Cobrowsing in Zendesk

Cobrowsing in Zendesk

Calling customers from Zendesk is alright, but wouldn't you want to go beyond that and cobrowse with them? See what they see and actually guide them... all directly from Zendesk? This is finally possible, take a look how!

How it works

With Fullview, when you open a ticket or a live chat in Zendesk, on the right-side panel you will see a cobrowse button, which allows you to instantly start a cobrowsing session with a user. From the user side, they will receive the call directly within your product, without the need to share any link or hop on a different tool. Fullview is fully invisible to the end user, which makes it an even smoother experience for them. From your side, you'll be able to seamlessly guide them and show them around your product. No more awkward calls trying to explain yourself.

How to Start a Cobrowsing Call in Zendesk

Links to the integration:

Cobrowsing with Fullview in Zendesk
What a cobrowsing session looks like after a user accepts the call

How is cobrowsing with Zendesk + Fullview different?

Aside from perfectly fitting into Zendesk, there are a few other things that make cobrowsing with Fullview a unique experience for both agents and customers.

  1. The call takes place on an open tab of your product. No extra tools and no link sharing whatsoever.
  2. Agents have access to user steps, device data, console data, including errors and warning, and more.
  3. Agents can draw on the user's screen, click on elements, or submit forms.
  4. No privacy concerns: sensitive information is automatically masked and can be further customized.
  5. GDPR compliant and all data is hosted on E.U. servers.

How can you get started?

If you already have a Fullview account, all you have to do is to go on the Zendesk marketplace and click install. The first time you see the Fullview panel on the right-side, you’ll have to press authorize and the button to cobrowse with your customers will be there.

If you don’t have a Fullview account yet, you can create one, invite your team members and perform a simple installation to get your customer base synced to Fullview. We have a free plan with a limited number of cobrowsing calls per month, and if needed you can upgrade on a user-basis.


Shifa Rahaman

Content Marketing Manager