Glance Cobrowsing: Product Overview & Alternatives in 2024

Glance is a popular cobrowsing solution for sales and customer support teams. Here’s a comprehensive overview and the best alternatives.
Published on: Jan 10, 2024
Last updated: Mar 12, 2024

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Cobrowsing is a current buzzword in the customer experience world. It gives agents a way to initiate screen control calls with users and guide them on screen to provide real-time solutions to their issues while creating a more efficient and personalized experience. Think video or phone support, but far superior.

Companies using cobrowsing see a 10% greater agent utilization rate. If you’ve looked into adding cobrowsing into your support arsenal, you’ve surely seen how many options there are.

One such option is Glance, which prides itself on a collaborative experience for teams and customers. In this post, we’ll give you an overview of Glance and also some leading alternatives on the market.

While we’re going to touch on what cobrowsing is, we won’t be going into detail about it in this article, so check out our cobrowsing page here for more information on that.

What is Glance?


To start, we need to understand what Glance is. Glance is a software that offers a range of functionalities including cobrowsing, screen sharing, and video solutions. Its goal is to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure brand loyalty, thus increasing revenue.

It’s known for being easy to use, providing good value for the cost, and having good customer support. Glance is also designed to make customer interactions less taxing and more personalized.

Glance features

Here are some of the key features of Glance.

  • Real-time viewing: Agents can see what their customers are seeing in real-time. This allows them to answer questions and guide customers through the app right then and there.
  • Cobrowsing: Agents can follow along with customers on their screen from page to page without the need to download anything. They can interact with a user’s screen with an independent mouse cursor to click, navigate, highlight, and solve problems collaboratively. This provides a seamless shared browsing experience.
  • Security and compliance: One of the key features people love about Glance is the security it offers. Glance is designed to meet security and privacy requirements that fit your needs. This is especially important during cobrowsing sessions that could potentially show sensitive data.
  • Integration and deployment: Prebuilt integrations and open APIs enable Glance to launch with just one click from any CRM, desktop, or contact center. It’s easy to join cobrowsing sessions and it saves everyone time.
  • Effortless engagement: Customers can connect without the need for downloads, passwords, or an external app. Anyone can connect from Mac, Windows, or any browser that has mobile support regardless of the device.
  • Additional features: Glance also has features such as video background effects, document sharing, remote assist, navigation assist, visitor screen share, and more.

Glance pros

  • Easy to use: Glance is easy to use as far as cobrowsing software is concerned. Users can share screens and collaborate digitally no matter what device they’re using.
  • Good customer support: Glance is known for providing excellent customer support and doing so quickly.
  • Functionality: This software offers a range of functions such as cobrowsing and screen sharing to improve the customer experience.
  • Value for the cost: Glance is considered a great value for the money. It’s affordable for startups and individuals as well as larger businesses.

Glance cons

  • Audio limitations: Glance has limitations when it comes to audio that can cause issues for users. If you need extensive audio capabilities, it may not be right for your purposes.
  • Lack of real-time window: Some users have mentioned that there’s a lack of real-time window functionality that can cause limitations.
  • Loading time: Glance can be slow to load, which can cause delays.

Glance user reviews

Glance has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on G2. Users like that Glance offers great customer support. Other reviews mention that it’s straightforward to use, and that they haven’t had any issues learning the program. However, while it’s being praised for usability, some users also mentioned that Glance can take a long time to load, which slows things down.

Glance deployment

Glance offers flexible deployment options to cater to various business requirements and security protocols. The process typically involves the following:

Cloud-Based Deployment

  • Ease of access: Utilizing Glance's cloud-based deployment offers easy accessibility for users across different locations. Users can access the cobrowsing platform through a web browser without requiring extensive setup.
  • Scalability: Cloud deployment allows for scalability, accommodating fluctuations in user numbers or business growth without the need for substantial infrastructure changes.
  • Quick implementation: The setup process is streamlined, often involving account creation, configuration, and integration with existing systems. This method reduces deployment time, enabling businesses to start using Glance swiftly.

On-premise deployment

  • Enhanced security: For organizations with stringent security policies or compliance requirements, on-premises deployment provides more control over data security and access.
  • Customization options: On-premises deployment often allows for more extensive customization to align with specific business needs, branding requirements, or integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Deployment support: Glance typically offers comprehensive deployment support, including guidance, documentation, and technical assistance, ensuring a smooth transition during on-premises installations.

