Best Customer Support Outsourcing Companies In 2024

Looking for the right customer service outsourcing partner? In this article, we cover 5 of the top customer support outsourcing companies.
Published on: Nov 01, 2023
Last updated: May 14, 2024


  • Global spending on customer support outsourcing exceeded $731 billion in 2023.
  • Outsourcing customer support streamlines business operations, allowing companies to focus on growth and exceptional service.
  • Customer service outsourcing involves external agencies or teams managing customer interactions.
  • Choosing between outsourcing and in-house support depends on budget, expertise, and personalization needs.
  • Evaluating customer support outsourcing companies involves assessing technology, quality, user reviews, industry partnerships, and pricing.
  • The best outsourcing providers offer efficient technology stacks and multi-channel support.
  • Top customer service outsourcing companies include PartnerHero, HelpSquad BPO, WOW 24-7, InfluX, and UpWork.
  • PartnerHero offers customized support teams and experienced users but has limited reviews.
  • HelpSquad BPO provides live support and integrates well with CRMs but has limited global reach.
  • WOW 24-7 offers multilingual support but has a small market presence in some areas.
  • InfluX provides a cost-effective pay-as-you-go solution but has limited services.
  • UpWork offers fast onboarding and customization but may involve higher costs for hiring individuals.

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Global spending on outsourcing customer support surpassed $731 billion in 2023. The reason is simple: having a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent provider of customer support streamlines your business operations. Instead of spending most of your time and human asset resources on dealing with mundane and repetitive customer issues around your products and services, you hire professionals who specialize in providing top-notch customer service to take the lead.

Customer service outsourcing companies provide a wealth of benefits to ensure your end users have a quality experience with your brand. In this article, we will take a closer look at the best customer service outsourcing companies around.

We want to empower you to make good decisions about who is navigating the critical touchpoints with your target audience so you can focus on building relationships, growing your product, and providing exceptional service at every turn.

What is customer service outsourcing?

Outsourced customer service companies are external agencies or teams you contract to that handle and manage the many customer interactions your target audience has with your company. Their role is to facilitate better customer interactions through managing calls, dealing with support issues, and enhancing overall efficiency.

You want to select one of the top customer service outsourcing companies so you have peace of mind that your reviews and feedback will continue to be positive. Remember you are trusting a team to be the unique voice customers hear on the other line when needing a question answered. This is a powerful resource for companies that do not have the know-how or ability to create in-house customer support teams to manage customer service.

Should you outsource customer support or hire in-house?

Choosing whether to work with the best customer service outsourcing companies or spending extra financial resources to hire an in-house team is no small decision. There are budgetary concerns and management issues sure to crop up, especially if you are not a brick-and-mortar business with centralized offices.

You’ll want to take your time considering which is better for your unique situation.

Think about:

  • While companies that outsource customer service will save time and money, in-house resources allow you to cultivate stronger personal relationships with your target audience, often leading to more upselling and cross-selling.
  • However, even with the personal touch aspect, many small to medium-sized businesses might lack the resources to create in-house teams. This isn’t just in terms of money but also expertise. Customer service outsourcing companies specialize in this field, which sometimes means that they are better at providing customer support than small in-house teams.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Customer Support Outsourcing Companies

Selecting the best provider will depend on your needs. We have put together a strong customer service outsourcing companies list based on a number of criteria relevant to business operations. You want to select an option that offers a seamless customer experience aligned with your company values and brand identity.

Here’s what you need to consider before choosing a customer support outsourcing company:

  • Their use of the latest technology
  • Quality of customer support
  • User reviews
  • Partnerships with in-industry competitors
  • Pricing

Which is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at what you should consider.


Always ensure the customer service outsourcing company you are considering uses the most advanced technology possible – especially related to customer support. You want them to provide efficient and effective customer interactions, so you benefit from the positive relationships.

The tech stack of the company you choose should be up to the task of helpdesk, ticking, and integration with modern tools. You want multi-channel support, live chat options, chatbots, and cobrowsing provided by software like Fullview, Intercom, Zendesk, and Dixa, to name a few categories and companies that are integral to creating a comprehensive customer support tech stack.

Fullview, for instance, is a best-in-class cobrowsing tool that is cloud-based and doesn’t put a lot of strain on end user's devices. It allows agents to initiate zero-download screen control calls with users so they can solve problems in a hands-on way, rather than trying to explain to a user over chat or email about how to solve something.

We’ve compiled a list of other essential customer support software, so for that, check out our ‘Best Customer Support Software In Every Category’ blog post.

Customer Support

Ironically, you will judge the best outsourcing customer service companies on their customer support for you. How they interact with you and meet your needs reflects the capabilities they will have with your customers. If those aren’t aligned, you may want to look elsewhere.

