How To Influence Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and customer retention are two of the most important factors when it comes to growing your revenue, but what influence
Published on: Dec 27, 2021
Last updated: May 15, 2023

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Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is a key metric in customer support. As indicated by the name, it directly relates to the level of satisfaction your users have with your product and services.

A high CSAT score is also a good indicator of whether your users will make repeat purchases and stick with your business. Customer satisfaction is a great indication of how people view your business as a whole.

As a growing SaaS business, you want to retain your users, as it is far more costly to acquire new users than it is to retain existing ones.

If people are satisfied with the service you provide, then they will be much more likely to do more business with you in the future.

Likewise, if they are dissatisfied with your company, then it will be very difficult to retain them as customers.

But how can you measure customer satisfaction? And more importantly, how can you improve it? This brief article will answer those questions and explain the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer retention.

How to measure customer satisfaction

The industry-standard metric for measuring customer satisfaction is the CSAT score.

CSAT scores are expressed as a percentage, with 100% being the best and 0 being the worst possible score. Your CSAT score is measured by customer feedback.

Generally, to determine your CSAT score, you will ask customers to rate the service they've received from you with a customer satisfaction survey.

A common way of doing this is by asking a question like "How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your experience today?" or some similar variation of this question.

How to improve CSAT scores

The simple answer is that if you want to improve customer satisfaction, then you need to improve the quality of the service you're providing to your customers.

There are many ways you can improve your customer service, but a few good tips are as follows:

1.      Offer the best customer support experience

2.     Minimize wait times and time spent on addressing their problems

3.     Personalize your customers experience in some way

4.     Offer great products and services with minimal friction

5.     Ask your customers if there’s anything you can do for them, feedback is key

There are many other ways to improve your CSAT scores, but ultimately it just comes down to treating your customers the way you would want to be treated.

How better support improves CSAT score and customer retention

It should go without saying that when you treat your customers well, they will be more likely to do business with you again.

Customer support plays a major role in retaining users. In a world with more options than ever, delivering the best customer experience is an important point of differentiation.

80% of customers use their support experience when deciding whether to continue doing business with a company.

A happy customer is more likely to purchase from you again.

Why customer retention is important

Customer retention is another way of saying future money.

When customers are satisfied with your business, they will be much more likely to return and spend more money with your company again.

Satisfied customers are also more likely to give you free word-of-mouth advertising by telling their family, friends, and social media followers about the great experience they had with you.

Customer satisfaction and customer retention go hand in hand. There is a direct connection between how satisfied people are with your service and how much revenue you can earn from them in the future.

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