Screenconnect vs Teamviewer: Overview and Alternatives

Screenconnect and Teamviewer are two popular remote access software for businesses. We break down features, pros, cons, and alternatives.
Published on: Nov 29, 2023
Last updated: Feb 26, 2024

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Remote work has skyrocketed in the past ten years, increasing by 91%, with 98% of workers working away from the office at least some of the time. This rapid disconnect has increased the demand for remote support solutions, including two popular platforms, ScreenConnect and TeamViewer.

But before you decide which solution to use for your business, you must review its features, use cases, pricing, and integrations. We’ll cover everything you need about ScreenConnect and Teamviewer below and even provide a viable alternative.

What is ScreenConnect?


ScreenConnect is a remote support and access software developed by ConnectWise. It empowers users to access remote devices for troubleshooting, assistance, and collaboration. This platform offers robust features, including remote control, file transfer, session recording, multi-monitor navigation, and customization options. Its flexibility allows businesses to deploy it on-premises or through cloud-based solutions, ensuring secure connections and streamlined remote support for various operating systems.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a widely used remote access and control software that enables users to connect to and control devices remotely. It facilitates collaboration, remote troubleshooting, file sharing, and online meetings across different platforms and devices. TeamViewer's key features include cross-platform compatibility, ease of use, secure connections, remote printing, and session recording. It caters to diverse needs, from personal use to enterprise-level remote support and management.

ScreenConnect vs TeamViewer: features comparison

While ScreenConnect and TeamViewer have similar features, there are some key differences. The most significant is that ScreenConnect is just one tool offered by ConnectWise. It can be bought as a stand-alone or integrated into their broader, more comprehensive solution for IT solution providers.


  • Cross-platform connectivity: Connects devices seamlessly across various operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, ensuring versatile remote support.
  • Managed remote sessions: Role-based security allowed the admin to manage continuous group sessions by only allowing certain people to rejoin.
  • ConnectWise View: Allows technicians to access an end user’s device camera to resolve hardware issues, expanding the capabilities of a remote service provider.
  • Live file transfer: Swift and secure file transfers between local and remote devices, enhancing productivity by allowing seamless exchange of necessary files.
  • Custom branding: Add logos and custom themes to brand guest portals without writing a line of code.


  • Remote device control: Allows seamless management and access to remote devices, facilitating troubleshooting and support across various platforms.
  • iOS & iPad screen share: Enables screen sharing and control specifically for iOS and iPad devices, enhancing collaboration and support for Apple users.
  • In-session automation: Streamlines processes with pre-defined scripts within the remote session, improving efficiency during troubleshooting or support sessions.
  • Screen record: Captures remote sessions for documentation or training purposes, providing a visual record of troubleshooting steps or collaborative efforts.
  • Multi-user support sessions: Facilitates collaboration by allowing multiple users to simultaneously participate in a remote session, fostering teamwork during troubleshooting or meetings.

ScreenConnect vs TeamViewer: use case comparison

Let’s check out how companies use these platforms to improve IT support.


  • NatureFresh Farms’ internal IT team controls a 200-acre greenhouse with ScreenConnect
  • Computer consulting firm Intellicom increased delivery speed through ScreenConnect integrations
  • Riskval Financial Solutions implemented a new remote solution for greater customization and efficient client support

TeamViewer use cases

  • NEC Networks uses TeamViewer to service autonomous robots in Japan remotely
  • Drivers get back on the road faster thanks to Ford’s partnership with TeamViewer
  • Aesop uses the tool to increase compliance and cyber risk mitigation

ScreenConnect vs TeamViewer: user reviews comparison

User feedback is essential in choosing your company's right remote support solution. Let’s hear what people are saying about each company on G2. It's important to note that TeamViewer has nearly ten times the number of reviews, making it the more popular remote support solution.


