Fullstory Alternatives And Product Overview For Different Use Cases

Looking for an alternative to Fullstory? Here are the five best Fullstory alternatives for CX, product, and UX teams.
Published on: Aug 12, 2022
Last updated: Oct 30, 2023


  • FullStory is a Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform that provides actionable insights into web and mobile experiences, offering features such as complete data capture, product analytics, and session insights, including session replay and heatmaps.
  • FullStory offers two plans: Enterprise and Business.
  • The platform is primarily designed for product and engineering teams, but it can be used by organizations of all sizes.
  • FullStory's main alternatives include Fullview and Mouseflow.
  • Fullview offers similar features to FullStory, including session replays and cobrowsing, but is built specifically for customer support teams.
  • All of Fullview's features are intended to make it easier for a support agent to understand exactly what is happening on the customer's side and solve it in half the time it takes to solve issues over chat or email.
  • Fullview is also 100% GDPR compliant, which all data stored on EU servers in Germany and sensitive data automatically blurred out during session recordings and cobrowsing calls.
  • Fullview is not intended for use on websites — rather, it is installed in your app to make it easier for support agents to see the steps your customers are taking and guide them if they run into any issues.
  • Mouseflow, on the other hand, offers features such as funnels and form analysis and is great for UI/UX professionals and marketing teams to optimize websites and landing pages.

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The needs of customers continue to quickly change in the digital era. Digital firms need to upgrade their customer journeys to prioritize individualized experiences if they want to acquire a meaningful competitive edge in today's market. Obtaining this edge is where Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platforms enter the picture.

This article will provide an overview of Fullstory and some notable Fullstory alternatives.


FullStory's Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform is a popular choice for providing actionable insights into web and mobile experiences. It combines detailed product analytics with session information and collaboration tools to give actionable data in real-time.

FullStory features

FullStory prides itself on the following features:

Complete data capture

With FullStory's patented DX Data Engine, every facet of your users' interactions automatically gets logged across all visits, unlike some other systems that need you to plan out what to log in advance.

Product analytics

The platform from FullStory reveals details about your digital experience that you did not know you needed. Access automatically indexed, fully retroactive, and instrumentation-free data to gain insight into all digital interactions and inspire confident decision-making.

Sessions insight

Recreation in FullStory goes beyond session replay. You can view the "why" and "how" of your user experience, maximize conversion rates, encourage user engagement, quickly recreate and fix problems, and fine-tune what matters most as FullStory allows a detailed recreation of your website or app in use.

Moreover, FullStory offers the following capabilities:

  • Session Replay: Through the usage of Session Replay, you can view and recreate certain users' activities. With this feature, you can determine a problem's full extent and impact on the user experience, such as the number of people affected and when and where the issues are occurring.
  • Heatmaps: With simple-to-understand engagement maps, anyone — from software developers to brand marketers — can interpret user activity. You may use heatmaps to analyze the activity of any page on your website or mobile application to observe how visitors interact with and explore your content.

FullStory pricing

There are two plans companies can choose from:

  • Enterprise: for massive cross-functional teams that require complete transparency in their digital holdings.
  • Business: for teams focused on growth and requiring actionable data to identify trends, enhance user experiences, and create roadmaps.

Notably, unlike MouseFlow or Fullview, who provide transparency, there is no free plan and no way to assess costs on FullStory's website, so you'll need to get in touch with them to figure out what the charges will be.

FullStory pros

  • FullStory includes a wide range of options and filters for users
  • It is relatively straightforward to integrate FullStory into your product
  • FullStory has customizable options for what you choose to capture and what you don't

FullStory cons

  • While examining the experience of a single consumer is possible, FullStory is primarily built for aggregate product usage data, making it hard to use its session replays ability for a use case like customer support.
  • FullStory occasionally feels "laggy" or slow. There is a significant delay while going live, and it takes some time to start recording live sessions.
  • The present search feature is not always intuitive or simple to use.
  • There is no way to connect with customers in real-time via cobrowsing.

Target Market

FullStory is a tool made especially for product and engineering teams, and occasionally adopted by support teams as well, though its capabilities for this use case are rather limited. Fullstory, however, is made to be used by all sizes of enterprises, including small, medium, and large ones. The program is also available for usage by various enterprises, although their pricing might be prohibitive for smaller organizations.

FullStory alternatives

Because FullStory's DXI platform isn't suitable for all use cases, we've broken down a few alternatives by use case so you can make the choice that's best for your needs.

In the following sections, we'll cover these alternatives: 

  • Fullview: Best all-round session replays software for customer support, product teams and UI/UX 🏆
  • LogRocket: Great for error tracking ❌
  • Smartlook: Great for mobile analytics 📱
  • Heap: Great for marketers 📈
  • Mouseflow: Great for websites 🖱️

Fullview - The Best All Rounder 🏆

If you're looking for a great multi-purpose session replays product for customer support, product teams and UI/UX teams, Fullview is one of if not the best FullStory alternatives.

