The Best Session Replay Software: Free and Paid Options

The Best Session Replay Software: Free and Paid Options

Using session replay tools can massively help companies to improve user experience on both their website and their apps. Doing your best to ensure that your platform is appealing to customers is essential to increasing revenue and reducing customer churn. By having a good experience on your website and/or web app, users will feel inclined to follow along with what you've got to offer.

The only hitch is that it's impossible to read the minds of your users. This is why it's essential to have a way to learn about their experiences. By bringing session replay tools into the mix, you'll be able to do just that. 

What are session replays?

Session replay is a technology that creates anonymized videos of users while they are in your product and records their interactions within it. 

Though the mechanism isn’t quite so simple, you can think of a session replay as watching a screen recording from your user while they are interacting with your product.

This screen recording will show you: 

  • The pages a user visited on your website or app 
  • How far they scrolled down a particular page 
  • How quickly they scrolled
  • How they interacted with elements on a page 
  • Where they clicked on a page 
  • How fast they clicked off your app or webpage 
  • If they showed signs of frustration, by rage clicking, for example. 

All of these individual interactions can add up to a larger picture about exactly how your users behave while in your product and ways you can improve it. 

Finding the best session replay tools

If you're new to the session replay concept, we've created this introductory list detailing the best session replay vendors for different industries or use cases.

From our list, you'll get a quick rundown of different session replay software, learn how to use each one effectively, and convert your new knowledge into better results.

As a company, having the help of session replay apps is highly valuable because your teams across the board will benefit. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Your product team can learn what pain points exist with users in their interactions with the current version of your web app. They can use this knowledge to see bugs in context, identify problem areas and proactively deploy targeted fixes.
  • Your marketing team can learn exactly how users navigate your website and how effective your landing pages are at converting them. They can use this information to increase conversion rates
  • Your support teams will gain a contextual understanding of support tickets, which will aid them in helping users without the need for long back-and-forth conversations or asking users to do the heavy lifting of inspecting elements and describing bugs. This can be used to improve CSAT scores and other metrics like time-to-resolution. 

Fullview - the best session replays for customer support and product teams

Fullview's homepage
Fullview’s end-to-end technical support platform was designed specifically to break down silos between customer support and product teams. With features like cobrowsing, session replays and console information, Fullview makes it easy to turn customer feedback and user experience data into actionable insights that customer support agents can use to provide better support and product teams can use to deploy proactive and targeted improvements to your product. 

Fullview is also the only session replay vendor on this list that is based in Europe, which means that it is fully GDPR compliant and all user data is stored within the EU. 

It seamlessly integrates with your existing support or tech stack for when you need to escalate level one support tickets into levels two and three.


Fullview Replays Free

The free plan from Fullview gives your organization access to 1000 recorded session replays per month, with a 7 day detention and 1 integration.

Fullview Replays Pro | €59/month

The pro version starts at 5000 session replays per month with a 30-day retention period and unlimited integrations. You can purchase more session replays as an add-on in-app. We also offer a 14-day free trial.

Fullview Replays Enterprise | Custom Pricing

We offer bespoke plans for enterprise clients tailored specifically to their needs, so get in touch.

Replay user sessions in Fullview

How session replay works with Fullview Replays

As one of the best session replay tools today, Fullview is a reliable way to get into the minds of your users and learn the most effective ways to offer support. It is also one of the only session replay tools that is specifically designed for technical customer support and product teams, with the goal of breaking down silos and allowing you to transform your customer support operation from a cost center into an engine for growth. It can be integrated with your existing customer support and technical stack to serve as a bridge between the two. 

With an intuitively designed tool, your team will quickly catch on to the Fullview interface and capture the context behind user issues before engaging in a call or customer support session. With our API integration, your users will automatically be pulled into your Fullview dashboard (the same way they are in Intercom, for example) and you can directly engage with them there. You can look up a user to call them directly and start a cobrowsing session within your app. You can also see a log of all the previous calls a user has had with support agents, as well as see a list of session replays that are associated with each user from their individual customer page.  

