The Best Zendesk Integrations for 2022

The Best Zendesk Integrations for 2022

If you want to deliver the best support to your customers, then you need a great support tool like Zendesk. Zendesk has powerful features that can help you ramp up your customer resolution and support processes, but the system isn’t perfect right out of the box. To make the most of Zendesk, you’ll want to add additional features and functions in the form of Zendesk integrations.

But what are the best Zendesk integrations in 2022?

We did the homework and came up with this list of the most powerful integrations that can transform your Zendesk experience and help you take your customer support to a whole new level.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk homepage

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that allows businesses to manage customer interactions. It can help companies send automated messages, track customer concerns, and resolve issues more quickly, while also allowing customers to leave feedback and share contact information.

Zendesk is available on both desktop and mobile devices, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or device. The platform offers several different plans for businesses depending on the level of support they need.

There are basic plans for basic customer support needs, premium plans for more extensive needs, and a custom plan for businesses that have unique needs. There are also a number of different integrations with other software platforms.

What are Zendesk integrations?

Zendesk integrations use the Zendesk platform to act as a bridge between different systems. They can be used to interact with external systems, such as customer support software or marketing software, and can be set up to provide real-time updates.

Zendesk integrations are especially useful for businesses that want to integrate multiple systems into one seamless experience, such as customers who want to be able to check in at their favorite retail locations, order customized products, or get notifications when their packages arrive.

Why use Zendesk integrations?

Zendesk Integrations allows you to build integrations with other tools and services. This is useful if you're using a service that doesn't provide integration support out of the box. The possibilities are endless; you can connect Zendesk with Slack, Salesforce, Google Drive, Intercom, and many other tools.

With Zendesk Integrations, you can even integrate chatbots and AI systems like Google Assistant. You can also wrap your integrations in an API so other teams or customers can build on top of them. All these options lead to more flexibility and automation across your organization.

So, with that said, what are the best Zendesk integrations in 2022? Well, the answer is that it really all depends on your business and what you want to get out of your Zendesk experience. However, there are a few great integrations that almost all businesses can benefit from, and so we’ve compiled the list below to help you get started with the best integrations that Zendesk has to offer.

The best Zendesk integrations in 2022

We have divided this list into two sections. First, we will go over some of the most powerful tools that integrate with Zendesk. These tools can greatly enhance the functionality of Zendesk and transform your workflows. Next, we will look at some simple yet effective integrations that you can use to accomplish easier tasks and boost your productivity.

Top 5 most powerful integrations

The top integration that can transform or complement your workflows in Zendesk.

  • Fullview
  • Klaus
  • Assembled
  • FlowEQ
  • SurveyMonkey

Fullview - cobrowsing and session replays

Fullview is an easy-to-use integration that allows you to add co-browsing, session replays, and customer calling from within Zendesk.  Fullview enables you to provide level two and level three customer support, which is essential for any company that need to perfect their customer support to increase customer retention and decrease churn.

Fullview's Zendesk integration is available for both tickets and live chat.

Features and benefits of Fullview

Fullview offers a number of great features that can enhance your experience with Zendesk. These include:

No downloads

No need to download anything and neither do your users. You only have to copy a few lines of code to install Fullview on your app, and this installation takes no more than 10 minutes.

Completely secure

Your data is encrypted and stored on servers within the EU.

Fully GDPR compliant

As one of the only cobrowsing and session replay vendors in Europe, Fullview is fully GDPR compliant.

Session replays

Fullview Replays allows you to watch video-like recordings of user sessions right from Zendesk. Your support agents can quickly see customer bugs and issues in context — even before a user reaches out to them with a problem. They can offer proactive support that’s fast, efficient and eliminates the friction typical of these interactions. No more screenshots, long email chains or ‘please describe the issue you are having’ requests. They can also see console information (like network, divide and user journey info) on a side panel within a session replay and easily filter by errors, warnings and logs.

