customers in solving problems quickly and soliciting feedback to round out your CSAT data.
  • Session replays: Jump into auto-recorded user sessions and analyze user steps, spot bugs, and identify frustration points with historic and live session replays.
  • Detailed console logs: Easily troubleshoot key events of your customer journey.


  • Excellent customer support: Access the Fullview Knowledge Base for answers to most queries. The team is very responsive and is readily available to help with any questions.
  • User-friendly cobrowsing: Cobrowsing is simple to set up, and you can join users’ sessions with a click. No download is required, and you can access a full suite of communication and annotation tools.
  • Time-saving automation tools: Save valuable time for your team with Fullview’s automated bug reports.
  • Comprehensive insights: Track user activity to understand behavior and gain insights into product interaction.


  • Learning curve: Fullview’s extensive features may require a learning curve for new users.
  • Does not support mobile apps: Fullview doesn’t offer support for mobile apps yet.

User reviews

Fullview scores 4.7/5 stars on G2. Most reviewers enjoy the ability to easily access session replays and troubleshoot bugs. Customers also rave about the fast customer support.


  • Free plan: Access to 4 cobrowsing calls/month and 1000 session replays recordings a month.
  • Pro plan: Starts at $49/seat/month for cobrowsing and $71/month for 10,000 session replays
  • Enterprise plan: Custom features and pricing. Unlimited cobrowsing calls, session replays, and console logs.

Zonka Feedback

Zonka - customer satisfaction tools

Zonka Feedback offers in-depth insights into your customer experience (CX), allowing businesses to track CSAT, CES, and NPS. Real-time feedback and powerful CX automation tools make this CSAT analysis platform a must for anyone looking to elevate their customer satisfaction.


  • Create and automate surveys and feedback forms, including offline surveys to gather feedback without the need for WiFi.
  • Net promoter score (NPS) surveys with detailed analytics to inform customer retention decisions.
  • Build and design intuitive surveys for customer feedback, product feedback, and website feedback. Utilize skip logic, variables, and pre-filled data to create seamless dynamic surveys.
  • Design workflows, set up alerts, and automate your CX program.
  • Automate reports including response, location, team performance, response, and trends to make data-driven decisions.


  • A robust platform for tracking customer satisfaction, customer effort score, and NPS; businesses get a well-rounded view of their customer experience.
  • The drag-and-drop customization is easy to use, and you can create and automate dynamic surveys for a variety of use cases.
  • See what your customers are thinking in real-time with the real-time feedback feature, allowing for immediate responses and issue resolution to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Depending on the existing software ecosystem, integrating Zonka with other systems may require technical expertise and could be complex.
  • Smaller businesses or startups with limited budgets may be concerned with costs, especially if they don’t require the full suite of features.

User reviews

Zonka Feedback has a remarkable 4.7/5 star rating, backed by 55 five-star reviews. Customers appreciate the platform's user-friendliness, responsive support, and offline survey feature. Reviews also highlight the excellent value for money this product delivers. Some negatives include the lack of control over response submission on surveys, the user interface being a little clunky, and the visitor limits.


Four pricing tiers are available, each offering different features.

  • Starter: $49/month billed annually. Three users, 2,000 email/SMS sends per month, all survey channels, two device licenses, and more.
  • Professional: $99/month annually. Includes starter features, 10,000 email/SMS sends, 50,000 sessions, 5 users, 10 external agents, dynamic user segmentation, and more.
  • Growth: $199/month billed annually. Includes pro features, ten users, 25 external agents, advanced automation workflows, white-labeled domains, webhooks, and more.
  • Enterprise: $499/month and up. Includes growth features, custom email/SMS sends, device licenses, SSO, users, SMS gateway, NDA, sentiment analysis, and more.


