Cobrowsing In Salesforce

This is how you can initiate cobrowsing calls directly from your Salesforce Service Cloud dashboard.
Published on: Jan 03, 2023
Last updated: Apr 04, 2024


  • Cobrowsing is a powerful tool for live support that enables agents to guide customers in real-time without the limitations of traditional calls or screen sharing solutions.
  • Cobrowsing allows agents to control the user's screen, navigate, and use annotation tools to draw and highlight on screen, making issue resolution faster and easier.
  • Fullview's integration with Salesforce makes cobrowsing available in the Service Cloud dashboard.
  • Cobrowsing significantly reduces average handle time and leads to faster resolutions, and Fullview's integration with Salesforce makes it easy to install and use.
  • Users receive the call directly in an open tab of your product, eliminating the need to share links or codes, and Fullview ensures user privacy by limiting access to only the product and allowing customization of which elements are visible or hidden.

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Why Cobrowsing?

Cobrowsing creates engaging experiences for the end user, but most of all it empowers agents to effectively guide their customers, without the limits of traditional calls or screen sharing solutions.

In cobrowsing you interact in a multiplayer mode and can control the user screen, navigate, use the "draw on screen" function, on top of audio, video and chat. It's an effective way to solve issues or guide users while saving time otherwise spent on coordination or giving instructions.

With the Fullview x Salesforce integration, cobrowsing is finally available in your Service Cloud dashboard, and the video below shows you how that works.

Benefits of adding cobrowsing to Salesforce

In live support, time matters and cobrowsing can significantly reduce average handle time and lead to faster resolutions. This is thanks to a few different factors, including:

  • No coordination required (you no longer need to send links or invites)
  • No instructions (instead of telling the user what to do, you can do it yourself and show them)
  • Higher acceptance rate: users only need to press one button, and get the call on an open tab of your product
  • Console data: during cobrowsing calls, agents have access to device information, console logs and errors, and more
  • Fully integrated: Fullview cobrowsing is fully integrated into Salesforce, so there are no extra steps

How to install it?

If you have a Fullview account, the installation only takes one click. When activated, you will see the Fullview widget on the right-side panel of any user or case in Salesforce. Please note that Fullview has a free plan for a limited number of cobrowsing calls per month, while the pro plan allows for unlimited calls per agent.

How does the user receive the call?

Users receive the call directly in an open tab of your product. This means that you don't need to share any link or code, and your users don't need to download anything either. They simply get the call, press accept and the session starts!

What about privacy?

Cobrowsing is limited to your own product, which means that as an agent, you cannot see anything else from the end user's desktop or browser. But that's not it. With Fullview, you are in control of which elements should be visible and which ones should be hidden. Certain information, like emails and other sensitive data is censored by default, but you can fully customize what you want to see and what you want to hide.

Wrapping things up

Cobrowsing offers engaging experiences and empowers agents to guide customers effectively without limitations. It enables multiplayer interaction, screen control, navigation, and drawing on the screen using annotation tools, in addition to chat, video and audio.

Cobrowsing integrated with Salesforce reduces handle time, eliminates coordination, and long back-and-forth chats to solve complicated technical issues. Users receive calls in your product without needing to download anything or join a meeting link. Fullview's cobrowsing feature ensures privacy by limiting screen control to your product and allowing customization when it comes to what data you want to see and what you want to hide.

Installing Fullview's cobrowsing in Salesforce is easy, with free and pro plans available for budgets of all sizes.

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Next gen cobrowsing in Salesforce

  • One-click cobrowsing
  • No downloads
  • No link sharing
  • View console data
  • 100% GDPR compliant
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