Why We're Building Fullview

Fullview raises $1.8M in pre-seed funding to redesign customer support
Published on: Nov 17, 2021
Last updated: May 10, 2023

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Why we're building Fullview

Fullview has recently raised $1.8M in pre-seed funding to redesign customer support for ambitious SaaS companies. We thought we'd take a minute to share our story so far, and why we're building Fullview.

If you're a user of almost any B2B SaaS product today, chances are you've had to contact customer support and spend valuable time explaining technical issues, or needed help navigating custom set-ups.

Today, this usually still happens over a chat bubble like Intercom, email, phone lines, or even Zoom calls.

You'll know that it's often a painful experience as a customer, and involves lengthy paragraphs over the support chat, manual screenshots, long and dull support articles, or awkward screen sharing sessions over hastily scheduled Zoom calls.

Meanwhile, as a B2B SaaS vendor the market has never been more competitive. Customers have more options to choose from than ever, so their expectations for product and support quality is through the roof, and higher churn rates ensue.

If you lead a customer success function at a SaaS company today, you already know that revenue retention is the most important metric to sustainably grow your company.

You simply cannot build a break-out SaaS business with a leaky bucket.

Unfortunately customer support professionals lack modern, dedicated, and centralized tools to efficiently meet the growing demands of customers to prevent higher churn rates.

Meanwhile, developers are wasting endless hours on bug reports to help support teams with technical issues. This usually involves long step-by-step explainers from customer support professionals to describe issues to developers over email or Slack, manual screenshots of Chrome console logs and long bug reports in Jira.

Siloed solutions like Intercom, Zoom, Hotjar, and Teamviewer simply don't cut it anymore.

That's why we're building Fullview.

How it works

Today, we're announcing a new way for customer support professionals to deliver faster real time support that is both personalized and scaleable. We're getting rid of the constant back and forth messages over support chats, awkward and inefficient screen sharing calls, and the endless developer hours wasted on writing and diagnosing bug reports. All of which lead to frustrated and impatient customers.

Fullview let's you instantly see what's happening on your user's screen, collaborate and guide them with multi-player screen control and one click in-app video calls. And finally, we are bridging the gap between customer support and product teams, by delivering an entirely new way to look under the hood of user sessions, to easily find and fix technical customer issues.

Over the last few months, we've been working together with some of the leading B2B SaaS companies to develop an exciting and innovative roadmap to solve some of the most universally painful problems facing almost every SaaS company today. We're grateful to the folks at Hopin, Pleo, Dixa, Monday.com, Labster, Payfit, and many many more for their help in developing the Fullview product so far.

We have raised $1.8M in pre-seed funding from leading investors such as Sophia Bendz (ex-Spotify CMO) & Max Bruckner at Cherry Ventures, together with Sia Houchangnia & Felix Martinez at Seedcamp (early investors in Revolut, Hopin).

We're also very excited to welcome an incredibly talented group of leading SaaS CEOs as investors in Fullview, including David Helgasson (Unity founder), Mads Fosselius (Dixa), Jonathan Sanders (Juni), Christian Reber (Pitch.com) and Jeppe Rindom (Pleo).

Together with our MVP user group and strategic world class investors, Fullview's goal is to enable every SaaS company to systematically deliver outstanding customer experiences, and improve net revenue retention as they grow.


Daniel Bakh

Co-Founder / CEO


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Highlight on screen
Integrate with Zendesk and more
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