Are you investing enough in your customer support team?

Are you investing enough in your customer support team?

There is no sure way to guarantee immediate success when it comes to running a business. You've got to be ready to deal with tons of unexpected circumstances, and if you lack the resources to keep up, your business might sink faster than you expect.

Running a SaaS business is no easy task, and we are aware of the challenges. From managing servers to fulfilling customer demands, you might be wondering just how much you'll need to pump for advertisements before you begin to see new results.

Without a guarantee of immediate successes, it's increasingly important to work on what you can improve upon consistently.


The Golden ticket to growth – Customer Support

From a term that was once deemed to be used as a way for businesses to stall paying customers from getting what they paid for, customer support has experienced a complete 180 in the past decade.

The internet's growth has played a very decisive role in the exposure of customer support as a silencing mechanism for businesses.

With people being able to voice their frustrations through social media, review websites, and word of mouth, any business that's not maintaining a monopoly can quickly become old news once their lack of actual customer support is exposed. On the flip side, being a straight arrow when it comes to delivering a great customer experience is a road to growth that you can build on. It will also help you experience some massive gains as time passes.

 Psychology of Customer Support Interactions

In the world of SaaS, it's likely your customer support team is what will keep the lights on. You might be vaguely aware of their importance in the grand scheme of things, but a lot of good can come out of having a best-in-class customer experience.

Besides, generating a bad reputation will prove difficult to recover from and hurt your business.

If you're assured of your service quality, that's great! But there's another layer to providing a good customer experience that you might be underrating.

That layer is customer success.

When a customer interacts with your business, whether from a purchase or research, they will have either a good or bad experience.

Obviously, the target is to ensure that everyone has a good experience using your service, but that is not guaranteed.

But what can you do about the negative experiences? Provide support! One silver lining is the fact that their interaction with support ultimately determines whether or not they feel good about your business.

Brands are truly built when dealing with customer issues. That is when you customer experiences what your business is really about.

Your customers subconsciously have a need to feel like they aren't getting the short end of the stick, so providing avenues for resolution even when they are unsatisfied can prove helpful for a better customer experience.

Ultimately, the lasting impression gained by a customer is what informs them of their willingness to continue maintaining ties to your services.

For example, even though Comcast is a company with decent service and good reviews, their customer support in previous years was awful, giving them a negative reputation as a bad company. This might seem unfair, but putting yourself in the

customers' shoes will help you understand them better.

It is easier to sell a mediocre product with a great customer experience, than it is to sell a great product with an awful experience.

In the eyes of these customers, good service is only seen as a continual guarantee when the support team is also enthusiastic about keeping up the good work.

For them, there's no way to know that their next interaction with your business could go south. Mentally, they are questioning the worth of paying for something if the customer support representatives are unhelpful or rude when it comes to a query.

Therefore, with negative experiences, they will be more sympathetic when customer support representatives are able to humanize and relate to the problems presented, no matter how minuscule it seems.

Genuine human interactions should serve as the primary tenet of a good customer experience.

Customer success is not just gained by providing a good service but also being able to make a friend out of your buyers. Positive interactions are sought after by everyone, and if your business can provide a lasting impression, there's a good chance that people will internalize how your support agents made them feel.

Investments that induce growth inspired by Customer Support

Customer Support is an investment that will positively impact your business. It has been proven to make customers more satisfied and happier with their products, resulting in increased sales.

Organize your customer support team according to expertise

When your business model primarily revolves around providing a service, you should know how to invest in your agents. With agents being the only way customers will ever communicate directly with your organization, they need to be prepared to face challenging situations.

Giving your agents a learning experience allows them to grow.The best way to approach this is by employing professional senior-level help desk technicians with enthusiasm to deliver successful interactions with your customers.

The presence of these senior customer experience experts will help your entry and mid-level technicians to gain experience with guidance from individuals with excellent mentorship skills. This will help the company stay on the same page across every interaction for customer success.

The tier system is your best bet if you want a sense of coherence within the customer support team. As your entry and mid-level employees improve, thanks to the guidance, they will feel equipped to pay it forward and create a strong sense of community within your company's customer support team.

Rather than making it feel like your employees need to complete an arbitrary number of hours worked, it is better to have your agents develop traits like patience and empathy. This will translate perfectly in their customer interactions.

Prevent turnover of employees

When your company's teams don't particularly feel valued, they tend to be unmotivated to keep up with the demands of the workplace. This leads to turnover, which can be drastic for your company's customer success model.

To avoid this, you'll need to ensure a sufficient level of training is provided for employees. They also deserve avenues for a resolution when they wish to voice their concerns about how your organization is run.

A great way to avoid the chances of turnover is to streamline the hiring process to focus on employing agents that primarily exude a sense of care to everything they do. Simply defining employee success by the number of tickets resolved won't be too helpful in the long run.

The agents are your company's main point of communication, and they will be able to keep the customers happy if you provide them with the tools to do so.

Enhance the experience for your customers

When you're able to invest in employees, your ROI will grow towards a positive trajectory. Offering top-quality customer support will always be a challenge, but having the right employees will help you overcome any hurdles that may been countered.

There's a way to be above the curve within your industry and ahead of your competitors for your customer success. It would help if you did not slow down once your CSAT score is consistently positive. Instead, your customer support agents are the best people to consult on the next steps that can betaken to stay at the top.

After going through the process of hiring and training the ideal employees, their wealth of experience will provide information that would have otherwise been unknown.

This is because employees can convert the collective feedback of employees to address pain points and create actionable solutions for your organization internally.

Investing in your SaaS Customer Support Team

As a SaaS company, you know that customer support is essential to your success. But providing excellent customer support can be expensive and time-consuming.

You probably spend too much time on the phone or answering emails, and it's hard to keep up with the demand. Plus, you can't scale your customer support operation without hiring more people.

Having the right tech stack also empowers your support team to deliver the best support experience to your users, in the most efficient way.

The ROI of excellent customer service is undeniable, and the benefits go beyond just keeping customers happy. By looking at the psychology of customer support interactions and making some strategic investments, you can set your business up for growth inspired by your fantastic customer support team.


Emma Bakh

CX Manager