10 Best Customer Onboarding Software in 2024

Looking for the best customer onboarding software to get new users off to a flying start? We've reviewed the top options available.
Published on: May 10, 2024
Last updated: May 14, 2024

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First impressions matter in business, especially when welcoming new clients. Their initial experience, called onboarding, sets the tone for your entire relationship. In today's competitive market, you only get one chance to make a good impression.

Client onboarding software can help you with this.

These tools create a smooth and easy onboarding process, which directly affects how quickly clients start using your service and how long they stay with you. By helping clients connect effectively with your service, onboarding software sets them up for success.

But with so many options available, choosing the right one can be confusing. This article will explore the top 10 customer onboarding software solutions in 2024, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

What is customer onboarding software?

Client onboarding software helps businesses streamline the process of bringing new clients on board. It automates repetitive tasks, making onboarding quicker and smoother. This ensures every client feels valued and supported right from the start.

By providing a positive experience during signup, client onboarding software helps build satisfaction and encourage long-term relationships.

Benefits of using customer onboarding solution

There are several reasons to invest in customer onboarding solutions.

Here's a look at some of the key benefits:

Accelerated time-to-value

Client onboarding software helps new clients get started quickly. This means they can begin using your service and experience its benefits sooner. Seeing the value of your offering right away leads to happier and more loyal clients.

Reduced administrative burden

By automating repetitive tasks, onboarding software frees up your team's time. This allows them to focus on more important things, like building strong client relationships and working on strategic tasks.

Increased client retention

A well-designed onboarding process reduces confusion and frustration for new clients. This makes them more likely to keep using your service and feel confident about its capabilities. This translates to higher client retention rates, which helps your business maintain a stable and loyal customer base.

According to a Wyzowl study, you retain 86% of customers after the first month if you provide onboarding.

What to look for in customer onboarding software?

The key features you should look for in client onboarding software are:

Customization options

Every business has unique onboarding needs. Look for software that allows you to tailor the process to fit your specific requirements. This might involve customizing the onboarding flow, content, and branding to create a consistent and personalized experience for your clients.

User-Friendly interface

The best client onboarding software is user-friendly. Your team should be able to master it quickly, either on their own or with the help of clear instructions within the software itself.

Integration capabilities

This could include your customer relationship management (CRM) system, project management tools, and payment gateways. Smooth data flow minimizes manual entry and reduces errors.

Analytics and reporting

These allow you to track important metrics like time spent onboarding, client engagement, and how many clients complete the process. This data helps you measure the effectiveness of your onboarding process and identify areas for improvement.

10 Best customer onboarding software and tools


Guide new users live in your product with Fullview Cobrowsing.

Fullview is a customer onboarding solution that offers a cobrowsing functionality.

Cobrowsing, also called collaborative browsing, is a cutting-edge technology enabling two or more people to jointly navigate and interact with the same webpage, browser tab, or application during a video call or online session. It is used for collaborative projects, remote troubleshooting, and interactive customer onboarding. It can significantly improve user experience during onboarding, leading to faster product adoption and reduced customer churn.

With a cobrowsing solution like Fullview, customer success managers or customer onboarding specialists can initiate a zero-download online cobrowsing session with new users and guide them directly in the product. They can use annotation tools to highlight on screen and show new users exactly how to use the platform. This can help bring users up to speed quickly and create hyper-personalized onboarding experiences for those situations or priority customers where in-app product tours or knowledge bases aren't enough.

Fullview prioritizes data security. Sensitive information can be blurred or masked during cobrowsing sessions, ensuring client privacy is maintained. It also integrates with support and onboarding software like Intercom, Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud so you can easily initiate sessions with new users at crucial moments during their onboarding process.


Bonsai is a comprehensive business management tool that extends beyond just onboarding. While it excels in managing projects and finances, Bonsai also offers tools specifically designed to make welcoming new clients easier.

Bonsai provides a handy Tax Assistant and bookkeeping tools to simplify financial management. You can also save time with automated templates and tools for sending proposals, contracts, forms, and invoices.

You can follow your client's journey from the very beginning, all the way to becoming a paying customer. Bonsai's client relationship management (CRM) tools can help you improve your onboarding process over time.

Bonsai might not be the most customizable option, but it's easy to use.


FreshBooks is a popular accounting and bookkeeping tool, but it also offers features that can simplify client onboarding, even though it wasn't designed specifically for it.

