SessionStack: Product Overview And Alternatives (2024 Update)

Need a SessionStack alternative for your product, support or marketing team? We've got you covered with a list of the 5 best ones in 2024.
Published on: Aug 30, 2022
Last updated: Jan 09, 2024


  • SessionStack is a digital intelligence platform that provides teams with real-time data on their processes, content, and customer experience.
  • It offers session replay, problem notifications, troubleshooting insights, analytics, and reporting tools to help teams enhance the quality of their customer experience.
  • SessionStack has various key features, such as analytics, collaboration, dashboard, feedback collection, knowledge management, portfolio management, project management, recurring issues, requirements management, and task management.
  • It offers four pricing plans: Free, Launch, Scale, and Enterprise, and has a rating of 4.9 out of five stars.
  • SessionStack is used by teams in UI/UX, marketing, customer support, customer success, and tech support.
  • Some of its notable alternatives include Fullview, Hotjar, GlassBox, Heap, and Fullstory.
  • Fullview is an end-to-end solution for technical customer support that encompasses session replays, cobrowsing, and console information.

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The key to realizing business transformation is to gain useful, but frequently difficult to obtain, insights about your people, processes, and content in today's fiercely competitive market.

Data is everything to businesses. The more data you can collect and use for your marketing and product development, the more opportunity your business gains to optimize workflows and processes. However, this data only becomes useful when appropriately extracted into useful insights. One method of putting data to use involves digital intelligence.

What is digital intelligence?

Digital intelligence gives you access to real-time data about exactly how your processes are currently operating and the content that supports them.

This intelligence enables you to make a significant impact where it counts the most, such as on customer experience, competitive advantage, visibility, and compliance.

This article will provide an overview of SessionStack, a popular digital intelligence platform, and some notable SessionStack alternatives.

SessionStack overview

With session replay, problem notifications, troubleshooting insights, analytics, and reporting tools, SessionStack enables teams to comprehend and enhance the quality of their customer experience.

SessionStack features

SessionStack provides companies with the necessary context to provide quick and individualized assistance to users. In addition to these benefits, it will save you time, reduce the amount of back-and-forth communication, and delight your consumers with the following key features:

  • Analytics
  • Assignment management
  • Collaboration
  • Dashboard
  • Feedback collection
  • Knowledge management
  • Portfolio management
  • Project management
  • Recurring issues
  • Requirements management
  • Task management

SessionStack pricing

SessionStack offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: 1500 user sessions a month and up to 3 seats
  • Launch: $71/month (when billed annually). 10,000 user sessions a month and up to five seats.
  • Scale: $116/month (when billed annually). 25,000 user sessions a month and up to 10 team seats.
  • Enterprise: Custom plans with custom pricing

SessionStack ratings, pros and cons

SessionStack has a rating of 4.9 out of five stars. However, to date, it only has 53 reviews.

The following are some of its most prominent advantages and disadvantages as reported by its users:


  • SessionStack takes the guesswork out of making the right UX and CX decisions
  • SessionStack's cobrowsing feature is intuitive and with minimal latency problems
  • SessionStack helps with building higher-converting digital experiences.


  • Further user profiling would help determine which sessions users should be paying closer attention to since SessionStack cannot effectively use the error reports.
  • Heatmaps of clicks and other in-depth session information that users cannot infer from observing individual sessions are missing from SessionStack.
  • The tool can occasionally feel a little unsteady. The user activity during sessions can occasionally feel inaccurate, and the video may not include all interface elements.

SessionStack’s target market

SessionStack gets used by teams in UI/UX, marketing, customer support, customer success, and tech support who want to create more impactful digital experiences.

SessionStack alternatives

SessionStack is great, but there are alternatives on the market that can be even better depending on your unique use case. These include: 

  • Fullview: Best for technical customer support and product teams
  • Hotjar: Great for marketing and website UX
  • GlassBox: Great for product development and compliance
  • Heap: Great for marketing and sales funnel optimization
  • Fullstory: Great for UX and product teams

Fullview - Technical Support

Fullview is an end-to-end solution for technical customer support. It encompasses session replays, cobrowsing and console information to streamline the support experience and destroy information silos between customer-facing and product teams.

With Fullview, support agents can break through the grind of reactive customer support to offer personalized, proactive support to their users. When you install Fullview, all your user data is pulled directly into your Fullview dashboard. From then on, we record all user sessions in your product (along with console information like user steps, errors and warnings).

Agents can review these recordings to spot bugs, issues and usage patterns. They can then share these recordings with the product team and developers to give them context on what elements need to be improved and what bug fixes need to be deployed.

If an agent notices that a user has an issue that needs to be resolved while watching a recording, they can call them using Fullview's cobrowsing feature. This starts a call with a user directly within your app and gives your agent screen control so issues can be solved collaboratively and easily.

One major benefit of Fullview over SessionStack is that it isn't just a session replay tool — it also offers cobrowsing and console information for a complete technical support solution. It is also fully GDPR-compliant and all data is stored in the EU.

Fullview has three different products:

Fullview Console Info

Fullview's console logs side panel.