User Reviews

Always look at user-generated content related to product and service reviews. You can gain valuable insight into how well the largest customer service outsourcing companies are compared to more boutique options. You want to gauge the satisfaction level of their existing, past, and potential clients with your own company goals.

Partner Companies

This is a significant consideration. If you are working in the SaaS or finance industry, you want a list of companies that outsource customer service and their providers in those same niches. Such a valuable resource demonstrates that the provider has experience in your industry and will understand the needs of your customers appropriately.

Pricing Models

Never compromise on quality for cost. You want to get decent value for the money you are spending, but not so much that there are linguistic challenges, poor technology, or inadequate communication with your provider. Stick to your budget, but be a little flexible so you get the best outsourced customer service you can.

5 Best Customer Support Outsourcing Companies

Below, we’ve compiled a list of and reviewed the best customer support outsourcing companies on the market. We’ve evaluated them based on the services offered, pros, cons, pricing, and user reviews. The better the company, the more rewarding your customer’s interaction with your brand.

The outsourced customer support providers we’ll feature include:

  • PartnerHero
  • HelpSquad BPO
  • WOW24-7
  • InfluX
  • UpWork

1. PartnerHero

PartnerHero tops our list of outsourced customer support companies because they custom-build every single team based on the culture and needs of your business. You get 24/7, 365 days a year support with onshore and offshore teams that use everything from SMS texts to live chat to ensure quality SaaS solutions.

Services Offered

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Player Support
  • QaaS
  • Managed Help Desk
  • Managed Bots
  • Fractional CXO


  • Customized support teams based on your needs
  • Experienced users from local US or international locations
  • Scalable solutions when your demand grows seasonally or with new products
  • Advanced services with no lock-in restrictions


  • Even though they are based in Boise, they have a lot of international presence but few reviews, making it challenging to get a good perspective of their operations.


You can start with a Flex Support plant at $10/hour that uses offshore capabilities. The price goes up the closer to your home location you get and the more volume you need.

Notable Clients

  • Privy
  • Loom
  • SmartMoving
  • Miro

User Reviews

PartnerHero is not currently ranked on G2 with any reviews. From the research we went through, we found some users on other platforms enjoyed the quick scalability and customized team options, while others were surprised at how few resources for UGC they could find on the company overall. Clutch puts PartnerHero at 5 out of 5 stars.

2. HelpSquad BPO

HelpSquad offers a unique perspective on outsourcing support by owning the subsidiary LiveHelpNow. They are based in the USA, South Africa, El Salvador, and Kosovo, allowing the company to provide comprehensive support to a wealth of languages and cultures.

Services offered

  • BPO services
  • Live chat outsourcing
  • Virtual assistants and receptionists
  • Knowledge base management


  • Great customer interaction and communication channels
  • Syncs well with modern CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho
  • Excellent vetting process for agents
  • Works well in finance, e-commerce, legal, and higher education sectors


  • Does have a limited global reach for clients outside North America
  • Not much of a vertical integration if you need quick scalability


Everything is based on chat volume for this company. You can select the Jump Start plan for 50 chats and 25 FAQs at $185 per month. There is a free trial available as well to see if they are a good fit.

Notable Clients

  • Kofile
  • PresentationMedia
  • NWC Thrive
  • Sure2Sleep
  • Mason Bottle

User Reviews

HelpSquad enjoys a 5 out of 5 user review rating on G2, but there are only four to five reviews so far. Most users report a comprehensive solution to outsourcing customer support with speedy responses and professional interactions. However, there are some reports of ticket follow-up being slow.

3. WOW 24

WOW 24-7  is best for companies needing a log of language support. They handle customer inquiries and deal with concerns through a simplified system. The goal is to create relationships to better understand how customers respond and anticipate their needs through service-based technologies and sales support. They can also handle back-office support to automate many of your tasks.

Services Offered

  • Technical support outsourcing
  • Contact center outsourcing
  • Call center outsourcing
  • Back-office outsourcing
  • Frontline support
  • Virtual assistants
  • Business processes outsourcing


  • Exceptional multi-language support perfect for global-facing businesses
  • Skilled assistants that handle admin tasks well
  • Sales support by addressing the unique needs of customers for higher conversion
  • Comprehensive services from pre-sales to back-office needs


  • Small market presence in high-growth areas like Asia and Africa
  • Some staff members do not receive as much training as may be needed, resulting in higher employee turnover


You can choose shared bundles or dedicated bundles. The shared chats start at 300 interactions per month, and the dedicated bundles provide a single agent for 40 hours per week. All pricing is based on request, so you’ll need to submit a message for a quote.

Notable Clients

  • The App Solutions
  • StudentShare
  • Gita Jewelry

User Reviews

WOW 24-7 has a 5-star review on G2, with most customers highlighting the 10+ languages for support for European and North American companies. The main complaint was the speed of onboarding. Many clients were not prepared adequately for the integration with this outsourced customer support company.

