WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms, but do you know you can use it to level up your customer support?
Published on: Nov 28, 2023
Last updated: Nov 29, 2023

8 Ways To Use WhatsApp For Customer Service

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Long gone are the days of customer service meaning endless call center hold times and frustrating email tennis matches that take days to get anything done. Today’s customer service landscape is all about instant replies when messaging at any time of date, rapid resolutions, and omnichannel support.

In short, customers expect businesses to be there for them, no matter how or when they decide to get in touch.

Of course, offering such a responsive customer service experience requires an extensive infrastructure and endless staff, right? Well, not exactly. There’s a faster, easier way that’s got companies racing to jump on board – WhatsApp support.

With over 2 billion users spanning the globe, WhatsApp offers an exciting new avenue for serving customers anytime, anywhere. And we’re not just talking basic text messages here. WhatsApp opens up a world of possibilities, from video calls to document sharing to chatbots and more.

Intrigued by the potential? You’re not alone.

Smart companies are already onboarding customers to WhatsApp like it’s going out of style. The benefits speak for themselves...instant response times, higher satisfaction scores, and loyal customers who keep returning for more.

So buckle up; it’s time to take your approach to customer service to warp speed! This guide will walk you through eight innovative ways to tap WhatsApp’s power for support and success. We’ll also showcase real-world examples of companies seeing surging metrics thanks to this strategic move.

The future of CX is calling. Let’s get into how your business can make the most of it.

What is WhatsApp?

When WhatsApp debuted in 2009, it seemed like just another messaging app.

However, this nifty little platform has earned legendary status, boasting over 2 billion users worldwide, is owned by Meta, and is essentially one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

What’s all the hype about? In a word—versatility.

From texts and calls to video chats, file sharing to group messaging, WhatsApp packs an astounding array of capabilities into one sleek offering. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s completely free. It’s no wonder people have scrambled to join the WhatsApp bandwagon faster than you can say FOMO, and over 100 billion messages are sent daily using the platform.

Now beyond personal use, WhatsApp has stormed into the professional realm as the preferred communication mode between colleagues, partners, and increasingly, customers. Thanks to end-to-end encryption and an interface everyone already knows and loves, it’s no surprise that this platform is revolutionizing service interactions.

For customer service teams especially, WhatsApp presents an exciting chance to connect with clients faster and more conveniently. Whether through automated updates, direct messaging, or proactive support, the options are plentiful.

And early adopters are already reaping major rewards.

What are the Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Customer Support?

Adopting WhatsApp for support unlocks a world of potential for both happy customers and streamlined service teams. Let’s unpack the most compelling benefits driving businesses across industries to jump on board:

Expand Your Reach

Once again, WhatsApp grants instant access to over 2 billion people worldwide. For global or growth-focused companies, it presents an unrivaled avenue to connect with existing and prospective clients in their channel of choice.

If you have customers, the chances are they’re on WhatsApp, which means you already have a channel they’re familiar with for getting in touch with ease. It’s a classic case of meeting your customers where they are.

Boost Convenience

By meeting customers where they already are, WhatsApp removes all friction from the support process. No new logins, no unfamiliar interfaces. Just fast, seamless assistance on a preferred platform.

Enable Multimedia Communication

Unlike phone and email, WhatsApp allows sharing of documents, screenshots, videos, and more to simplify troubleshooting. A picture is worth a thousand words, making solving problems easier for both parties.

Support International Audiences

With its global dominance and cost-effectiveness, WhatsApp is ideal for companies managing international customers. It facilitates real-time communication without incurring cross-border charges.

Drive Cost Savings

Adoption is free, and support interactions devour fewer internal resources than traditional channels. That’s a win-win for resource-strapped teams on a budget.

The bottom line?

Leveraging WhatsApp for CX presents a rare opportunity to increase convenience, capabilities, and customer satisfaction all through a single platform.

How to Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

Eager to unlock the magic of WhatsApp for next-gen customer care? Implementing WhatsApp support is surprisingly simple. Just follow these five steps:

Step 1: Create a Dedicated Business Profile

Download the free WhatsApp Business App to establish your company’s presence on the platform. Fill out key details like your website, address, hours, and contact info to build credibility. Top it off with a logo profile pic.

Step 2: Publicize Your Presence

Spread the word across your website, emails, and social media so that customers can now message your team on WhatsApp. Promote your QR code to make engaging a breeze. The more visibility, the faster adoption will grow.

Step 3: Set Smart Automations

Automated responses are crucial to managing expectations and creating a seamless flow. Use auto-messages to confirm receipt of inquiries, share wait times or troubleshooting tips while customers wait, and more.

Step 4: Streamline Internal Workflows

To handle high volumes smoothly, integrate WhatsApp with your existing ticketing system like Zendesk or Intercom. This automatically logs WhatsApp messages as tickets for simplified tracking and collaboration.

