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Published on: May 17, 2024
Last updated: May 23, 2024

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It should be no surprise that the initial interactions between your business and new employees or customers sets the tone for future engagement and productivity. What’s interesting is that while this is so important, data shows that only 12% of employees agree that their organization has a good onboarding process.

The good news is that there are several ways to make the onboarding process better, including using digital onboarding software. This article is going to talk about what digital onboarding software is, why your business needs it and whether Fullview is right for you.

What is digital onboarding software?

To start, think of digital onboarding software as the ultimate onboarding assistant for any modern business. Whether you’re bringing on new employees or introducing new customers to your services, this software is designed to make the entire process seamless, efficient and engaging.

The role of digital onboarding software

As its core, digital onboarding software automates and manages the steps involved in welcoming new users into an organization’s ecosystem. It's not just about inputting data, it’s about creating an entire onboarding journey that is intuitive and welcoming for new users.

  • Initial data input: The journey begins with the collection of essential data from new users. This includes personal information, employment history for employees, or relevant customer details. The software automates data entry processes, reducing the time it typically takes to fill out lengthy forms manually and minimizing human errors.
  • Documentation management: Handling documentation is a key feature. The software facilitates the upload, verification, and storage of necessary documents like ID proofs, educational certificates, or contractual agreements. This is crucial for compliance and record-keeping purposes.
  • Regulatory compliance checks: One of the more sophisticated aspects is ensuring that all onboarding procedures comply with legal standards. Whether it’s employment law, data protection regulations, or industry-specific compliance requirements, digital onboarding software can automate these checks to ensure both the organization and the user are protected from legal risks.
  • System training and integration: Training new users to navigate through an organization’s system is often complex and time-consuming. Digital onboarding software can include built-in training modules and tutorials that are tailored to the specific needs of the user based on their role or customer segment.
  • Progress tracking and feedback: Another crucial function is the ability to track the process of each individual throughout the onboarding process. This helps HR or customer service teams identify any areas where new users might be struggling and they can help as needed. Feedback also helps to improve and personalize the onboarding process over time.

Why does your business need an electronic onboarding software?

There are several reasons that using an electronic onboarding software can benefit your business.


First, it’s about working smarter, not harder. By automating routine tasks such as data entry, document collection, and initial training setups, electronic onboarding dramatically reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. This is not just about cutting down a few hours, but transforming days of manual work into automated processes that complete in minutes.

This newfound efficiency frees up your HR team and managers to focus on bigger, more impactful activities. Instead of being bogged down by paperwork and routine follow-ups, they can now concentrate on strategic initiatives like developing more effective training programs, enhancing employee engagement, and cultivating a vibrant company culture.

Enhanced employee experience

A smooth onboarding process makes a great first impression. Newcomers who are welcomed by an organized, hassle-free process are more likely to feel good about their choice to join your company. Digital tools can offer personalized welcome messages, guides and even a virtual walkthrough of the office.

Digital onboarding software can make new hires feel valued from day one. Beyond the initial steps, digital onboarding software can facilitate ongoing interaction and engagement with features such as interactive checklists and goal-setting modules. These tools help maintain momentum after the first day, supporting new employees as they start to navigate their roles and responsibilities. This not only helps in retaining talent but will also make them more productive and satisfied members of your team.

Faster time-to-productivity

When new employees get up to speed quickly, everyone benefits. Digital onboarding software helps new staff hit the ground running with training modules and essential resources available from the get-go. This means they can start contributing faster, boosting overall productivity.

Integration capabilities

The best part? Modern onboarding tools play well with others. They integrate seamlessly with existing HR systems, ensuring data is consistent and up-to-date across all platforms. This not only helps keep things streamlined, but also secures the integrity of your business processes.

Beyond just fitting into your existing software ecosystem, these tools can connect with payroll systems, learning management systems (LMS), performance tracking tools and more. This means that information entered during the onboarding process can automatically populate other critical systems, reducing the need for duplicate data entry and minimizing the risk of errors.

Fullview - best digital onboarding software

Take control of a user's screen and guide them directly during onboarding with Fullview.

If you’re in the market for standout digital onboarding software, Fullview is a name that frequently comes up. It’s meticulously designed to perfect both employee and customer onboarding with state-of-the-art features like cobrowsing and real-time support.

Imagine being able to guide a new user through setup processes in real time. Fullview makes this possible with its cobrowsing technology, which allows support teams to see exactly what the user sees and interact directly with their interface with multi-cursor screen control. This kind of immediate, hand-on help not only smooths out the initial learning curve but also makes new users feel exceptionally supported and welcomed.

Fullview also integrates with other business tools, creating a cohesive onboarding flow that extends beyond simple introductions. By integrating with helpdesk systems for customer support like Zendesk, Intercom and Salesforce, Fullview allows you to initiate cobrowsing calls directly from the software you already use to support and onboard customers.

Related questions

What is an example of digital onboarding?

Let’s say a new employee joins a tech company. Digital onboarding in action would involve them completing all their paperwork online, signing up for benefits electronically, and even starting their training through interactive modules. With digital onboarding software such as Fullview, eit all happens online which is efficient and effective.

Is digital onboarding safe?

Absolutely. As long as the software sticks to strict data protection laws and uses strong encryption, digital onboarding is very secure. PLatforms like Fullview are built to meet global security standards, ensuring all personal and company data is well-protected.


Digital onboarding software isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s essential for any forward-thinking business. With the digital landscape always evolving, having a robust tool like Fullview can make a world of difference in how quickly and effectively you can welcome new people into your organization. Embrace the right digital onboarding software, and watch your business stay competitive and agile, ready to bring new talent and customers aboard with ease.

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