You’ll no longer have to engage in long back-and-forth conversations with a user to understand their problems. With Fullview’s Replay feature, you can watch session recordings to understand how your users are interacting with your product and where pain points lie. You can also see bugs in context with our Fullview Console feature, which is a side panel available both on calls and during session replays that displays user journey, network and system information. You can filter this information by warnings, errors and logs so you have a complete overview of any technical glitches your users encounter. You’ll never again have to ask them to do the heavy lifting of inspecting elements or describing bugs to you ever again. 

This ability to learn the underlying issues behind certain situations will serve you exceptionally well when offering customer support. It can help improve metrics like CSAT and time to resolution.

Fullview helps you stay one step ahead of your competition because our live and async support features give you a complete overview during support interactions. 


Fullview doesn’t require any downloads. All you have to do is sign up for an account and install two lines of code to get started. 

GDPR compliance and data privacy

As the only solution based in Europe, Fullview takes GDPR very seriously and is fully GDPR compliant to protect user privacy. All data is stored within the EU. Users have the ability to control what data they wish to share with you, and this information can be further customized and blurred out during cobrowsing ands session replays.

The best DXI platform for e-commerce and retail: FullStory

Fullstory e-commerce and retail webpage

FullStory is a fully knitted-out session replay solution that works best for larger companies in the e-commerce and retail industries. 


Enterprise | Contact FullStory

This plan is designed for use by multiple departments within an organization, providing total clarity on its digital portfolio and customer behavior. This plan has a demo available, and the actual price varies, with most users reportedly paying around $800 per month. 

Business | Contact FullStory

This is a plan for teams looking for actionable data to learn about new trends, create customer journeys and provide a perfect user experience. There is a demo that can be used upon contact with FullStory. Alternatively, there's also a 14-day free trial available. 

How session replay works with FullStory

As a DXI (Digital Experience Intelligence) platform, FullStory is a complete package worth using if you're looking to transform how your e-commerce and retail business treats customers. With FullStory, you're getting an integrated package that you can use to ensure that members of various departments in your organization are provided with valuable insights about how to increase retail conversion rates.

Data collection with FullStory is pretty impressive as the app has the ability to auto-capture interactions retroactively, giving you a backdrop that shows why certain things tend to be the trend with users.

All events with FullStory are captured and indexed in a tag-free format. Within the snippet of code, your teams can quickly breeze through the information for the most minute details, including mouse movements, clicks, dynamic state changes, and more.

The recording playback tools with FullStory are also worth checking out as you can quickly skip through periods of inactivity from users, checking out their peak moments in their recorded timeline.

GDPR compliance and data privacy

FullStory is a good option in terms of safety and data privacy. Check out FullStory’s documentation to ensure that you're not breaking any rules under GDPR while using it. You will need to manually ensure that all the data you are processing follows these rules.

The best heatmap software for marketing teams: Hotjar

hotjar homepage

Hotjar’s focus on website experience and simple features make it ideal for marketing teams looking to improve landing pages and conversion rates. 


Hotjar is a Session Replay app with eight different pricing plans separated into two different categories. Ask and Observe. 

Observe Basic | Free | 35 daily sessions

35 daily sessions with the ability to visualize user behavior through Heatmaps and recordings. You'll get access to 1,050 sessions monthly with unlimited heatmaps and automatic data capture.

Observe Plus | €31 | 100 daily sessions

Everything included in Observe Basic with the addition of events API to track custom actions from users, filtering and segmentation of data, and up to 3,000 sessions monthly.

Observe Business | €79 | 500 daily sessions

Everything in the Observe Plus package, along with some custom-built integrations, frustration and confusion signals from users, and an Identify API to track custom user attributes.

Observe Scale | Contact Hotjar

This plan includes unlimited daily sessions along with the presence of a dedicated customer success manager. 

Ask Basic | Free | 20 monthly responses

This plan helps with learning how users feel about your services through feedback from surveys. You can also create and store 3 surveys and feedback widgets.

Ask Plus | €47 | 250 monthly responses

All the elements from Ask Basic, with the inclusion of unlimited surveys and feedback widgets, feedback is available in 40+ languages.

Ask Business | €63 | 500 monthly responses

Everything in Ask Plus and the ability to analyze survey performance, remove Hotjar branding, and more.

Ask Scale | Contact Hotjar

This is a more customized version of the Hotjar session replay service, so you'll gain access to a dedicated success manager, full access to every feature, and a few other perks.