Qualtrics - customer satisfaction tools

This CX platform provides innovative tools to track and measure customer interactions. With in-depth CSAT analysis, businesses can enhance customer experiences. Qualtrics is highly intuitive for marketing and product teams leveraging customer feedback to create targeted campaigns. Gain real-time insights, segment users, and measure CX success with powerful analytics tools.


  • Comprehensive survey creation and design tools.
  • Data analysis and reporting to derive in-depth insights from customer responses in a click.
  • Multi-channel feedback collection through various channels, including SMS, email, and more.
  • Strong integration capabilities to seamlessly integrate Qualtrics with your current software ecosystem.
  • Qualtrics caters to the needs of both small and large enterprises with scalable solutions.


  • Easily uncover customer experience insights with detailed analytics that track key customer satisfaction metrics. Automate reports to save time.
  • Design simple and complex surveys, with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool. Branching, complex question logic, and more can all be used to get the data you need.
  • Set up automated triggers that respond quickly and accurately to customer feedback, so you don’t miss any opportunities to take action.
  • Qualtrics surveys are compatible across platforms, making it easier for customers to participate no matter what device they’re using.
  • Access helpful training material and be supported by a responsive, knowledgeable customer support team.


  • Qualtrics offers a limited free plan for new users, but it may not meet the comprehensive needs of businesses due to missing features.
  • The platform is intuitive but has many features to explore. New users may feel overwhelmed initially, but detailed support materials are available to guide you.

User reviews

Rated 4.4 out of five stars, positive reviews highlight the streamlined survey creation, strong models for analyzing user trends, and responsive customer service. Some negatives mentioned by users include the higher cost compared to other platforms, errors with saving questions created by customers, and occasional long load speeds.


Qualtrics provides flexible pricing plans to cater to different user needs, ranging from free plans with limited features to advanced, paid options. Pricing may vary and it’s best to contact them for an accurate quote.


Zendesk - tools for measuring customer satisfaction

Zendesk is an intuitive customer service and engagement platform that is known for its comprehensive tools and detailed analytics to help businesses streamline their customer support operations. Catering to a diverse range of organizations, from startups to large enterprises, Zendesk aims to help users improve customer service, enhance engagement, and resolve issues efficiently.


  • Manage support requests effectively with help desk features like ticket routing and prioritization.
  • Create, automate, and maintain detailed knowledge bases to provide customers with self-service resources and reduce support inquiries.
  • Live chat support features to enable swift issue resolution.
  • Communicate with customers through email, social media, phone, and more with streamlined multi-channel engagement.
  • Reduce manual tasks and automate routing processes to improve efficiency and deliver better customer experiences.
  • Anticipate requests with powerful AI and provide personalized responses to potential queries before they arise.


  • Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) survey found that Zendesk users saw an average return on investment of 286% over three years, making it a high-ROI software.
  • Zendesk’s interface is highly intuitive and easy to implement. Detailed step-by-step videos are available in their comprehensive resources section to help users familiarize themselves with all of the features.
  • Zendesk allows businesses to track key metrics easily and generate automated reports with a click, leading to data-driven decision-making.
  • Advanced AI capabilities allow companies using Zendesk to provide automated customer service such as self-service portals, chatbots, and personalized responses to potential queries before they arise.


  • Zendesk is highly user-friendly, but it may require some time to explore its full potential. Advanced features may have a steep learning curve.
  • Zendesk’s best features are only available on higher-priced plans.
  • It’s difficult to reopen closed cases. Users report having to open a new ticket instead, which can convolute customer support.

User reviews

Positives frequently mentioned by users include how easy the dashboard is to navigate, the wealth of customer support resources available, and fair pricing. Some customers encountered bugs with tickets closing the second they opened them and had difficulty with the SMS messaging feature.


Starting at £15 per agent per month, the basic plan includes a powerful ticketing system, integrated email and social media, comprehensive reporting, and customer interaction history. Choose from three pricing plans, with the highest tier offering CSAT surveys, multilingual support, SLAs, advanced AI add-ons, and more.