4. InfluX

With InfluX, you get a much more affordable solution to support outsourcing. You will sacrifice a little quality, but if you’re a smaller operation trying to onboard some solutions for your customers without having to be at the helm around the clock, this is a solid option. They primarily handle SaaS and sales-related solutions.

Services Offered

  • SaaS support
  • Dedicated support teams
  • Enterprise support teams
  • Call centers
  • Sales teams
  • Custom CX


  • Easy to integrate
  • Cost-effective
  • Good tracking for live, dead, and passive leads or tickets
  • Customization options based on your unique niche and target audience


  • Could offer more services for a one-stop shop
  • Some customers prefer a flat fee


Everything with this outsourcing support option is based on quotes. You pay as you go, according to the size of your business and the volume of customer requests. That can be beneficial for smaller companies but does make planning hard if you scale.

Notable Clients

  • Adobe
  • Linktree
  • Vista
  • Klarna

User Reviews

Unfortunately, InfluX scored a 3.5 out of 5 stars on G2. While most clients agree they have robust customer support and an easy-to-use platform, the lack of flat fees and hiccups with tracking leads were brought up as negatives.

5. UpWork

UpWork is probably the most well-known for name recognition. That is because there is a lot of buzz around hiring freelancers instead of working with a full-blown outsourcing support agency. The way UpWork “works” is by connecting you with individual support staff based on their profiles. You get way more customization over who runs your customer service, but it can be hard to scale quickly due to the need to hire multiple providers.

Services offered

Pretty much anything. You pay for the freelancer; they provide the service. Everything from virtual assistants to legal teams.


  • Exceptionally fast onboarding
  • Select any language provider you want
  • Get localized or culturally relevant providers
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Ability to hire teams remotely across all time zones


  • No centralized management unless you find an agency on UpWork
  • It can be costly to hire multiple individuals


The platform has Free, Pay As You Go, and Enterprise Suite pricing levels, but this is access, not actually what you pay for the service. The individuals in the marketplace set their own prices.

Notable Clients

  • Microsoft
  • Airbnb
  • Bissell

User reviews

UpWork has the most reviews out of the other outsourcing and customer service providers on our list. It has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on G2. Everyone loves the talent acquisition because you have such a broad marketplace of providers to choose from. The biggest complaint is that you have to teach those users about your company, and you will occasionally run into someone not up to the task.

Fullview - Best Customer Service and Support Solution

Fullview Cobrowsing is  recognized as one of the best customer service and support solutions available. It's a technology that allows customer service representatives to see and interact with the customer's web browser in real-time. Here's why it's considered a top solution:

  1. Enhanced Support Experience: Fullview Cobrowsing enables support agents to visually guide customers through complex processes, troubleshoot issues effectively, and provide personalized assistance. This hands-on approach often leads to quicker issue resolution and higher customer satisfaction.
  2. Real-Time Collaboration: With Fullview Cobrowsing, both the customer and the support agent can interact with the web page simultaneously. This real-time collaboration fosters clearer communication and a more efficient resolution of customer inquiries.
  3. Security and Privacy: Leading Fullview Cobrowsing solutions prioritize security and privacy, ensuring that sensitive customer data remains protected during support sessions. They often incorporate advanced encryption protocols and compliance with industry regulations to safeguard customer information.
  4. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Fullview Cobrowsing solutions are typically designed to work seamlessly across different devices and web browsers. This ensures a consistent support experience regardless of the customer's device or operating system.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Many Fullview Cobrowsing solutions offer integrations with popular customer service platforms, CRM systems, and helpdesk software. This enables businesses to incorporate cobrowsing functionality into their existing workflows and enhance their overall customer support operations.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: Fullview Cobrowsing solutions often provide analytics and reporting tools that allow businesses to track usage metrics, monitor session performance, and gain insights into customer behavior. This data can inform strategic decision-making and help optimize support processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do US companies outsource customer service?

Outsourcing customer service can provide US companies with cost savings, scalability, access to specialized skills, and other strategic advantages, enabling them to deliver high-quality support while focusing on core business objectives.

What is the best example of outsourcing customer support?

One of the most prominent examples of outsourcing customer support is the partnership between many US-based companies and call centers located in countries such as India, the Philippines, or Costa Rica. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Dell have outsourced significant portions of their customer support operations to call centers in these countries.

For instance, Amazon's customer service is known for its efficiency and responsiveness, largely due to its outsourcing strategy. Amazon has partnered with call centers in various countries to handle customer inquiries, order assistance, and technical support.

Wrapping things up

Working with customer support outsourcing companies is a fantastic way to improve your daily operations. It broadens your capabilities to focus on critical business needs while your customers experience an easy-to-use support system that manages all their questions, needs, and desires so you get more conversions.

Guide customers to faster resolutions
Cobrowse with screen control
Highlight on screen
Integrate with Zendesk and more
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