Understand customer issues in seconds and cut support time and costs.


With this integration agents can see your customer's screen instantly either in live cobrowsing calls or by replaying historical or ongoing user sessions. You can for instance replay the steps taken by the user before submitting a request, and see all that within a ticket in Freshdesk.

  • Replay user sessions
  • Record errors and filter them
  • Access user journey data and console errors
  • Start cobrowsing calls with your customers

Finally your agents won't have to ask customers for context, as they can see for themselves what happened.

How does it work?

If you have a Fullview account, the installation only takes one click. You will then see a Fullview widget in your dashboard, showing recent user sessions and a button to start cobrowsing calls.


  • Fullview account
  • Freshdesk account


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