Feedbackly - tools for measuring customer satisfaction

Excelling in helping midsize and larger enterprises enhance customer experiences, Feedbackly is the perfect tool for gathering, analyzing, and acting upon customer feedback.


  • Monitor customer emotions with CSAT tools, feedback surveys, customer journey analytics, and more.
  • Access a comprehensive data analysis console with intuitive data visualization for better decisions.
  • Take real-time action by auto-generating and qualifying hot leads with a click.
  • Seamlessly integrate Feedbackly with your current software ecosystem, including Slack, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more.
  • Access effective customer onboarding programs.
  • Customize survey templates or create your own using a seamless, drag-and-drop design tool.


  • On average, Feedbackly users report a 200% increase in customer feedback in just 12 months. Retention rates, customer satisfaction rates, and the number of new customers also increase over this time.
  • Feedbackly is highly intuitive, and many of its features are simple to use, so there’s less of a learning curve with this platform compared with competitors.
  • Feedbackly shines with its user-friendly analytics tools and the ability to automate reports. Real-time reporting capabilities make it seamless for businesses to address customer concerns promptly.
  • Feedbackly has powerful APIs that make integrating the platform with your current software ecosystem a breeze.


  • Users report a lack of mobile compatibility with Feedbackly. It’s difficult for users to access software on the go or cancel orders on mobile.
  • Feedbackly’s free plan offers some features, but most businesses will need access to features only available on paid plans to best suit their needs.
  • Three pricing plans are available, but if businesses want features like customizable databases, CX certifications, and data packages, they will need to pay extra. This adds up quickly and can cause budget strains.

User reviews

Rated 4.3 stars, users appreciate the detailed analysis and segmentation features. Users also saw high ROI with EVI scores and liked Feedbackly's effective customer feedback tracking. Some reported negatives are the steep learning curve and optional add-on costs.


  • Single: €199 billed monthly. Unlimited touchpoints, 3,000 responses per year, emotional experience survey, visual survey customization, and more.
  • Pro: €499 billed monthly. All Single features plus unlimited users, up to 12,000 responses per year, shareable dynamic links, metadata analytics, two-way SMS surveys, API integrations, and additional support features.
  • Custom: All Pro features, plus unlimited responses, advanced text analytics, customizable dashboards, custom integrations, personal customer success manager, and more. Prices vary depending on needs.


Hotjar - tools for measuring customer satisfaction

Hotjar is a highly versatile CSAT tool that empowers businesses to better understand customer behavior, providing in-depth customer feedback and analytic tools to help organizations optimize the customer experience. Hotjar allows businesses to see exactly how customers interact with their websites and provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing digital experiences.


  • Get valuable insights into user behavior with an intuitive dashboard.
  • Launch customized surveys with automated reports for quick customer feedback.
  • Conduct user interviews effortlessly and gain actionable insights to improve buy-in rates.


  • Navigation is simple, and users can access detailed insights with a click.
  • Customer support is always on hand to assist with queries.
  • Track user behavior metrics easily and utilize data visualization tools to gain actionable insights.


  • Data is only saved for 30 days, which can be an annoyance for some users.
  • User feedback shows users wish they could record multiple session recordings on different web pages at the same time.
  • Some users wish you could integrate Hotjar with support ticketing platforms like GitHub, Bugherd, and JIRA.

User reviews

Users enjoy the dynamic heatmaps and detailed click tracking. Positive reviews highlight the ability to segment audiences effectively, the seamless survey creation, and in-depth user engagement tools. Data limitations, the impact of Hotjar on website performance, and high pricing for large enterprises are some of the negatives mentioned.


Hotjar offers a range of plans to suit different needs and budgets. From a free plan with limited features to paid plans with enhanced capabilities, it provides flexibility for businesses of all sizes.


