Heap Overview and Alternatives

Looking to enhance customer experiences? Discover Heap and alternatives in DXI platforms to tailor, analyze, & optimize digital journeys.
Published on: Aug 22, 2023
Last updated: Aug 23, 2023


  • Heap is a popular platform capturing and analyzing digital journeys for enhanced conversion rates.
  • Heap's features include session replays, auto-capture, event visualizer, data engine, APIs, and heatmaps.
  • Heap's pros include comprehensive documentation, responsive support, real-time reporting, analyzing past interactions.
  • Heap's cons include limited report customization, complex interface, limited integration, potential for data exposure.
  • Heap targets mid-to-large businesses across various industries.
  • Alternatives to Heap include Fullview, Pendo, Mixpanel, Sentry, Smartlook, and FullStory.
  • Fullview focuses on technical customer support and analytics with session replays, cobrowsing, console logs and 100% GDPR compliance.
  • Pendo provides comprehensive insights and guidance for product experiences.
  • Mixpanel offers scalable analytics for measuring growth and retention.
  • Sentry is a developer-first monitoring platform for issue detection.
  • Smartlook provides insights into user behavior with session recordings and heatmaps.
  • FullStory offers deep understanding of customer interactions and behavior patterns.

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As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, businesses are finding it increasingly crucial to adapt and innovate their customer experience strategies. Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platforms have emerged as powerful tools in this endeavor, enabling firms to offer tailored experiences that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. One very popular platform that has been gaining attention is Heap.

Not only will we provide an insightful overview of Heap and its functionality, but we'll also explore a variety of notable Heap alternatives, offering businesses a broad spectrum of solutions to enhance their customer journeys. Let's dive in!



Heap is a digital insights platform that provides a comprehensive understanding of customers' digital journeys. It's designed to enhance conversion rates, customer retention, and overall satisfaction. Heap captures and organizes every customer interaction on your website, mobile app, or cloud services automatically, enabling you to analyze all data points without the need for manual tracking. With Heap, you can gain holistic insights across your product, website, and mobile app to create exceptional digital experiences. Additionally, the platform recently introduced "Heap for Mobile," extending its capabilities to mobile user journey analysis. 

Heap Features

  • Session replays: Allows you to watch replays of individual user sessions, providing a detailed look at user behavior and interactions.
  • Auto-capture: Heap's unique feature that allows the codeless capture of every interaction or event on a website or product. This ensures no data is missed and provides a complete view of user behavior.
  • Event Visualizer: A tool that helps in locating, tagging, and naming events. It simplifies the process of tracking specific events and understanding their impact.
  • Data Engine: Heap's data tools provide control and organization of data. They ensure that it is clean, reliable, and easy to navigate, improving the accuracy of insights.
  • APIs: Heap offers flexible APIs that allow users to augment data, integrating it with other platforms and tools for a more comprehensive analysis.
  • Heatmaps: Visual representation of where users click, scroll, and interact most on a webpage. This helps identify hotspots of activity and areas of a site that may need improvement.

Heap Pricing

Heap offers four different pricing tiers, including:

  • Free plan: Their completely free plan includes access to core analytics charts, guide integrations, 6 months of data history, and 10,000 sessions per month
  • Growth plan: Includes up to 12 months of data history
  • Pro & Premier Package: Offers additional support and analytics

Pricing is not readily available for any of their paid packages. To get an accurate quote, you'd need to contact their sales teams so they can customize it to fit your needs.

Heap Pros

  • Heap provides comprehensive documentation that helps users understand and utilize its features effectively. This ensures a smooth onboarding process and easy access to information when needed.
  • Heap offers responsive support to address any inquiries or issues that users may encounter. Their support team is readily available to provide assistance and resolve problems promptly.
  • Heap offers real-time reporting, enabling users to react quickly to market changes. This ensures users don't need to worry about missteps in their marketing strategies or customer journeys.
  • Heap enables users to analyze past customer interactions, even if the event wasn't previously tracked. This helps businesses identify missed opportunities and make informed decisions based on deep insights.

Heap Cons

  • The platform currently offers limited customization options for reports, making it difficult to tailor analytics to fit specific needs. 
  • Heap's interface can be slightly complex and require a significant amount of time to master. This may prove difficult for users who are new to the platform or analytics in general.
  • Heap currently offers limited integration capabilities with other platforms, which may limit its effectiveness when used alongside other tools.
  • Heap has an aggressive algorithm that filters PII (personally identifiable information). However, it only takes one incident to expose potentially sensitive PII.
  • Heap uses an algorithm to filter out personal information. However, it still might be possible for personal information to get exposed.

Target Market

The target market for Heap is primarily mid-to-large-size businesses looking to gain insights into their customer journeys. It's a powerful tool that can be used by a variety of industries, including e-commerce, SaaS products, healthcare, and finance. Since pricing can widely vary, Heap is best suited to companies that have a large-scale customer base and need powerful analytics for their website or product. Startups may find Heap to be too expensive and better suited for larger businesses. 

Heap Alternatives

While Heap is a valuable tool, it's not suitable for every business's needs. We've broken down the following alternatives by their best use case so you can make an informed decision. 