Hybrid deployment

  • Balancing security and accessibility: Some businesses opt for a hybrid deployment, leveraging both cloud and on-premises solutions. This approach allows organizations to balance accessibility and security according to different operational needs.

Glance integrations

Glance offers a variety of integrations. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Microsoft: Glance seamlessly integrates with Microsoft, leveraging existing workflows to enable in-the-moment human guidance and optimize business performance.
  • Twilio: With the Twilio integration, users can establish connections quickly and easily for fast communication.
  • Genesys and ServiceNow: More integrations such as these two mean more compatibility for users.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Single sign-on allows users to set up SSO for their accounts.

Glance pricing

Glance has two pricing options. They do not offer a free trial or a free version, so users must pay to use the service.

  • Lite version: $19/month
  • Pro version: $35/month

There isn’t any information about the plans listed on their website, you have to contact them to learn more.

Why use a Glance alternative?

While Glance has plenty of great features, there are several other cobrowsing apps to choose from. And there are plenty of reasons to choose them over Glance. One being that Glance doesn’t offer a free plan or even a free trial. You’ll have to pay to use the product no matter what. There are reviews that say it’s worth the money, but it may not be possible for some businesses to afford it. So, if you’re looking for a free option you may want to look at something else.

Another reason to choose an alternative to Glance is that it can have load time issues and may not fit your specific needs. Let’s look at some alternatives to Glance that can be used such as Fullview.

You may also want to check out our comparison of Glance vs. Teamviewer for another alternative, where we go into much more detail.

Best alternatives to Glance in 2024

We've rounded up three of the best alternatives to Glance co-browsing in 2024 and given you a thorough breakdown of features, pricing, and why you should consider that alternative over Glance for your cobrowsing needs.


One of the best alternatives to Glance is Fullview. Fullview is a software that offers features such as cobrowsing and session replays for improved customer experience. While similar to Glance, there are features that make Fullview a better alternative.

Fullview features

  • Unified dashboard for ease of use
  • Zero-download cobrowsing allows agents to take screen control of a user’s browser window and solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Annotation tools and voice/video/text chat for a comprehensive customer communication solution.
  • Session replays to record all user activity in your app to see behavior and product issues in context.
  • Console logs with technical information for effortless troubleshooting.

Fullview pros

  • No downloading or link sharing. You can do everything directly in Fullview.
  • Integrations with leading customer support software like Intercom, Salesforce and Zendesk so you can start cobrowsing calls and watch session replays from the software you already use for support.
  • Fullview is 100% GDPR compliant
  • Free trials on every plan
  • Free forever version
  • Cobrowsing and session replays for better, more efficient, and more personalized customer support.
  • Troubleshooting is made easy with console logs
  • Customizable workflows

Fullview cons

  • Fullview doesn’t support mobile devices

Fullview user reviews

Fullview boasts an impressive user satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2's user reviews page. Users overwhelmingly describe Fullview as akin to a life-enhancing cheat code, particularly in its capacity to streamline processes, notably evident in its cobrowsing and replay function.

Users appreciate how Fullview significantly saves time, enabling smoother resolution of customer issues. The platform's cobrowsing features stand out as a favorite among users, lauded for its intuitive usability.

Fullview pricing

Fullview's pricing structure offers enticing options for users at various levels, including free trials across all plans, which even includes a perpetual free tier.

  • Free Plan: Dive into basic features at absolutely no cost—forever. With the free plan, you have access to 4 cobrowsing sessions/seat/ month and 1000 session replay recordings.
  • Pro Plan: Unlock enhanced functionalities starting at $47 per seat each month. This plan comes with the advantage of unlimited calls, catering to more robust needs.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored for larger-scale operations, the Enterprise plan's pricing is available upon direct contact with Fullview. This option ensures a personalized solution tailored to specific enterprise requirements.

Fullview deployment

Fullview typically takes less than 15 minutes to install and involves a few lines of code that need to be pasted into your webapp. There is also a no-code installation with Google Tag Manager. Fullview is lightweight and doesn't affect load times on your platform.

Fullview integrations

Fullview provides a wide array of integrations tailored to complement diverse customer support software requirements. Among these integrations are renowned platforms like Zendesk, Intercom, and Salesforce Service Cloud.

These integrations enable agents to initiate cobrowsing calls and seamlessly access replays directly from the corresponding tickets created within these platforms. This streamlined process ensures a cohesive workflow, allowing agents to resolve customer support tickets much faster with all the necessary context.