In-app Calls and Cobrowsing in Zendesk

With cobrowsing, a support agent and user can browse and control a screen together. This means that they can solve issues collaboratively. Instead of describing how a user should complete a step, fill a form and use a feature, a support agent can now send a cobrowisng request straight from Zendesk and guide the user through the process or even complete it on behalf of the user when necessary. They can also see console information (like network, divide and user journey info) on a side panel within the call and easily filter by errors, warnings and logs.

Troubleshooting features

Fullview also provides tools, specifically Fullview Console, that allow you to troubleshoot issues with no effort or delay. You can easily see console information like device, network and user journey in an easily accessible side-panel on a call or when watching a session replay. We provide convenient filtering for errors, warnings or logs, so support agents will always have all the information they need to tackle customer issues at their fingertips.

On top of all these great features, Fullview is available in both freemium and paid plans, so you can choose the one that works best for your budget and your business needs.

Klaus - customer feedback

Klaus is a feature-rich customer service software product that makes it easy for organizations to capture and evaluate customer feedback. It’s an automated, web-based solution that allows users to respond quickly and easily.

From this single point of contact, customers can voice their concerns, provide detailed feedback to agents concerning their experience, and receive actionable recommendations. With its robust architecture and flexible interface, Klaus has the ability to accommodate any type of organization, from small businesses to global enterprises.

Assembled - workforce management

Assembled is a great Zendesk integration for Workforce management. It enables real-time analytics and forecasting for all the different types of employees in your organization, whether it's temporary workers, freelancers, or part-time employees.

Assembled integrates with Zendesk to automatically track employee status and other key metrics like timeliness, productivity, and attendance. You can then set goals and KPIs for each individual employee based on their performance over time.

Assembled also has a built-in reporting tool that you can use to analyze how your team is doing compared to past performance or other teams within your company. This is a great Zendesk integration because it enables you to gain deeper insight into employee performance and make more informed decisions about how you can best deploy resources.

FlowEQ - workforce management

FlowEQ is a good Zendesk integration for workforce management. It offers embedded decision trees and automation to help your customer support agents resolve tickets much faster. Ticket routing with embedded decision trees enables your agents to quickly resolve tickets without having to leave the ticket screen.

Automated workflows can also be triggered by specific events in the ticketing system, such as when a request is received or accepted by an agent or when a reply is sent. Automated workflows can also be triggered by external events (e.g., when an order is placed or completed).

Plus, agent collaboration allows agents to engage with each other on specific tickets, which enables them to plan out a resolution together and collaborate on any decisions that need to be made during the resolution process.

SurveyMonkey - customer feedback

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your customer feedback, SurveyMonkey is a great option. With SurveyMonkey, you can set up multiple surveys and custom emails to send out to your customers. This makes it easy to reach out and gather feedback from your customer base.

In addition, the graphs that come with each survey make it easy to see how your customers are responding. Once you have gathered this information, you can go back over to your Zendesk account and see all of the details about each individual survey in one place!

Top 8 single-purpose integrations

The best integrations to accomplish simple tasks faster and boost your productivity.

  • Nicereply
  • Email Tracking
  • TypeGenie
  • GDPR Search Destroy
  • Thank You
  • Help Center Export
  • Auto Merge
  • Timers

Nicereply - metric tracking

Nicereply is a CSAT, NPS, and CES Score widget that allows you to collect customer ratings and feedback easily. Nicereply provides the ability to make your customers happy by using their satisfaction score as a part of their service quality.

It also provides you with feedback from your customers directly in your inbox, in which you can give them a personalized response. The customer satisfaction score can be used for different purposes like providing better services or improving product quality.

Email Tracking - email tracking

Email Tracking is a good Zendesk integration because it enables you to track the number of people who open your emails, which can be useful for determining what types of content or messaging work best. Remember, if a large percentage of your subscribers are opening and engaging with your emails, then you're doing something right.