  • Fullview - Great for customer support and product teams
  • Pendo - Great for tracking user activity across different channels
  • Mixpanel - Great for growing companies who need scalable data volume storage
  • Sentry - Great for finding and fixing code-related issues
  • Smartlook - Great for mobile app analytics
  • FullStory - Great heatmap tool


Fullview is a comprehensive technical customer support and product analytics solution designed to enhance customer experiences and bridge the gap between customer-facing and product teams. This all-inclusive tool combines session replays, cobrowsing, and console information, providing a seamless support experience.


  1. Fullview Session Replays: Leverage Fullview Replays to watch video-like recordings of previous user sessions. Gain context on encountered bugs and service-related concerns, streamlining the comprehension of customer support challenges. Share timestamped replays with agents and developers for targeted improvements and updates.
  2. Fullview Console Info: Simplify troubleshooting with the Fullview Console side panel, available during both session replays and cobrowsing. Easily visualize a user's steps, encountered bugs, and issues within your app, without requiring users to provide detailed descriptions or inspect elements manually.
  3. Fullview Cobrowsing: Engage in cobrowsing sessions directly within your app using Fullview's functionality. Initiate calls with users, offer personalized assistance, take control of their screen, and elevate customer satisfaction scores with quicker issue resolution.


Fullview has a forever free plan that gives you access to 4 cobrowsing sessions per agent per month and 1,000 user sessions a month. Fullview's paid plans start at $39/month for cobrowsing and $79/month for session replays. All pro plans come with a 14-day free trial. Fullview also offers custom discounts and plans for enterprise clients.

Why Choose Fullview?

Experience the power of Fullview, which encapsulates the functionalities of Heap while extending it for end-to-end technical support:

  • Tailored for customer support and product teams.
  • Offers session replays, console logs, and cobrowsing for comprehensive issue understanding and resolution.
  • Quick integration, requiring no more than 15 minutes.
  • Robust filtering and segmentation features for efficient organization and easy issue identification.
  • Record and review cobrowsing calls for training and documentation purposes.
  • 100% GDPR compliant, with data hosted on EU servers, making it ideal for European businesses. Customers can request their data be stored on US servers if they prefer.
  • Automatically blurs GDPR-sensitive data in cobrowsing and session replay recordings, with customizable censoring options.



Pendo is an innovative product experience platform that revolutionizes how businesses understand and guide their users. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, Pendo empowers companies to gain deep insights into user behavior, measure product performance, and optimize customer experiences. By leveraging advanced analytics, in-app user guides, feedback mechanisms, and roadmap features, Pendo enables businesses to enhance their products and services based on real-time data-driven decisions. Whether it's in the software, e-commerce, finance, or healthcare industry, Pendo helps organizations deliver exceptional product experiences that drive customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty.

Pendo pricing

Pendo offers a few different pricing packages, including a forever free package that includes up to 500 monthly active users, product analytics, in-app guides, and roadmaps. If you need additional support or features, their starter package starts at $7,000 per year for 2,000 active users.

Pendo pros

  • Comprehensive product experience platform
  • Provides valuable insights into user behavior
  • Helps businesses make data-driven decisions for product development
  • Offers in-app user guides, surveys, and feedback mechanisms
  • Enables companies to measure and elevate customer satisfaction
  • Suitable for various industries, including software, e-commerce, finance, and healthcare

Pendo cons

  • It may have a learning curve for new users
  • Cost may be a factor for smaller businesses
  • Some features may require technical implementation and integration
  • Customization options might be limited compared to more specialized tools



Mixpanel is a powerful analytics tool that offers a scalable infrastructure, making it suitable for both new businesses and Fortune 100 companies. With Mixpanel, you can expect seamless scalability to handle increasing data volumes as your business grows. The platform provides an intuitive user experience, allowing you to explore data without the need for SQL. You can easily set up metrics to measure growth and retention, analyze data to uncover trends and receive live updates on how users are engaging with your app. 

Mixpanel empowers your team by providing clear visibility into every customer interaction, enabling you to make informed decisions and implement effective changes that improve your customer experience. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Mixpanel is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes to translate data into actionable insights.

Mixpanel pricing

Mixpanel offers three different plans to choose from, including:

  • Starter package: The starter package is completely free and includes up to 20m monthly events. Users will also gain access to all core reports for user journey analysis, unlimited integrations, and collaborators.
  • Growth package: For medium-sized organizations, the growth plan is most suitable. Starting at $20 per month, organizations will get up to 100m monthly events, unlimited saved reports, and group analytics.
  • Enterprise package: This is meant for large organizations and starts at $833 per month. It includes 100m+ monthly events, data privacy features as well as advanced access controls, and prioritized support.