Why Fullview is better than Glance

The superiority of Fullview over Glance can be attributed to several key factors:

Enhanced functionality and features

Fullview offers an expanded set of functionalities that go beyond the core cobrowsing features. It includes advanced capabilities like unlimited calls, enhanced customization options, session replays, console logs, and broader integrations, providing a more comprehensive solution for businesses.

Customization and scalability

Fullview's flexibility allows for greater customization to tailor the platform according to specific business needs. This level of adaptability, coupled with scalability, ensures a more personalized and adaptable solution that can grow alongside the business.

User experience

The user experience with Fullview is often highlighted as more intuitive and user-friendly compared to Glance. Its interface and navigation are designed to be simpler and more accessible, reducing the learning curve for users and enhancing overall usability.

Integration capabilities

Fullview's seamless integration with various CRM systems and customer support platforms, like Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud, provides a more integrated and cohesive experience for agents. This level of integration streamlines workflows and enhances productivity. With these integrations, support agents can initiate cobrowsing calls and watch session replays directly from the helpdesk and CRM software they already use to support their users.

Enhanced support and responsiveness

While both platforms provide support, Fullview often receives praise for its responsiveness and support quality. Users may find that Fullview's support team addresses issues more promptly, improving overall user satisfaction.

Pricing structure

Depending on specific business needs, Fullview's pricing structure might offer better value for money, especially with its range of plans and features. The pricing tiers and included functionalities might align better with certain businesses compared to Glance. Unlike Glance, Fullview offers a forever free plan and free trials on all paid plans.



Surfly is another option that can be used instead of Glance for cobrowsing and other capabilities.

Surfly features

  • Cobrowsing capabilities: Surfly excels in enabling simultaneous browsing experiences for enhanced collaboration.
  • Cross-device support: Its compatibility across various devices ensures a seamless user experience regardless of the platform.
  • Security and privacy measures: Surfly emphasizes robust security protocols, ensuring data privacy and protection during sessions.
  • Session handover: Facilitates smooth transitions between sessions, enhancing continuity in collaborative efforts.

Surfly pros

  • Efficient collaboration
  • Accessibility
  • Security emphasis

Surfly cons

  • Limited features
  • Integration challenges

Surfly user reviews

Surfly has an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra’s review page. Users recommend its customer support quality and acknowledge its time-saving capabilities. However, some users express challenges with the learning curve.

Surfly pricing

Surfly doesn’t list its pricing tiers publicly. They do have a free trial that you can set up, but no forever free plan.

Surfly deployment

Surfly’s deployment is pretty standard. It involves preparation to ensure your needs are met, training sessions, and optimization.

Surfly integrations

Surfly has a diverse variety of integrations that accompany its user-friendly interface.

Why Surfly is better than Glance

Surfly is considered a better alternative to Glance because of its speed and seamless integrations. It has a higher rating than Glance and has better cobrowsing features.



Upscope is another software that offers similar capabilities to Glance.

Upscope features

  • Instant screen sharing
  • One-click connection
  • Security measures
  • Annotations and pointers

Upscope pros

  • Very efficient screen-sharing
  • User-friendly interface for the non-tech-savvy person
  • Focuses on security measures

Upscope cons

  • Not as many features to choose from
  • Steep learning curve
  • No free plan

Upscope user reviews

Upscope has a 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2’s review page. Users like the user-friendly interface and having the ability to visually guide customers through annotation tools. They don’t like that it has limited mobile functions.

Upscope pricing

Upscope offers a free trial to initiate use. The pricing is structured into a monthly fee per agent for the HelloScreen plan at $36/month and a per-minute cobrowsing call plan via the Cobrowsing API at $.05/cent a minute.

Upscope deployment

Upscope’s deployment involves prior assessments to tailor features to specific needs, coupled with comprehensive training and onboarding sessions to ensure team readiness.

Upscope integrations

With a vast array of over 1,000 integrations, Upscope provides ample options to align with diverse business needs, ensuring a compatible ecosystem for seamless integration.

Why Upscope is better than Glance

Upscope is a better alternative to Glance for a few reasons. Upscope offers a free trial to try the product that users like. It also has fast loading speeds which can increase efficiency as opposed to Glance. As far as integrations, Upscope has a larger list than Glance, as well.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that every cobrowsing software is going to have pros and cons. While Glance has great features, the alternatives we talked about may be better for you in the long run. Again, it’s all about you and your business needs!


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