Helpdesk - tools for measuring customer satisfaction

Organizations can streamline their customer support operations thanks to HelpDesk’s intuitive ticketing, resolution support, and customer satisfaction tools. HelpDesk is useful for small businesses and medium to large enterprises, as it offers a simple help desk system that manages customer messages and assists in resolving inquiries seamlessly.


  • Detailed ticket management features, including ticket summary and text enhancements.
  • Powerful AI and automation tools to reduce manual tasks and boost efficiency, including automated workflows.
  • Email templates that are easily customized and can be sent with a click.
  • Canned responses and bulk actions to speed work up and reduce basic ticketing tasks.
  • Robust ticket management database, with archive, spam, rich text message area, tags, custom fields, and prioritization features.


  • HelpDesk is competitively priced and offers advanced AI features that are hard to find in other help desk systems at the same price point.
  • HelpDesk was designed with usability in mind, making it easy for users of all skill levels to navigate and use the system.
  • HelpDesk makes automated workflows easier and more effective than ever before, thanks to its suite of AI-driven tools.
  • Many users positively review HelpDesk for being easy to configure and seamless to integrate with their current software ecosystem.


  • Users wish there were more personalization options, as some customers may find HelpDesk’s communication features very impersonal.
  • Users report having to create a new account in order to integrate with Shopify, and it can be time-consuming.
  • The default template can be used with no code knowledge, but if users want to customize the templates, HTML knowledge is required.

User reviews

Users like the interactive interface, easy ticket tracking, and simple ticketing system. However, the system can complicate replying to standard emails and may be costly for large enterprises.


The Team plan for HelpDesk starts at $29/month per agent (billed annually) and includes essential features like in-depth customer data, AI capabilities, team management tools, private notes, real-time progress reporting, and a visual builder for email templates. Contact HelpDesk for customized enterprise solutions.

Related Reading

What is the Difference between CSE and CSAT Software?

CSE (Customer Satisfaction Evaluation) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) software both serve to measure and manage customer satisfaction, but they focus on different aspects of the process:

CSE (Customer Satisfaction Evaluation) Software:

  1. CSE software typically encompasses a broader range of tools and features aimed at evaluating various aspects of the customer experience.
  2. It may include capabilities for collecting feedback through surveys, analyzing customer interactions, monitoring sentiment across different channels, and assessing overall customer sentiment and loyalty.
  3. CSE software often provides insights into the entire customer journey, from initial engagement to post-purchase support, helping businesses understand the factors influencing satisfaction at each touchpoint.
  4. This type of software may also integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems or other data sources to provide a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction metrics and trends over time.

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Software:

  1. CSAT software, on the other hand, specifically focuses on measuring customer satisfaction through standardized surveys or feedback mechanisms.
  2. It typically involves collecting direct feedback from customers based on their recent interactions or experiences with a product, service, or support team.
  3. CSAT surveys often use a simple rating scale (e.g., 1 to 5 stars) or a Likert scale to gauge customer satisfaction with specific aspects of their experience, such as product quality, service responsiveness, or overall satisfaction.
  4. The primary goal of CSAT software is to quantify customer satisfaction scores based on the responses received, allowing businesses to track performance, identify areas for improvement, and benchmark against internal or industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good customer satisfaction index?

A good customer satisfaction index typically ranges from 80% to 90% or higher. This indicates that a significant majority of customers are satisfied with their experience interacting with a company's products or services. However, the specific benchmark for what constitutes a "good" customer satisfaction index can vary depending on industry standards, company goals, and customer expectations.

How to interpret customer satisfaction index?

Interpreting the customer satisfaction index involves more than just looking at a single score; it requires contextual analysis, segmentation, qualitative insights, and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Enhancing customer satisfaction is now more attainable with exceptional CSAT tools. From data-driven Fullview to versatile Zendesk, these platforms cater to various business needs.

Real-time feedback insights, seamless ticketing, and user behavior analysis are all within reach. By harnessing these top CSAT analysis tools, you’ll be well on the way to delivering a better customer experience and growing a loyal customer base.


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