AweSun vs AnyDesk: Best Remote Desktop & Alternatives In 2024

AweSun and AnyDesk are two popular remote access software for businesses. We break down features, pros, cons, pricing, and alternatives.
Published on: Nov 10, 2023
Last updated: Feb 26, 2024


  • Various remote access options cater to different needs, whether for enterprise IT support, telecommuting, or technical assistance. AweSun and AnyDesk stand out as popular, fast, and reliable solutions for enhancing communication among remote workers.
  • A closer look at AweSun reveals its capabilities, including secure unattended access, customizable security settings, and easily shareable content. AnyDesk, on the other hand, offers personalized software options, session permissions profiles, and remote maintenance features.
  • User reviews highlight AweSun's 4.5-star rating on G2, commending its speed and simplicity, while AnyDesk receives a similar rating, with users praising its easy connectivity and helpful customer support.
  • Pricing and use case considerations indicate that AweSun provides free basic tools and remote work options, with advanced features available through a Pro subscription. AnyDesk's pricing starts at $10.90 monthly, catering to individual users, small teams, and larger business needs.
  • Deployment and integration comparisons show that both AweSun and AnyDesk offer easy PC downloads, with AweSun supporting cross-platform connectivity and AnyDesk being compatible with major platforms and offering third-party app integration.
  • An alternative to AweSun and AnyDesk is Fullview, offering a more collaborative and secure remote access solution, particularly suitable for remote customer support teams and call centers.
  • Fullview is a no-download, cloud-based solution with one-click cobrowsing calls, session recording, customizable privacy controls, and GDPR compliance. Pricing starts at $49 per seat, making it a cost-effective option.
  • In summary, while AweSun and AnyDesk are strong contenders for ease of installation and control, Fullview stands out for GDPR compliance, features, and cost-effectiveness, providing a no-download installation option.

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Whether it’s for enterprise-grade IT support, a productive telecommuting platform for remote workers, or a user-friendly technical assistance system for your clients – there are several top remote access options out there.

Two prime options are AweSun and AnyDesk. Both are popular, fast, and reliable remote software solutions for improving communication among remote workers. Think about your specific business needs when choosing between them.

In this piece, we’ll dive deeper into both platforms. Even better, we’ll present an alternative: Fullview, which beats them all because of its stand-out custom privacy settings, zero-download setup, and 100% GDPR-compliant offering, offering a safer and more current alternative to remote access with cobrowsing.

What is AweSun?

AweSun lets you use computers and phones from afar, helps with working from home, and lets you team up with others online.

What is AnyDesk?


AnyDesk is a versatile remote access app for computers and other devices, with easy file sharing, its own VPN, and options to tailor it to your needs.

AweSun vs AnyDesk: Features Comparison

When comparing two remote desktop programs, here are the features to consider AweSun vs Anydesk?

AweSun Features

  • Secure Unattended Access: When no one’s on the remote side, you can remotely access your work computer by turning on "Easy Access Under Bound." Plus, technicians can provide 24/7 unattended remote support, which makes remote access much more effortless. However, link the remote and local device to the same AweSun account for a seamless connection.
  • Customizable Security Settings: AweSun ensures secure connections with RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption, similar to those used in critical data transfer. Plus, its dual authentication access adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Easily Shareable Content: AweSun can generate universally applicable support, including training materials and presentation sharing. It helps present your screen and transmit data while establishing a remote connection to another person's desktop.

AnyDesk Features

  • Personalized Software Options: AnyDesk allows customization of client software, including feature selection, disabling tools like the Address Book, and branding with your colors and logo for a consistent user experience.
  • Session Permissions Profile: You can configure access to allow only screen sharing or grant full control, including mouse and keyboard. Each Session Permission Profile can have a unique Unattended Access password, so users are granted distinct sets of Permissions based on the password they enter.
  • Remote Maintenance: You can manage and maintain devices from a single, central location, which offers private and secure background access to public devices. That means remote access is much safer and more customized.

AweSun vs AnyDesk: User Reviews Comparison

Since we’re comparing AweSun vs Anydesk, let’s see what users have to say:

AweSun User Reviews and Ratings

AweSun is rated 4.5 star review on G2, praised for its speed and simplicity, with free features comparable to paid versions of other tools.

AnyDesk User Reviews and Ratings

AnyDesk is rated 4.5 star review on G2, noted for easy connectivity and helpful customer support, especially during onboarding for easier learning.

AweSun vs AnyDesk: Pricing & Use Case Comparison

Choosing between AweSun and Anydesk depends on your business size and type. Compare their pricing to determine the more cost-effective option, and also consider how they stack up against others like Teamviewer or Glance.

AweSun Pricing & Use Case

  • AweSun provides free basic remote desktop tools and remote work options. Access to advanced features like gaming and remote CMD requires a Pro subscription at $33.35/device/year or a Game version at $50/device/year.
  • AweSun lets users remotely access and control their desktops from another computer or smartphone, ideal for IT support to freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads without physical access.

AnyDesk Pricing & Use Case

  • For AnyDesk, pricing starts at $10.90 monthly for a single user, $21.90 for a small team, and an Advanced plan is available for $57.90 per month to cater to larger business needs.
  • AnyDesk may not be optimal for medium to large enterprises compared to Teamviewer, but it suits individual or small-scale commercial IT support.

AweSun vs AnyDesk: Deployment & Integration Comparison

For deployment and integration ease, both AweSun and Anydesk offer simple PC downloads from their websites, but they have different integration capabilities.

AweSun Deployment & Integration

  • Supports cross-platform connectivity, including connections across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Enables monitoring, operating, file transferring, and providing remote technical assistance for Android and iOS devices from a computer.

AnyDesk Deployment & Integration

  • Is compatible with all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Allows integration with third-party apps using REST-API and provides a Python module and sample scripts for ease of use.

Alternative to AweSun & AnyDesk: Fullview

For a more collaborative and secure remote access solution, Fullview may be the better choice — especially for remote customer support teams and call centers.

  • Fullview offers a no-download, cloud-based solution that integrates with a simple code snippet in your app, allowing one-click cobrowsing calls, session recording, and easy debugging with console log access.
  • Fullview restricts support staff to screen control only within the application it is installed in, making it a much more secure alternative to remote access which often grants control over entire systems. This means that the likelihood of remote access scams is no longer a concern.
  • Fullview additionally uses session replays, which is a technology that allows you to record user sessions in your app to see a user's mouse movements, DOM events, and other actions. You can re-watch these recordings to spot problems with customers and products.
  • When cobrowsing and session replays are used in tandem, you can fix a user’s issue and access the pertinent recording for more information. Plus, Fullview provides customizable privacy controls, letting you select what data you want to capture and what you want to leave out.
  • Fullview’s paid plans are also far less expensive. Plans start at $49 per seat, offering unlimited cobrowsing and integrations.
  • Because Fullview integrates with well-known helpdesk and CRM programs like Intercom, Zendesk and Salesforce, you can start cobrowsing calls directly from the programs you already use for customer service.
  • Fullview is 100% GDPR compliant, based in the EU, and offers customers the choice to store their data on US or EU servers, unlike other remote desktop programs.

Wrapping things up

AweSun and AnyDesk both are worthy competitors in their ease of installation and control.

But in terms of GDPR compliance and features, Fullview is miles ahead. Plus, you don’t even have to download it to install it!


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