FreshBooks offers secure online spaces to share proposals, contracts, invoices, and other documents with your clients. This keeps everything organized, and the onboarding process moves efficiently. Its project management features help you track onboarding tasks, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Compared to dedicated client onboarding software, FreshBooks might take slightly longer to learn and use.


HoneyBook is a popular project management tool for small businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers that can also assist with client onboarding – even though it wasn't designed specifically for that purpose.

HoneyBook's client portal provides a central location for all communication and data related to your new clients, keeping everything organized. It can also help with setting up automatic workflows for sending invoices, collecting payments, having clients sign contracts, and sharing onboarding materials and documents.

However, it’s not the best fit for large businesses with complex onboarding requirements or plans for significant growth.


OnRamp focuses on helping businesses manage onboarding for complex software installations for other businesses. These software setups can be a lot of work, especially for your clients. OnRamp helps make this process smoother and less frustrating.

OnRamp offers a customizable client portal you can brand. This personalized space gives your clients all the necessary information, documents, and checklists they need to get started with your software easily.

You can simply share a link to the portal with your client. OnRamp lets you see which documents clients have viewed and how far they are in the onboarding process. This keeps you informed.


Clientary is an all-in-one solution designed to manage projects, clients, and onboarding – all in one place. It caters to freelancers, consultants, and agencies by offering features to streamline various business tasks.

It allows you to capture leads, track simple tasks, and keep tabs on billable hours – all within the same platform. You can generate proposals, estimates, and invoices and even accept payments online via credit card or ACH bank transfer through the built-in Stripe integration. This simplifies managing your business finances.

However, Clientary offers a limited selection of integrations with major payment gateways and other third-party applications.

Process Street

Process Street is a powerful business process management tool that can also be useful for client onboarding. While it offers a wider range of features, you can use Process Street to share documents, send automated welcome emails, build onboarding checklists, and track your onboarding progress.

You can build detailed checklists to guide your clients through each step of the onboarding process.

Process Street can be more expensive than some onboarding-focused tools. This might make it a better fit for companies that want to automate other business workflows in addition to onboarding.


SuiteDash is a business management tool that can also improve client onboarding. While it's popular for CRM tasks and marketing, SuiteDash allows teams to build automated onboarding journeys using easy-to-use features.

You can build automated onboarding steps using SuiteDash's zero-code tools, ensuring a consistent and smooth experience for your clients.

SuiteDash also connects with your marketing platform, allowing your onboarding and marketing efforts to work together seamlessly. With the help of SuiteDash's marketing automation tools, you can send targeted messages and nurture new clients throughout the onboarding process.


Dubsado is a user-friendly business management platform designed for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small firms across various industries. While it offers a range of features, Dubsado excels specifically in client onboarding.

You can save time with automated email triggers for leads, contracts, welcome messages, proposals, and more. Dubsado is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to learn and use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.


Manage projects seamlessly with clients, vendors, and partners with Moxo. From initial contact through onboarding and ongoing service, Moxo does it all. Coordinate tasks, track progress towards shared goals, exchange documents, and gather approvals – all within a central workspace.

Moxo caters to a wide range of industries, including financial services, consulting, legal, and healthcare.


What is the CRM customer onboarding process?

CRM onboarding helps new users get comfortable with the system. This involves setting up contacts, learning key features, and understanding how to use the CRM to manage your customer relationships effectively. It's a crucial step for a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of your CRM.

What are the different types of customer onboarding?

There are different onboarding approaches. Remote onboarding uses online tools for clients to learn independently. In-person onboarding involves face-to-face meetings and training. Hybrid onboarding combines both methods. Project-based onboarding tailors the process to each client's project needs.

How do you manage customer onboarding?

To manage onboarding effectively, define the process steps, choose the right tools, communicate clearly with clients, and gather feedback to continuously improve. By following these steps, you can create a smooth onboarding experience that sets your clients up for success.


The perfect client onboarding software depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider the following factors when making your choice:

How much hand-holding or automation do your clients need? Does your team need a user-friendly solution, or are they comfortable with more complex platforms? How much are you willing to invest in client onboarding software?

Fullview empowers your team to deliver exceptional onboarding experiences that wow your clients. Ready to transform your onboarding process? Learn more here.


Last checked: 16-Apr-2024


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