Mixpanel pros

  • Scalable infrastructure that can handle growing data volumes
  • Intuitive user experience, no SQL required
  • Flexible metric setup for measuring growth and retention
  • Ability to slice and dice data to uncover trends
  • Live updates on user app engagement
  • Clear visibility into customer experience
  • Empowers teams to make informed decisions and implement effective changes

Mixpanel cons

  • It can be overwhelming for users new to analytics
  • Advanced features may require technical expertise
  • Limited integration options with other platforms
  • Expensive pricing plans for large-scale usage
  • Steeper learning curve compared to simpler analytics tools
  • Limited customer support options in case of issues or questions



Sentry is a leading developer-first application monitoring platform designed to provide solutions when dealing with problematic code, crashes, or API issues. Sentry's strength lies in its ability to highlight the issues that truly matter. It provides comprehensive visibility across all platforms, ensuring no bug slips through unnoticed. This feature helps developers focus on what's important without being overwhelmed by irrelevant noise.

Additionally, Sentry offers deep context for issues, which significantly reduces the time spent on issue remediation across teams. This means developers can resolve problems in minutes, not hours, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. Lastly, Sentry offers insights that promote continuous learning and improvement. By revealing trends and anomalies across projects, teams, and organizations, it allows users to learn from their mistakes and continually enhance their coding practices. 

Sentry pricing

Sentry offers four different packages, including:

  • Developer: The developer package is completely free and provides limited error and performance monitoring services.
  • Team: Starts at $26 per month and includes third-party integrations, unlimited members, metric alerts, and performance monitoring with insights.
  • Business: Starting at $80 per month, this package includes advanced analytics, team-level roles, and custom dashboards.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise package offers cross-project insights, full platform monitoring, and premium customer success. There is no price listed on this package, so you'll need to contact the company to receive a customized quote.

Sentry pros

  • Sentry provides real-time updates about errors, which can help developers to identify and fix issues quickly.
  • It supports a wide range of programming languages, making it versatile for different development projects.
  • It integrates well with other tools like Slack, Jira, GitHub, etc, providing a seamless workflow.
  • Sentry offers detailed error reports, including stack traces, to help identify the source of an issue.

Sentry cons 

  • Some users find Sentry's interface to be complex and not very intuitive, especially for beginners.
  • Given its advanced features, there is a steep learning curve to fully understand and utilize all of its capabilities.
  • While Sentry does offer a free tier, its paid plans can be quite expensive, especially for small teams or individual developers.
  • The level of detail in the error reports can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to go through.



Smartlook is a multifaceted analytics platform designed to give you deep insights into user behavior across web and mobile applications. It offers session recordings that let you observe real-time user interactions, providing a clear picture of how users navigate your platforms. Heatmaps visualize user engagement, highlighting areas of high and low interaction. Smartlook's Events feature records all user actions, while Funnels help analyze the paths users take on your site or app. The addition of crash reports also allows you to investigate sessions where issues occur. Whether for a website or mobile app analytics, Smartlook offers cross-platform solutions, ensuring you can study in-app user behavior and website user interactions comprehensively. A powerful tool for understanding and improving user experience.

Smartlook pricing

Smartlook offers three different plans, including:

  • Free plan: The free plan includes basic product analytics, 3,000 monthly sessions, historical data in heatmaps, and one-month data retention.
  • Pro plan: Starting at $55 per month, this plan includes 5,000 monthly sessions, daily reporting, and premium integrations.
  • Enterprise plan: If you need more capabilities, Smartlook offers a customized plan that includes higher session limits, additional integrations, and priority customer support. Pricing is not available for this package, so you'll need to contact customer support to get an accurate quote.

Smartlook pros

  • Intuitive user interface for quickly understanding data
  • Heatmaps and session recordings provide valuable insights into user behavior
  • Accurate tracking of users across different platforms
  • Ability to identify issues with crash reports and replay sessions
  • Insights report enables users to see how their sites are performing
  • Seamless integration with other analytics tools like Google Analytics

Smartlook cons

  • Limited session recordings are available, and playback can be slow at times
  • Not as many features as other analytics platforms 
  • It can be expensive for larger organizations with more sessions to monitor
  • More advanced features may require technical expertise to set up properly



FullStory is an innovative digital experience analytics tool engineered to empower businesses with a deep understanding of their customers' interactions and behaviors. It offers businesses the ability to delve into customer behavior patterns, discern trends, and pinpoint areas of friction, thereby enabling data-informed decisions to uplift user experience.

FullStory's capabilities extend from monitoring user sessions to creating visual funnels and segments, offering a holistic perspective of the customer journey. With its intuitive design and robust analytical features, FullStory has emerged as a preferred choice for businesses, irrespective of their size, seeking to optimize their digital services and fuel expansion. 

FullStory pricing

There is no clear pricing structure listed on Fullstory's website. You'll need to contact the company directly for an accurate quote.

FullStory pros

  • Automatically logs all user interactions and stores them for later review
  • Session replay capabilities let you observe how users interact with your site or app in real-time
  • Rich reporting features give detailed insights into customer behavior, allowing teams to identify areas of improvement 
  • Segmentation tools enable businesses to dive deep and analyze customer data based on a variety of criteria 

FullStory cons

  • Pricing is not listed on the website and must be obtained by contacting customer support.
  • The user interface can feel clunky for first-time users, making it difficult to understand all features and capabilities 
  • Funnels are confusing to use and difficult to set up properly.
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  • 100% GDPR compliant
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