Thanks to session replays, cobrowsing and console logs, Fullview enables companies to create better support and product experiences. With Fullview, you can:

  • Quickly determine what your clients did before submitting a support request
  • Gain immediate context thanks to console and user path data
  • Move straight to errors or important events during a replay
  • Start an in-app cobrowsing call with users in need of assistance
  • View console logs with user steps, errors, warnings, network and device information for effortless troubleshooting

Fullview Session Replays

fullview session replays
Our intuitive session replays include the information you need to quickly understand customer and product issues.

With Fullview Session Replays, you can: 

  • Auto record user sessions and watch them back to spot bugs and see user behavior in context
  • Rapidly understand the context behind every customer support ticket that comes in by searching for and watching the relevant replay
  • Use our powerful filtering and segmentation capabilities to instantly find the session or sessions you're looking for
  • Create custom tags and dynamic views for particularly important groups of users or types of replays
  • Get alerted to sessions where users displayed signs of frustration like rage clicks or encountered errors so you know where to focus your attention
  • Reach out proactively when you notice during a replay that a particular user has faced an issue and get on a cobrowsing call with them to solve tickets in half the time
  • Integrate with the tools you already use for customer support — like Intercom, Zendesk and Salesforce — to watch session replays and start cobrowsing calls straight from there
  • Stay 100% GDPR compliant because all our data is hosted on EU servers in Germany, and we give you complete control about what the capture and what to blur out during a session replay.

Because Fullview Session Replays is built specifically to dismantle siloes between customer support and product teams, the data is not aggregated or anonymized. Rather, our API integration allows you to pull all your customer data into Fullview, from where you can watch the user sessions of individual users straight from the customer details page.

We also aggregate this data across user sessions, so you can spot big picture trends like you would with any quantitative product analytics platform.

Fullview Cobrowsing

With Fullview Cobrowsing, you can start an in-app call with your user and use multi-cursor screen control to solve problems together.

Using Fullview Cobrowsing, you can start calls with your app's users from within your app — no more sending meeting invites or Zoom links! You can easily cobrowse with your users, control their screen and solve issues collaboratively. You can highlight, navigate, fill and submit forms on behalf on your user. Fullview Cobrowsing is fully GDPR-compliant and secure because it only gives you access to screen control within your app — meaning you cannot control a user's system or other browser windows.

Fullview Console Logs

Fullview Console is a side panel available both during a cobrowsing call and during a session replay. It collects and displays console data from the end user's side, including errors, warnings and user steps. Because of this, it enables support agents and developers to immediately gain context into issues and bugs during a call or when watching a user session replay, without having to ask the user to explain an issue, inspect an element or share a screenshot of the problem. This makes troubleshooting and recreating bugs incredibly simple.

Fullview pricing

Fullview Session Replays Free

The free plan from Fullview gives your organization access to 1000 recorded session replays per month, with a 7 day detention and 1 integration.

Fullview Session Replays Pro | €89/month

The pro version starts at 10,000 session replays per month with a 30-day retention period and unlimited integrations. You can purchase more session replays as an add-on in-app. We also offer a 14-day free trial.

Fullview Session Replays Enterprise | Custom Pricing

We offer bespoke plans for enterprise clients tailored specifically to their needs, so get in touch.

Fullview Cobrowsing Free

4 cobrowsing calls per user per month and 1 integration is included in our free plan.

Fullview Cobrowsing Pro | €49/user/month

Unlimited usage and integration with existing tools and unlimited cobrowsing calls. 14 day free trial.

Fullview Cobrowsing Enterprise | Custom Pricing

We also offer bespoke plans for enterprise clients tailored specifically to their needs, so get in touch.

You can purchase Pro Fullview Session Replays and Pro Fullview Cobrowsing separately, but they work best together. Subscribing to one pro plan gives you access to the free tier of the other plan.

Fullview Pros

  • Fullview is specifically made for customer support and product teams, and offers robust features for both use cases.
  • Fullview gives customer support and product teams an end-to-end tool for support and analytics — from session replays, to cobrowsing and console logs.
  • Fullview integrates with existing support software like Intercom, Zendesk and Salesforce, meaning you can watch session replays and start a cobrowsing call directly from there.
  • Fullview is fully GDPR-compliant and all data is stored in the EU.
  • Fullview automatically blurs out sensitive information during session replays and cobrowsing calls.
  • Fullview has additional customizable options so you can decide what data you want to capture and what you want to leave out.

Fullview cons

  • Fullview does not work on websites. It's specifically for web apps.

LogRocket - Great for error tracking ❌


LogRocket assists product teams in creating more enjoyable user experiences. LogRocket exposes UX issues and identifies the source of every defect by collecting videos of user sessions combined with logs and network data.

