How LicenceOne improved user engagement and onboarding with Fullview.

LicenceOne, which helps SMEs manage software subscriptions, used Fullview's cobrowsing feature to improve onboarding and adoption rates.

How LicenceOne improved user engagement and onboarding with Fullview.
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Shifa Rahaman
Shifa Rahaman
Content Marketing Manager

If there’s one thing the folks over at LicenceOne know for sure, it’s that managing an SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) is no easy task. After all, they’re one themselves. 

“It’s intense,” explains Emilien Poten, CTO and co-founder of LicenceOne.  “From perfecting marketing strategies, to refining sales funnels, to optimizing processes, it’s easy to feel like you're moments away from losing control of all the balls you have to juggle as a young company trying to find its footing. We feel it too, so we understand some of the core issues at stake here.”

LicenceOne started off as a simple question: was there a way to lessen the complexity involved in running an SME — especially when it comes to IT and software?

Ever since we started using Fullview, we mention it to every SaaS company we meet

“Everything is a subscription these days, and companies are using more and more SaaS programs in essentially every aspect of their operations. That growth has been exponential; from an average of 8 applications in 2015 to over 80 today. That’s a lot to manage. We wanted to make that process simpler and we needed to find the best way to help our customers do it, which meant a killer customer support workflow.”

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Taking back control with LicenceOne

LicenceOne helps SMEs save money on their software subscriptions by detecting zombie subscriptions, alerting users before automatic renewals and removing employees from their logins once they leave, among many other features. 

“We wanted to make software management stupidly simple for SMEs, so we started LicenceOne two years ago to do just that,” says CEO and co-founder Johnathan Bell.

Both Johnathan and Emilien have extensive experience in SaaS, having previously worked for companies such as Sellsy and Webmecanik. They both left to strike out on their own after realizing just how much time and how many resources went into managing extensive SaaS suites. 

“From our earlier experience, we identified that there was a real gap in the market in terms of an easy, straightforward and integrated way to manage company software, so we stepped in to fill it.” 

Today, LicenceOne helps hundreds of SMEs across 35 different countries manage their online software subscriptions. 

Putting users first with Fullview

Fullview's Lia Tsagkarouli and Emilien in a cobrowsing session together.

“We are very big believers in putting CX front-and-center at LicenceOne. We’re still pre-product-market-fit, so we see support as one of the best touchpoints to get user feedback and improve our product,” explains Emilien. 

“While user interviews are great for identifying problems and potential solutions, the type of feedback and understanding you get when speaking live with a user when they’re having difficulty accomplishing a task is worth its weight in gold to us. That’s why everyone on our team takes an active role in customer support. That being said, our customer support workflow has sometimes hampered those efforts, especially in the beginning.” 

When asked to explain what he means by that, Johnathan chimes in to elaborate. 

“Previously, if we wanted to help users out, we’d try to direct them with a mix of live chat and screenshots with big red arrows. If that didn’t work, we’d shoot them a Google Meet link and ask them to share their screens to guide them through the process, but this created a couple of problems in and of itself: 

“One was the fact that it created an additional point of friction, as users needed to leave our web app to join the Google Meet meeting. Two was that It created an inefficient process by forcing us to audibly describe where a user should click during this one-sided screen share process. We have clients all over the world and a lot of them don’t speak English as a first language, so describing where to click was difficult. This led to measurable roadblocks and lost revenue for us, by the way. We lost some users that were on a trial period because we sent them a calendar reservation link to get a product demonstration rather than just starting the call directly in the chat. It was too much friction."

Fullview has fixed our customer support workflow in really fundamental ways.

“Johnathan, especially, started getting really annoyed with this back-and-forth support flow and started searching Google for “in-app video calls”,” Emilien explains. “He discovered that there was a whole software category for cobrowsing software and then began looking into the various solution providers. Fullview clearly stood out.”

The Fullview Difference 

Both Johnathan and Emilien testified to the various ways in which Fullview really stood out amongst the crowd of companies that offered cobrowsing solutions: 

Fully GDPR Compliant

“Fullview was the only solution based in Europe and since screen sharing and co-browsing is highly sensitive (at least for us), we really didn’t want to go through the whole ordeal of managing standard contractual clauses with US-based companies to comply with GDPR. We’d be willing to for less sensitive apps, but not a screen share/cobrowsing app.”

Superior UI

“The application design really gave us confidence that we weren’t dealing with amateurs.”

Excellent customer support

“We’re a really big fan of products that are pre-product-market fit, as that means they are in the mindset of ‘listen to users, adapt and build product’ rather than ‘let’s scale outbound sales, convince people they need this, and change our pricing every 6 months. Fullview’s support was insanely good for our onboarding process. In fact, we had a call with the CEO three days after creating our account. Any time we encountered a problem, it was either fixed within a couple of days or we walked through it together in a couple of minutes.”

Cobrowsing (and more) for the win

“Fullview has fixed our customer support workflow in really fundamental ways, and not always in the ways we expected when we went into this,” explains Johnathan. 

“When we started, we were only looking for a better way to show users around our app and demonstrate steps without having to rely solely on verbally explaining stuff. And Fullview’s cobrowsing feature does that really well. Users have responded extremely positively. While everyone is used to live chats, getting a little popup saying “Johnathan is calling you” directly in their application interface and having instant support from a human is a new and unexpected experience for a lot of them. They’re surprised and delighted by it. 

“However — and this came as a very pleasant surprise to us — Fullview has also helped in other ways: 

  • Replicating bugs or understanding where we messed up on a user journey is a piece of cake nowadays.

  • We’re also excited about the potential implications that this can have on our sales process, where instead of asking users to organize demos via Google Meet or Zoom,  we just tell them to go to their LicenceOne account and we take off from there.

“It makes things much more streamlined, immediate, and friction-free.”

The metrics: improved user engagement and onboarding

“We used Google Meet for both product tutorials and user support. Now, we never do. It’s all been migrated to Fullview,” Emilien clarifies. “These are preliminary figures since it’s only been two months, but we have been actively measuring the difference this is making. It’s quite striking: 

“Previously, when we sent a Google Meet link to work through issues in a live chat, we’d get 1 user out of 5 that didn’t click through to chat with us. Now with Fullview, it’s more like 1 in 10 that don’t respond — that’s a 2x improvement! The ‘wow’ effect of having someone call them in-app that we suspected our users were experiencing has actually been substantiated in the numbers.”

Why Fullview comes highly recommended

According to Emilien and Johnathan, there are a few key features that Team LicenceOne particularly enjoys: 

  • The ability to call users in-app, so they never have to leave the LicenceOne app 
  • Interactive browsing where users can see Team LicenceOne’s cursor and the ability to click on buttons to guide them collaboratively
  • No extra steps or unnecessary friction 
  • LicenceOne’s response time is now measured in seconds, rather than days and minutes. This helps them one-up their competitors in terms of customer support, because they make the best impression on users.

Asked whether they would recommend Fullview to others, they have this to say:

“Yes and we already have. Ever since we started using Fullview, we mention it to every SaaS company we meet,” says Emilien.

Johnathan agrees. 

“It’s obvious to me that in the next three years, every successful SaaS is going to have some sort of co-browsing support flow. And for me, every SaaS in Europe — at the very least — is going to have Fullview.”

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