‍7 Best Digital Onboarding Solutions

We explore the seven best digital onboarding solutions on the market in 2024, including Fullview, Trulioo and Onfido.
Published on: May 28, 2024
Last updated: May 28, 2024

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There are many appealing possibilities when starting an Internet business. Imagine reaching customers worldwide, operating around the clock, and having greater control over your data.

However, verifying identities securely is a challenge compared to traditional in-person setups. This is where digital onboarding comes in.

Let's explore the potential risks involved, why a smooth onboarding process matters, and how to achieve both security and a positive first impression for your new customers.

We'll dive into the 7 best digital onboarding solutions to help you make informed choices.

How does digital onboarding work?

Digital onboarding solutions take the traditional customer sign-up process and do it online.

When potential customers find your website or app, they can sign up for your service in a few easy steps with just their device – no paperwork involved. These steps are designed to be user-friendly and clear, but they also serve an important purpose – ensuring you follow modern requirements like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

Digital onboarding solutions utilize technology to speed up the enrollment process. This includes automation to make things faster, document verification to confirm the information provided, and identity authentication to ensure it's really who they say they are.

The result? Efficiency, security, and compliance.

7 best digital onboarding solutions


Fullview gives agents the ability to initiate live 1-on-1 onboarding sessions with users.

Fullview is a game-changer for customer success managers and onboarding teams, offering a seamless way to welcome and guide new users.

Here's what makes Fullview unique: imagine being able to instantly share your user's screen and even take control of it – all within your software (no downloads involved) – that’s what cobrowsing is. This creates a real-time, interactive experience, almost as if you were sitting beside the new user! This direct interaction provides real-time guidance, helping users feel comfortable and understand your platform's value right from the start.

The benefits of this hands-on approach are twofold: faster product adoption and reduced user churn. By incorporating cobrowsing, you ensure new users not only learn the ropes efficiently but also feel fully supported throughout their journey with your software.

Fullview also gives you the ability to study console logs, which are basically a record of what's happening behind the scenes on the user's device. By analyzing these logs, your team can identify any errors or bugs the user might have encountered during onboarding. This information can then be communicated to your product team, helping them reduce friction and improve the overall customer experience.


Founded in 2015, Signzy focuses on revolutionizing onboarding for financial institutions and their clients.

Their no-code GO platform allows for complete customization of workflows, creating seamless, multi-channel onboarding journeys. Signzy's solution includes features like AI-powered assistance, secure digital contracts with biometrics, risk assessment tools, and streamlined identity verification with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.


Jumio tackles onboarding inefficiencies by offering a complete package for identity verification, authentication, and AML solutions.

Their Know Your eXternal party (KYX) Platform lets you perform enhanced identity checks, fostering trust with your customers and creating a secure environment for everyone. With integrations for major platforms and over a billion transactions processed, Jumio is a proven and versatile choice.


Onfido cuts through the complexity of digital onboarding with its user-friendly solutions.

Their platform connects you with customers in a secure and genuine way, all while ensuring compliance with KYC and AML regulations in your operating regions. Onfido's 2022 launch of the Real Identity Platform further streamlines the process with a focus on simplicity, intuitiveness, and intelligent verification methods.


Established in 2014, Hyperverge boasts patent-pending technology that uses photos and videos to identify individuals, locations, and events.

This innovative approach has partnered with many banks to facilitate online customer onboarding, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hyperverge's video KYC solutions offer high accuracy, allowing banks to provide convenient digital services. Additionally, the platform performs pre-qualification checks for elements like name, address, and document authenticity.


Trulioo empowers you to automatically verify customers worldwide.

It seamlessly integrates with local verification ecosystems, allowing you to scale and grow your business with confidence. Trulioo offers a one-stop shop for online document verification, business verification (including AML/KYC checks), and proof of address verification.

Mitek Systems

Mitek Systems specializes in digital identity verification solutions, offering a robust KYC suite.

Their platform includes document verification, liveness detection (ensuring a real person is behind the screen), biometric verification, and more. Mitek's technology helps businesses establish trust and security throughout the customer journey.

How to set up a digital onboarding process

A smooth digital onboarding process is key to capturing new customers and building trust.

Here's a quick guide to get you started:

Know your needs: Define what information you require and the verification level needed. Tailor the experience (fast, personalized) to your target audience.

Choose wisely: Select tools for verification, authentication, and customer management.

Consider Fullview! Its real-time screen sharing lets you guide new users directly within your software, ensuring a frictionless learning experience.

Design for users: Keep the flow clear, concise, and mobile-friendly. Break down complex information and offer progress indicators to maintain user engagement.

Automate where possible: Utilize automation for tasks like data entry and verification to save time and minimize errors. Personalize the experience further with conditional logic based on user responses.

Communicate clearly: Explain the data collection and its purpose. Set expectations for the process duration. Provide multiple support channels (FAQs, chatbots, email).

Feedback is king: Regularly monitor the process and gather user feedback. Look for ways to improve the flow, eliminate friction, and enhance the overall user experience. Fullview's console logs can offer valuable insights into user behavior within your software, helping you identify areas for improvement.

By following these steps and using tools like Fullview, you can create a digital onboarding process that's both efficient and user-friendly, setting the stage for long-term customer success.

Digital onboarding benefits


Gone are the days of lengthy paperwork and in-person appointments. Digital onboarding allows users to sign up from anywhere, at any time, using their own devices.


The streamlined nature of digital onboarding cuts down on processing time. Users can be up and running in minutes, not hours or days.

Enhanced security

Digital onboarding solutions incorporate technologies like identity verification and document checks, leading to a more secure environment for both businesses and customers.

Improved user experience

Digital onboarding is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Clear instructions, progress indicators, and the ability to complete the process at their own pace create a positive first impression for new customers.

Related questions

Is digital onboarding safe?

Digital onboarding is safe when implemented with robust security measures and compliance with relevant regulations. However, there are inherent risks.

Fullview can help mitigate these by providing features like cobrowsing for secure guidance and reducing the chance of user error during the onboarding process by having someone help them do all the tasks by digital hand.

Apps like Fullview are built to meet global security standards.

What are the risks of digital onboarding?

The biggest risks involve identity theft and fraud. Malicious actors may try to exploit vulnerabilities to create fake accounts. Fullview doesn't eliminate these risks entirely, but its features can enhance security by streamlining the verification process.


The digital age has transformed the way we conduct business, and customer onboarding is no exception.

By embracing digital onboarding solutions, you can streamline the process, enhance security, and create a positive first impression for your new customers.

Using the right tools — like Fullview — can be valuable, offering real-time guidance and insightful data to optimize your onboarding experience.

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