LogRocket Pricing

LogRocket offers four price tiers as of July 2023:

  • Free Forever: Free, 1,000 sessions per month
  • Team: Starting at $69.00, 10,000 sessions per month
  • Professional: Starting at $295.00, 10,000 min. sessions per month + ML-powered issue reporting and product analytics
  • Enterprise: Customisable, get in touch with LogRocket for more information

LogRocket Pros

  • LogRocket does a great job logging network and geographic data in addition to screen activity
  • Daily review of recent sessions makes it very simple to identify problematic areas for users and concerns that may require immediate attention
  • LogRocket can look at real user sessions and identify bugs

LogRocket Cons

  • LogRocket is expensive from the Team tier onwards.
  • Insights get presented in a manual report or another format that necessitates further investigation
  • The session log's depiction of what happened during the session does not entirely correspond to what the user observed

Smartlook - Great for mobile analytics 📱


The qualitative analytics tool, Smartlook, is available on both web and mobile devices. It has assisted over 200,000 organizations, spanning a wide range of sizes and fields, in understanding the "whys" behind their customers' behaviors.

Smartlook Pricing

Smartlook offers four tiers of pricing as of July 2023.

  • Free Plan: Free, 3,000 sessions per month
  • Pro Plan: starting at $59 and 5,000 sessions per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Customisable, you must contact SmartLook


  • Smartlook is a fantastic app for conducting quantitative analytics. Better prioritization decisions get made as a result.
  • Smartlook has good segmentation capabilties, the capacity to separate recordings, and the option to share recordings.
  • Smartlook is the perfect tool for monitoring visitor activity on your website; it significantly contributes to website optimization and user-friendliness.


  • The value of Smartlook falls short of the asking price depending on the number of sessions your website or web app gets every month
  • Application filters occasionally fail to function
  • Additionally, heatmaps do not provide the percentage of clicks on the map; therefore, important analytical information gets lost.

Heap - Great for marketers 📈


Heap assists digital experience teams in swiftly surfacing blind spots where consumers get stuck or give up on multi-step digital journeys. Heap allows product and marketing teams to focus on the areas that will positively affect the website or digital product.


Heap offers four pricing tiers:

  • Free: Free, 10,000 sessions per month
  • Growth: starting at $300 per month
  • Pro: Custom pricing
  • Premier: Custom pricing
July 2023 Update: Our most recent check of Heap's pricing page found that they no longer disclose pricing information. You'll need to get in touch with them for quotes for all three paid plans.


  • Heap is simple to use and set up
  • Heap's funnel analysis feature is great to see exactly where along the conversion funnel potential customers are dropping off


  • The learning curve can be steep
  • The dashboards and reports can only have a certain number of configurations and customizations
  • Setting up events correctly may be challenging

Mouseflow - Great for websites 🖱️


Mouseflow allows you to track visitors' sessions to your website and automatically create six different types of heatmaps for all of your pages. You can set up funnels to see where and why visitors leave, use form analytics to boost lead generation, and launch feedback campaigns to get to know your visitors better.

Mouseflow pricing

Mouseflow offers 6 different plans, making it flexible and affordable.

  • Free: Free, use for free forever
  • Starter: $31 per month when paid annually (up from $24 in 2022)
  • Growth: $109 per month when paid annually (up from $79 in 2022)
  • Business: $219 per month when paid annually (up from $159 in 2022)
  • Pro: $399 per month when paid annually (up from $299 in 2022)
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Mouseflow pros

  • Unlike a lot of other solutions on this list, Mouseflow also offers tools to gather user feedback
  • Mouseflow's funnel analysis feature is great to see exactly where user's are losing interest when browsing your website
  • Mouseflow is GDPR compliant

Mouseflow cons

  • Mouseflow's pricing has increased significantly since we last checked in 2022
  • Mouseflow doesn't have very comprehensive product analytics

Wrapping things up

In the digital era, customers' needs are constantly changing, and firms need to prioritize individualized experiences to stay competitive in the market. Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platforms such as FullStory offer a range of features such as complete data capture, product analytics, and sessions insights to provide actionable steps companies can take to make their web and mobile experiences better.

FullStory is primarily built for aggregate product usage data and is used mainly by product and engineering teams. However, Fullstory has some disadvantages, including occasionally feeling "laggy" or slow'. In addition to that, it is not always intuitive. Other FullStory alternatives, such as Fullview, provide specific features such as session replays, cobrowsing, and console logs, which can help companies create better digital experiences, dismantle siloes between customer-facing and product teams, and level up their CX. Solutions like Fullview are also considerably cheaper than FullStory.


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  • Auto record user issues
  • See console log data
  • Cobrowse for live support
  • 100% GDPR compliant
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