Video: the missing link between customer support and product

Video: the missing link between customer support and product

One of the major issues in customer support, is the gap between product teams and support teams.

In a typical support case, there will be a lot of ping-pong discussions between users, support agents, and product teams. This creates a lot of friction, and often leads to lengthy support tickets, and neglected users.

A typical level 3 support scenario like this:

First, an end user identifies a bug in the system, and communicates this via the support chat.

Then, the customer support agent will create a ticket in a project management tool, for the developer.

Once the ticket lands on the developers table, he needs to replicate the bug in order to identify the issue.

During this whole process, there is a lot of back and forth discussions between developer, support agent, and end user.

The developer will typically ask questions like; what is the browser of the end user? what is the operating system? Have you looked into the console and the network? 

Not only is this process incredibly time consuming, but also frustrating for the end user.

Since most users don't tend to be technical people, they need to be walked through this process step by step.

With Fullview, we not only aim to streamline this process and eliminate the friction, we also want to drastically cut down time spent on tickets, and ultimately close the circle and make sure end users are notified when the problem has been fixed.

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Dorin Tarau

Co-Founder / CPO