ScreenConnect has a 4.7/5-star rating on G2 based on 452 reviews. Here’s what users like about the service:

  • “Easy to use and so helpful.”
  • “ConnectWise Control has built upon its dependable features over the years.”
  • The perfect remote software. Excellent.”

On the flip side, some users have aired out their grievances with the software:

  • “Not for the small MSP, non-existent reply from account managers.”
  • “Usually good but rather glitchy.”
  • “Good system, though not quite to par with competitors.”


TeamViewer has earned a 4.4/5-star rating from G2 based on 3,215 reviews. Below is some of the positive feedback from users:

  • “The ultimate in accessibility.”
  • “Best remote control app to connect any device and access it without any lag.”

Here are some of the not-so-pleasant remarks:

  • “Nice desktop tool – Difficult UI and bad UX with the new approach – Awful support.”
  • “Very laggy controls.”
  • “Clunky screenshare program.”

ScreenConnect vs TeamViewer: pricing comparison

Pricing is a significant factor in choosing a screen share software. Review each platform's pricing below to help find the right fit for your company.

ScreenConnect pricing

  • Remote Support One ($28/month): 1 user, 1 connection, 10 unattended access agents
  • Remote Support Standard ($43/month): 1 user, 3 connections, 3 sessions per tech, unlimited access agents
  • Remote Support Premium ($53/month): 1 user, 10 connections, 10 sessions per tech, ConnectWise View
  • Remote Unattended Access ($31/month minimum 25 agents): Unlimited sessions per tech, unattended access only

TeamViewer pricing

Single Users

  • Remote Access ($24.90/month): 1 licensed user, 1 connection, 3 managed devices
  • Business ($50.90/month): 1 licensed user, 1 connection, 200 managed devices


  • Premium ($112.90): 15 licensed users, 1 connection, 300 managed devices, phone support in 33 languages
  • Corporate ($229.90): 30 licenses, 3 connections, 500 managed devices, phone support in 33 languages

Alternative to ScreenConnect & TeamViewer: Fullview

Fullview is a highly capable alternative that meets some of the gaps in usability from ScreenConnect and TeamViewer for the following reasons:

  • No need for downloads: Fullview operates without requiring downloads; it's entirely browser-based and integrates effortlessly using a simple code snippet.
  • Data protection: Fullview, based in the EU, complies fully with GDPR. It permits customers to store data on EU or US servers based on their preferences.
  • Session playback capabilities: Fullview stands out with its automatic session playback feature which auto-records all user sessions on your website or web app in order to capture mouse movements, DOM events, and signs of frustration for effective issue diagnosis. UI/UX designers, product managers, and support agents can review these recordings to see user behavior and product issues in context.
  • Cobrowsing functionality: Unlike ScreenConnect and TeamViewer, Fullview allows cobrowsing directly within web apps. This empowers customer support teams to efficiently address support tickets with one-click screen control by initiating a zero-download co-browse call with users, reducing the risk of remote access scams.
  • Console logs: Fullview offers detailed console logs during session playback and cobrowsing sessions, removing uncertainty when pinpointing errors and issues.
  • Data masking: Fullview prioritizes user privacy and data protection by selectively capturing and blurring information during cobrowsing and session replays. These controls are customizable depending on each organization’s needs.
  • Cost efficiency: Fullview is notably budget-friendly, starting with a forever free plan that includes 1000 session replay recordings and four cobrowsing sessions monthly. Paid plans are $47 per seat for unlimited cobrowsing and $71 monthly for 10,000+ session replays.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate Fullview with popular CRM software like Intercom, Zendesk, and Salesforce. This enables watching session replays and initiating cobrowsing calls directly from the support software you already used.


While TeamViewer is a massively popular remote screen share service and ScreenConnect fits into ConnectWise’s other IT support services, Fullview offers a more hands-on approach to remote customer care. With cobrowsing, automated console log reports, and session recordings, you can provide a more efficient level of technical customer support with Fullview.

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