Step 5: Analyze Performance

Review key metrics like resolution times, CSAT scores, and cases handled to optimize your WhatsApp approach over time. Identify areas for efficiency gains, additional automations, or expanded self-service content to perfect the experience.

While preparing these foundations, don’t forget to train support staff on usage guidelines and best practices suited to WhatsApp CX. Cover use cases, automation recommendations, workflow integrations, and measuring program success.

With the right strategies, integrating WhatsApp can skyrocket satisfaction and efficiency across the board.

8 Ways to Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

Okay, with the benefits and setup of WhatsApp fresh in our minds, let’s take a moment to think outside the box when it comes to actually using WhatsApp.

Sure, you can use WhatsApp to chat with your customers, maybe solve problems, or offer product and service advice, but the truth is that WhatsApp can offer so much more.

And when you take the time to think outside the box, the benefits you receive from adopting the platform multiply tenfold and position you far above your competition.

With a bit of creativity, the possibilities to transform customer care through WhatsApp are truly endless. Need some inspiration to spark your strategy?

Here are eight proven ways industry leaders are moving the needle with this emerging channel:

Streamline Query Resolution

WhatsApp allows delivering lightning-fast responses to customer questions, especially for routine inquiries. Smart tools like quick replies accelerate standard question answering for common requests around account info, orders, or technical issues.

Share Timely Notifications

From shipping confirmations to appointment changes and more, tap into WhatsApp for critical real-time updates. Airlines leverage this channel to keep flyers instantly posted on gate changes, while concert venues push reminders when doors open.

Confirm Purchases or Bookings

Cement customer assurance by confirming bookings and purchases directly over WhatsApp. An instant “Thanks for your order! We’ll notify you when it ships” goes a long way.

Set Proactive Reminders

Keep your brand top of mind by reminding customers of upcoming renewals, special promotions, or relevant milestones like policy expirations. Use WhatsApp to nudge action at just the right moments.

Run Quick CX Surveys

Collect candid feedback through fast WhatsApp polls or ratings. Ask about recommendation likelihood post-interaction or overall satisfaction levels through simple 1-5 rating requests.

Schedule or Amend Appointments

Empower customers to book, confirm, or modify appointments via WhatsApp messages. Share boilerplate responses to handle such routine scheduling changes at scale.

Showcase Products

Tap into tools like the WhatsApp catalog to highlight offerings through the buying journey and even enable in-app purchases. Think virtual storefront meets instant purchasing!

Foster Brand Communities

Build highly engaged user communities through WhatsApp groups focused on topics from fitness goal-crushing to small business masterminding and more. Offer members-only perks and nurture camaraderie.

When woven thoughtfully into the customer journey, WhatsApp elevates satisfaction and retention through timely, relevant, and personalized ongoing conversations.

The real question then is, which clever uses will you incorporate first?

Companies That Use WhatsApp For Customer Service

Many innovative brands are racing to the front of the WhatsApp pack when it comes to next-gen support. Check out a few standouts leading the charge:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM soars high above competitors by sending flight updates, mobile boarding passes, and booking confirmations straight to flyers’ WhatsApp accounts.

The airline actually sends a staggering 10,000 boarding passes out this way a day and handles over 35,000 service requests a week, thanks to customers being able to ask questions or make travel changes, services which are available 24/7, allowing for a better customer experience.

This has positioned KLM as one of the pioneer brands using the technology, and well worth checking out when it comes to making the most of the WhatsApp platform.

Tata Sky

This Indian broadcast satellite service lets customers handle routine account management tasks like checking balances or modifying channel selections directly through WhatsApp messages. No frustrating IVRs or hold times here!


The low-cost airline giant developed a multilingual AI-powered chatbot named AVA to field everyday customer queries nonstop via WhatsApp. Available anytime, AVA helps travelers change reservations, understand baggage policies, and more in a jiffy.


During a “WhatsCook” campaign, the iconic condiments brand connected customers to chef instructors over WhatsApp for live cooking guidance. Users sent pictures of ingredients on hand while experts helped whip up recipes in real time.

A truly tasty use of WhatsApp!

These barely scratch the surface of how companies around the globe are transforming experience through WhatsApp. The diverse use cases reveal endless ways to tap this platform’s potential both today and in the future.


It’s clear that WhatsApp is transforming customer service as we know it. By enabling instant, omnichannel conversations, this platform removes friction, boosts convenience, and helps companies better understand their customers through real-time data insights.

From airlines to e-commerce, global brands are racing to build WhatsApp into their support strategies to drive more streamlined, satisfying customer experiences.

The writing is on the wall: adopting WhatsApp as part of your CX approach is no longer an option but a necessity to stay relevant.

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Sources last checked: 28-Nov-2023

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