How session replay works with Hotjar

Session replays, or "recordings" as Hotjar prefers to call them, allow you to view user activity on your website. One of the most valuable of these tools is the heatmap feature which visualizes user behavior in a visual way that is pretty similar to thermal imagery. By showcasing user activity through the heatmap feature, Hotjar has become very useful for UX designers who wish to prioritize areas of interest. By seeing what works in attracting users, Hotjar will ensure that your teams can do a fantastic job at improving landing pages on your website.

The recordings feature can be used to give you a complete picture of user activity and the ability to experience your website through the eyes (or mouse clicks) of your users

GDPR compliance and data privacy

Hotjar is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules. This will ensure that users are not unknowingly giving out information to your organization.

The best funnel analysis software for digital marketers: SmartLook

Smartlook funnel analysis feature webpage

Smartlook’s nifty funnel analysis feature gives digital marketers a way to see exactly where prospects and users stop following the path set out for them or drop off entirely. This allows companies to continually optimize sales and marketing funnels. 



The free plan for Smartlook provides users with 1,500 sessions monthly, allowing them to view 3 heatmaps, 2 events, and 1 funnel. 

Startup | $39/month

This plan includes 5,000 monthly sessions and the ability to view 10 heatmaps, 4 events, and 1 funnel.

Business | $111/month

With the business plan, things are a bit more exciting thanks to the 15,000 monthly sessions available to users, along with 30 heatmaps, 12 events, and 4 funnels. It can be further upgraded upon contact with the Smartlook team.

Ultimate | Contact Smartlook

The Ultimate plan offers custom features for organizations according to their needs. The pricing model will be determined according to the unique needs of these customers.

How session replay works with Smartlook

Smartlook is one of the only session replay apps out there that includes a funnel analysis feature. It is also a pretty straightforward and relatively easy app to implement and use. 

Session recordings are presented in a simple interface that allows you to filter various components, including location, events, OS, and other things. Providing these filters makes it easier to streamline points of concern or priority while trying to improve the quality of your service.

GDPR compliance and data privacy

Smartlook addresses the need for data privacy through the guidance of CCPA regulations, which are similar to the GDPR but primarily enforced in the state of California.

How Fullview Replays help you improve customer support and product development

Fullview's session replay UI

Understanding how users interact with your web app is critical to providing excellent user experiences and superior customer support interactions, but it can be challenging to see what's happening within your product without a session replay tool. And without those, you can’t understand how users interact with your product, which means you're flying blind and are likely making decisions that could harm your business.

Fullview is the solution you've been looking for. Our intuitively designed tool pulls all your user data into one place, so all your technical customer support interactions have a home and can easily be reviewed by support agents, product managers and developers. 

For support agents and managers

  • Fullview Live (our cobrowsing feature) can be used to instantly hop on a call with a user and offer support in a real-time, collaborative way. 
  • Fullview Console (our console logs feature) can be used to identify technical errors and warnings, so they never have to ask a user to inspect anything or describe a bug ever again. 
  • Fullview Replays (our session replays feature) gives them the ability to understand issues even before jumping on a call with users, since Fullview replays are not anonymized and are tied to individual users, all accessible from a user’s customer page in Fullview. 
  • Fullview can help support agents and managers improve key support metrics like CSAT and time to resolution. 

For product managers

  • Fullview Live (our cobrowsing feature) can be used to improve onboarding experiences. 
  • Fullview Replays (our session replays feature) can be used to study the user journey and identify pain points to improve UI and UX within your web app. 
  • Fullview can help product managers improve metrics like conversion rates, user adoption, user retention and revenue growth. 

For developers

  • Fullview Console (our console logs feature) can be used to identify technical errors and warnings, so they never have to ask a support agent to describe what a user is experiencing. They can also use it to send automated bug reports to other applications in their technical stack, so manual bug reporting can be minimized or abandoned altogether. 
  • Fullview Replays (our session replays feature) gives them the ability to see bugs in context, which makes it easier to understand what is happening, replicate it, and deploy proactive, targeted fixes before small issues turn into major problems. 
  • Fullview’s console features and automated bug reporting can help developers improve metrics such as deployment frequency, lead time and time to restore service. 
Interested in trying Fullview? Sign up today to try it yourself or book a demo if you’d like us to show you around. 


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