Why Customer Support Is An Untapped Growth Engine

Why customer support is an untapped growth engine.
Published on: Nov 08, 2021
Last updated: Feb 26, 2024

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If you're a growing SaaS company, chances are you're not empowering your customer support team to optimize for growth.

Luckily, 2021 has been the year for customer support, and more companies are starting to understand the value that a good support team can bring.

93% of CS teams in 2021 reported that customers have higher expectations than ever, and slow or impersonal customer service is directly correlated to higher churn.

As customers are becoming more informed and have increasingly high expectations of their SaaS vendors, it's in every company's best interest to take a customer-centric approach.

However, customer service still faces a lot of challenges. Many still see it as a cost center, rather than the engine for growth that it actually is.

The data is clear - high growth companies listen to their customers, and it is important for companies to view CS as a direct function of growth, just like they would sales or marketing.

The best customer service starts with an empowered CS team. Rather than continuously investing in more tools for automation, which tends to lead to longer support times and dissatisfied customers, take a step back and look at the different aspects of your customer service team, the tools they use, and how they can deliver better customer experience with less friction.

Customer centricity is everything when scaling SaaS companies. And a fast, personal, and scalable customer support function is absolutely essential in delivering great customer experiences

Jeppe Rindom

CEO / Founder of Pleo & Investor in Fullview

If your team is using a patchwork of tools to get the job done, they're most likely wasting time that could be spent on delivering more efficient support to your customers.

CS teams tend to use a combination of tools like Zendesk, Dixa, Intercom, TeamViewer, and Zoom to address their customers' needs. The strongest SaaS companies believe in empowering CS teams to deliver the best support with dedicated, connected and synchronous tools.

Happy customers = lower churn and higher LTV.

Which is why the goal in CS should be to eliminate friction from the overall customer experience by simplifying the support workflow into a streamlined process.

For example, tools like Zendesk and Intercom are used to run support chats and manage tickets, and they are absolutely essential to the workflows of support agents, however lack the ability to deliver instant context to a customer issue.

These tools are fundamentally built for Level 1 (non-technical) support and start to fall short when support tickets are escalated to Level 2 and 3 (technical support).

What happens in most cases is a ping pong of manual screenshots over the chat, long paragraphs of text, and hastily scheduling Zoom calls to speak to users directly.

Clearly, this creates major interruptions and bottlenecks in the customer support agent's workflow, as well as frustrating the customer.

As a result, adoption of more dedicated and even verticalized CS tools is steadily increasing, and higher growth companies are reported to be more likely to use new support software.

The teams that do use said tools, consistently report that it helps them cut down on time spent with each customer, and that their customers report being more satisfied.

Customer support teams are still an untapped goldmine of product and customer knowledge, and if executed correctly, can be a powerful engine for growth.

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