Logrocket vs Hotjar: Which Is The Better Web Analytics Tool?

LogRocket and Hotjar are two popular digital analytics software applications for businesses. But which is better? We break things down.
Published on: Nov 28, 2023
Last updated: Jan 25, 2024

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Web analytics play a huge role in understanding and improving the performance of websites and web apps. By tracking traffic, visits to different pages, and user behavior, web analytics tools help businesses make data-driven decisions. These tools provide valuable insights into how users interact with a website or web app, what features are most popular, and where improvements can be made.****

Both Hotjar and Logrocket are well-known web analytics tools that provide similar features. However, there are some key differences between the two which may make one better suited for a particular business or website. In this article, we will compare Logrocket and Hotjar to help you decide which tool is best for your needs.

What Is Logrocket?


LogRocket is a powerful tool used by engineers, marketers, and designers to enhance web and mobile experiences. It combines session replay, product analytics, and error tracking to help software teams create the ideal product experience. With LogRocket, developers can capture granular experience data for troubleshooting and improving their applications.

What Is Hotjar?


Hotjar is a popular website heatmap and behavior analytics tool that helps organizations gain insights into how users interact with their sites. It provides features like session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and feedback tools to understand user behavior and improve the overall user experience.

Logrocket vs. Hotjar: features comparison

In the following section, we'll compare the features offered by Logrocket and Hotjar. While both offer similar functionalities, there are certain key differences that set them apart.


  • Session Replay for Developers: Allows developers to replay user sessions and view DOM playback, console and network logs, errors, and performance data.
  • Error Tracking: Tracks JavaScript errors, network errors, and provides stack traces.
  • Frontend Performance Monitoring: Monitors web vitals, CPU and memory usage, network speed, and crashes.
  • Product Analytics: Offers conversion funnels, path analysis, retention drivers, and user behavior trends.
  • UX Analytics: Includes heatmaps, clickmaps, and scrollmaps to analyze user behavior.
  • Usability Issues: Identifies rage clicks and dead clicks, most impactful errors, and frustrating performance issues.


  • Feedback: Hotjar allows you to collect feedback from your users, giving you insights into how they feel about your website or product.
  • Surveys: Hotjar enables you to create and distribute surveys to gather direct feedback from your users.
  • Integrations: Hotjar seamlessly integrates with other tools and platforms to enhance your data analysis and user research capabilities.
  • Funnels: Hotjar offers funnel analysis, helping you understand user journeys and identify areas for improvement in your conversion process.
  • AI for Surveys: Hotjar's AI-powered feature provides smart recommendations for survey questions based on user behavior, saving you time and effort.
  • Trends: Hotjar enables you to track trends over time, allowing you to identify patterns and make data-driven decisions.

Logrocket vs. Hotjar: use case comparison

In this section, we'll cover what types of businesses should use Hotjar and Logrocket.  LogRocket and Hotjar are both valuable tools with different use cases. LogRocket benefits developers, product managers, marketers, support agents, and designers within a software development team. Hotjar is beneficial for marketing teams, product teams, growing companies, product managers, UX designers, and researchers.


LogRocket is a versatile tool that benefits developers, product managers, and support agents, within a software development team. It provides engineers with visibility into user interactions, helping them identify and fix issues efficiently. Product managers can make data-driven decisions based on user behavior and feedback. Support agents troubleshoot problems effectively with session replays and error tracking.


Hotjar is a powerful tool that is beneficial for marketing teams, product teams, growing companies with 100+ employees, product managers, UX designers, and researchers. Marketing teams can leverage Hotjar's features to gain valuable insights into user behavior and optimize their conversion strategies. Product teams can build a customer-centric culture by utilizing Hotjar's tools for user feedback and behavior analysis. Growing companies can benefit from Hotjar's scalability and advanced analytics capabilities. Product managers can use Hotjar to gather feedback and make data-driven decisions for building products that users love. UX designers can create designs that resonate with users by understanding their needs through Hotjar's user experience testing.

Logrocket vs. Hotjar: user reviews comparison

In this section, we'll cover user reviews for both Logrocket and Hotjar. Both tools have a solid rating, with Logrocket scoring 4.6/5, and Hotjar scoring 4.3/5 on G2 Crowd.


Logrocket has a 4.6 rating out of 5-star rating based on 1,185 independent reviews.

Users talk about how they enjoy the number of sessions available and how clear it is when a user experiences an error in the app. Additionally, customers love how integrations with Zapier make investigating a support ticket easy. Negative reviews mention how hard it is to find specific portions of a user's session replay, how the learning curve is a bit steep, and that the AI feature needs some additional tweaking.


Hotjar has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating based on 298 independent reviews.

Users talk about how you can monitor your client's every action for your product and how it is a user-friendly tool for website optimization and user behavior analysis. The reviews confirm that there's a versatile suite of tools included. Negative reviews mention that Hotjar's integration options with other marketing and analytics tools are limited and how difficult it is to learn.

Logrocket vs. Hotjar: pricing comparison

In this section, we'll compare the pricing plans offered by Logrocket and Hotjar.


Logrocket offers a forever free plan that includes 1,000 Sessions / Month and one month of data retention. Paid packages start at $69 per month.


Hotjar also offers a free package that includes Unlimited heatmaps, recordings of user sessions on your site, and the ability to create and store three surveys and three feedback widgets with unlimited questions. Paid packages start at $32 per month.

Alternative to Logrocket and Hotjar: Fullview

As you can see, both Hotjar and LogRocket are more geared towards high-level product analytics rather than catering specifically to customer support or CX scenarios. If that's what you’re after, Fullview is the superior choice for customer support and issue resolution.

Fullview boasts features such as session replays, co-browsing, and console logs, enhancing your capacity to offer optimal support to your customers. Built around customer identity, all user data seamlessly integrates into your Fullview dashboard upon app installation.

This dashboard empowers you to track active users, review session recordings, identify issues through real-time console logs, and initiate cobrowsing sessions with screen control —all within your dashboard, eliminating the need to switch to applications like Zoom.

Fullview offers a forever free plan with 1000 sessions a month and four cobrowsing calls per agent, and paid plans start at $49 for unlimited cobrowsing and $79 for 10,000 session replays a month.

Fullview is fully GDPR compliant, easy to install and requires no downloads. It integrates with support software like Zendesk, Intercom and Salesforce Service Cloud so you can initiate cobrowsing calls and watch session replays straight from the software you already use for support.

Wrapping things up

In the Logrocket vs. Hotjar comparison, both tools offer similar features with nuanced differences. Logrocket caters to developers and software teams with robust session replay, error tracking, and product analytics. Hotjar, a versatile tool for marketing, product, and UX teams, excels in user feedback, surveys, and trend analysis.

For those prioritizing customer support, Fullview emerges as a superior alternative, seamlessly integrating session replays, cobrowsing, and console logs. Its GDPR compliance, user-centric approach, and cost-effective plans, starting at $49/month, position it as an excellent choice for comprehensive customer support solutions.

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Sources last checked on: November 21st, 2023

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