CrazyEgg and Hotjar are two popular session replay software applications for businesses. But which is better?
Published on: Nov 29, 2023
Last updated: Jan 25, 2024

CrazyEgg vs Hotjar: Product Comparison & Best Alternatives in 2024

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When it comes to website optimization and learning about your users' behavior, CrazyEgg, and Hotjar are powerhouses that often come to mind. Both platforms offer different features, such as insightful heatmaps, click tracking, and user session recordings, making them invaluable tools for enhancing user experience and conversion rates.

But how do they stack up against each other, and are there alternatives out there that could potentially be a better fit for your specific needs? In this article, we will delve into an in-depth comparison of CrazyEgg and Hotjar, and explore the best alternatives on the market as we step into 2024.

What is CrazyEgg?


CrazyEgg is a website optimization tool that provides insights into user behavior through features like heatmaps, recordings, and surveys. It helps website owners understand what visitors are doing on their site, creating visual representations of user interactions. The tool also offers plugins for easy integration, making it a valuable resource for improving website performance and user experience.

What is Hotjar?


Hotjar is a comprehensive behavior analytics tool that offers heatmaps, user recordings, and surveys to understand website visitor behavior. This Malta-based startup provides insights and metrics into why users drop off, what they click, and their overall interaction with your site. It also facilitates user interviews, helping businesses optimize their website performance and user experience.

CrazyEgg vs. Hotjar: features comparison

In the following section, we'll compare the differences between CrazyEgg and Hotjar. Both offer a similar set of features, but there are subtle differences that could make one platform a better fit for your needs.


  • Heatmaps: CrazyEgg's heatmaps provide visual insights into where users are clicking, scrolling, and spending time on your website.
  • Recordings: This feature allows you to watch recordings of user interactions, providing a deeper understanding of their behavior and potential roadblocks they face.
  • A/B Testing: CrazyEgg enables you to compare different versions of your web pages to see which one performs better, helping you make data-driven decisions on design and content.
  • Traffic Analysis: Analyze your website traffic to understand where your visitors are coming from, which pages they visit the most, and what leads them to convert or leave.
  • Error Tracking: Track and identify any errors or glitches on your website that might be hindering user experience or causing drop-offs.


  • Heatmaps: Hotjar's heatmaps allow you to visualize user behavior on your website, showing you where users click, scroll, and spend the most time.
  • Visualize User Behaviour: Get a comprehensive view of how users interact with your site, from their clicks to their scrolling patterns.
  • Recordings: Hotjar's recordings let you see what your users see, providing an in-depth look at their navigation paths and interactions.
  • Surveys: With Hotjar's surveys, you can hear directly from your users, collecting their opinions, suggestions, and feedback.

CrazyEgg vs. Hotjar: use case comparison

In this section, we'll cover use cases for both CrazyEgg vs. Hotjar. CrazyEgg aids in optimizing campaigns and enhancing e-commerce, while Hotjar assists marketing teams in understanding user behavior and helps product teams build customer-centric products.


CrazyEgg is ideal for various sectors. Agencies can use it to optimize campaigns based on clients' user behavior. E-commerce and Shopify stores can analyze customer behaviors to improve product pages and checkout processes. Lead generation companies can identify elements driving conversions. Education institutions can enhance online learning experiences, while enterprises can make data-driven decisions to boost performance.


Hotjar is a dynamic tool for various professionals. Marketing teams can use it to understand customer behavior, aiding in effective conversions. Product teams and managers can leverage its features to build user-loved products and a customer-centric culture. It's ideal for companies with 100+ employees, allowing UX Designers to create resonating designs. Researchers can uncover unique insights with Hotjar's extensive data analysis features.

CrazyEgg vs Hotjar: user reviews comparison

In this section, we’ll cover user reviews for both CrazyEgg and Hotjar. Both tools have a high overall satisfaction rating, with CrazyEgg achieving 4.2/5, and Hotjar scoring 4.3/5 on G2 Crowd.


CrazyEgg has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on G2, with 32 reviews. Users like this about CrazyEgg:

  • "The heat maps are awesome to understand user's behavior."
  • "The analytics from a snapshot is fantastic."

However, some users have noted the following negatives:

  • "It's difficult to view pages like search results."
  • "Filters on snapshots are limited to date and device."


Hotjar has a rating of 4.3 out of 5-star rating on G2, with 298 reviews. Users like this about Hotjar:

  • "The user engagement tracking is very helpful."
  • "Easy to use A/B testing tool"

However, some users have noted the following negatives:

  • "Takes a toll on the website's performance."
  • “It was better when the session capture was manual instead of automatic and continuous because there was less data sampling."

CrazyEgg vs Hotjar: pricing comparison

In this section, we’ll cover pricing for both CrazyEgg and Hotjar. Both offer a range of pricing plans based on the features included and the number of monthly page views.


CrazyEgg offers a FREE 30-day trial, then paid plans to start after the trial ends. There is no clear indication of pricing on their website, indicating that you'd need to contact them to get a customized quote based on your needs.


Hotjar presents an always-free pricing tier that features unlimited access to heatmaps and recordings of user sessions on your website. Its premium plans, which offer more advanced features, start at a monthly cost of $32, scaling up to bespoke plans for larger enterprises.

Alternative to CrazyEgg & Hotjar: Fullview

Are you seeking a session replay solution that places a premium on security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for your technical support and product development endeavors? If so, consider exploring Fullview as a robust alternative to Hotjar and CrazyEgg. Crafted with meticulous attention to optimizing technical support processes, Fullview offers a range of features designed to enhance your team's efficiency.

  • User-Focused Session Replays: Fullview's session replays prioritize user identity, ensuring that data remains personalized and non-anonymous. This feature proves particularly advantageous for customer support and product teams addressing unique user concerns within their web app.
  • Expanded Functionality: Beyond session replays, Fullview offers additional capabilities such as cobrowsing and console logs. When handling a support ticket, access the relevant session recording, observe user screen dynamics, and engage in a cobrowsing call for issue resolution. Detailed console information, encompassing user journey, page views, frustration signals, console errors, device details, and more, facilitates efficient troubleshooting.
  • GDPR Compliance: Fullview distinguishes itself by fully adhering to GDPR regulations, ensuring the secure storage of user data on EU servers, with an optional choice for US storage. Sensitive data is automatically concealed, and customizable blurring options cater to specific censorship requirements.
  • Economical Plans: Fullview has a forever free plan, including four cobrowsing sessions per month for each agent and 1000 monthly session replay recordings, surpassing the offerings of Hotjar and CrazyEgg on their respective free plans. For advanced features, options like unlimited integrations, cobrowsing calls, and 10,000+ monthly session replays are available, starting at just $49 per seat.
  • Effortless Setup: Fullview eliminates the need for downloads and has a straightforward installation process, requiring only a few lines of code to be copied into your app, typically taking no more than 15 minutes.
  • Seamless Integration: Fullview seamlessly integrates with widely used customer support software, including Zendesk, Intercom, and Salesforce. This enables the viewing of session replays and initiation of cobrowsing calls directly from a support ticket, with relevant session replays conveniently pinned to the ticket for easy reference.

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