Email Tracking can also help you determine when customers open your emails. The time of day that customers open their emails can influence the type of content you send them; for example, you can send more professional updates during the workday, when people will be more likely to open business content and fun updates after work hours when people are relaxing.

TypeGenie - AI writing prediction

TypeGenie is easy to use and has a simple interface. The software works with all major browsers, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer to use it. Once you sign up for an account, you can simply start typing, and TypeGenie will use Artificial Intelligence to predict what you want to say next and complete your sentences for you.

If you want to talk about a customer who is having trouble with their website, for example, TypeGenie will suggest words such as ‘website’ or ‘problem’ based on your previous conversations with them. This helps you write faster and better messages without having to think too much about what you want to say next.

GDPR Search Destroy - GDPR compliance

The GDPR Search Destroy extension for Zendesk is a perfect solution for companies looking to comply with GDPR regulations. The extension allows you to search for and delete users, tickets, and comments automatically. GDPR Search Destroy is designed to make your life easier when it comes to deleting user data in Zendesk.

You can use GDPR Search Destroy to automatically delete tickets, comments, and users based on different criteria such as date ranges or ticket status. For example, you may want all tickets created between March 15th and April 20th deleted from your system. This makes sorting through your inbox a thing of the past and can save you a ton of time when performing these sorts of tasks.

Thank You - automated messaging

Thank You is a good Zendesk integration. It allows you to stop wasting time each month responding to Zendesk tickets because of “thank you” messages. It’s nice to know that your customers appreciate your support, but let’s face it, every time a ticket gets reopened simply because a customer said thank you, it costs time and money.

Thank You solves this problem by integrating with your existing Zendesk account and automatically sending a message to your customers after they submit a “thank you” message. It can also be used as a way to increase customer satisfaction by showing them that their feedback matters and has been heard through the use of automated responses.

Help Center Export - help center management

One of the most time-consuming things about managing a help center is keeping track of all of the articles you've written. You might have created an article on a certain topic, but then you forgot to link to it from another article. Or maybe you've just had too much on your plate and weren't able to update it for so long that it's out of date.

If you're using Help Center Export, this problem is no longer an issue. It will automatically check every article in your help center every day and let you know which ones need attention. It also gives you a list of any broken links or images so that you can fix them right away without having to go through each article individually; just open up the CSV file and replace the broken links or images with new ones!

Auto Merge - ticket automation and merging

Auto Merge is a good Zendesk integration. It can automatically merge tickets opened by the same person, which can save you time and money while also helping to declutter your system.

When you use Auto Merge, it will automatically merge tickets if they are related. For example, if someone creates two tickets about the same problem, but then one ticket is closed as "won't fix" and the other as "duplicate," then Auto Merge will merge those two tickets together.

Auto Merge can also be used to close a single ticket that has been split into multiple ones because of different users submitting new comments or raising new issues on the same ticket. This is a simple feature, but it really helps eliminate much of the confusion caused when somebody opens multiple tickets.

Timers - time management

Timers is a good Zendesk integration that enables timer workflows to manage SLAs, OLAs, deadlines, and reminders. It has the ability to create a time-based workflow in Zendesk, where you can configure your own timers.

Timers allows you to create multiple timers at once. You can specify start and end dates; for example, if you want to know when a ticket will be resolved, you can set a timer with an end date of one week from now.

If you need to know how many hours have been spent on a ticket before it's closed, Timers will help you with that as well. The integration also provides real-time updates so that you can keep track of how much time has passed since the last update and when each ticket gets updated again.


If you want to use the most popular customer support features in one place, Zendesk is the way to go. There's a host of third-party applications and integrations that enable you to do just about anything.

Taking advantage of these integrations can save you time, money, and a great deal of stress. We hope this guide has given you some ideas on how to improve Zendesk so that you can offer an even better experience to your customers.

Interested in trying Fullview's session replay and cobrowsing features for yourself? Sign up today to give them a go!


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