Troubleshoot more easily with a the Fullview Console side panel available both during session replays and cobrowsing. See a user's steps and any bugs or issues they encounter while using your app, without having to ask them to inspect an element or describe an issue.

Fullview Cobrowsing


With the Fullview's cobrowsing functionality, you can cobrowse with users inside your app, start calls with them there, and provide exceptional customer support experiences. In addition, you can offer individualized help to your users, which will increase your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score and decrease time to resolution.

Fullview Session Replays

session replay

Use Fullview Replays to playback automatic video-like recordings of previous user sessions, see bugs in context, and rapidly comprehend customer service concerns. You receive immediate context and cut down on hours of manual work with this function. You can share timestamped replays with your team of agents and developers to get everyone on the same page about issues and bugs, allowing you to release targeted, effective app improvements and updates.


Fullview Session Replays Free

The free plan from Fullview gives your organization access to 1000 recorded session replays per month, with a 7 day detention and 1 integration.

Fullview Session Replays Pro | €71/month

The pro version starts at 10,000 session replays per month with a 30-day retention period and unlimited integrations. You can purchase more session replays as an add-on in-app. We also offer a 14-day free trial.

Fullview Replays Enterprise | Custom Pricing

We offer bespoke plans for enterprise clients tailored specifically to their needs, so get in touch.

Fullview Cobrowsing Free

A set number of cobrowsing calls per user per month and 1 integration is included in our free plan.

Fullview Cobrowsing Pro | €47/user/month

Unlimited usage and integration with existing tools and unlimited cobrowsing calls. 14 day free trial.

Fullview Cobrowsing Enterprise | Custom Pricing

We also offer bespoke plans for enterprise clients tailored specifically to their needs, so get in touch.

Why Fullview?

Simple: Fullview is SessionStack, but end-to-end!

  • It's specifically made for customer support and product teams.
  • It offers session replays, console logs and cobrowsing for everything you need to understand and resolve tickets.
  • It is easy to integrate and takes no more than 15 minutes.
  • It includes powerful filtering and segmentation features so you can stay organized and find the exact session replay or user issue you're looking for quickly.
  • It allows you to record and review cobrowsing calls for record-keeping and training purposes.
  • It is 100% GDPR compliant, and is based in the EU with all data stored on EU servers. This makes it an ideal choice for European businesses or businesses with European customers.
  • It automatically blurs out GDPR-sensitive information during cobrowsing and session replay recordings. In addition, it also has the option to customize what fields you want to censor.

Hotjar - Marketing and UX

hotjar website

The lead collection software Hotjar has powerful tools to maximize your user analysis and feedback campaigns. Giving you total visibility and immediate feedback on the user's experience on your website aids your understanding of your user.


Hotjar features 8 different price tiers.

  • Observe Basic: Free, 35 daily sessions
  • Observe Plus: €32.00 (up from $31 in 2022), 100 daily sessions
  • Observe Business: starting at €80.00 (up from $79 in 2022), 500 daily sessions
  • Observe Scale: Custom pricing
  • Ask Basic: Free, 20 monthly responses
  • Ask Plus: €48.00 (up from $47 in 2022), 250 monthly responses
  • Ask Business: starting at €64.00 (up from $63 in 2022), 500 monthly responses
  • Ask Scale: Custom pricing


  • Hotjar is a fantastic tool for learning in-depth about how users interact with websites.
  • Integrating Hotjar is quite simple.
  • Heatmaps help you get an aggregated overview of how users are using your website


  • Hotjar might be difficult to utilize for creating heatmaps.
  • Users of Hotjar can only view heatmaps from the previous 30 days.
  • It is quite challenging to search, filter, and tag. The ability to tag specific feedback with "keywords" or "themes" does not exist.
  • User data is anonymized, so it isn't suitable for customer support functions.

GlassBox - Product development and compliance

glassbox website

More than ever, businesses must ensure that their mobile websites and applications function properly and offer excellent user experiences. Additionally, they must analyze each user session and customize client journeys using the data their organization generates to increase engagement.

The Glassbox digital analytics platform offers cutting-edge digital capabilities in this regard, enabling you to improve user experiences and propel the expansion of your company.


Unfortunately, Glassbox has not made its pricing public. For up-to-date price information, speak with a representative of theirs.


  • The Glassbox system is incredibly user-friendly, and the whole appearance and feel of the product make utilizing it much simpler.
  • Glassbox can filter and save sessions with significant events so that it can later use such sessions to study user behavior.
  • The depth of the analysis and solutions and the straightforward suggestions enable Glassbox users to translate the data into useful business insights quickly.


  • The SDK is relatively easy to install, but because Glassbox records all data, it takes some time to process it properly.
  • Given how they are populated, many of Glassbox's heatmap readouts are unusable.
  • Glassbox's pricing is not public, which can make it hard to judge if it fits your budget or how flexible the plans are.

Heap - Marketing and sales

heap website

Heap analyzes your whole dataset to swiftly reveal user behavioral patterns so you can take decisive action. With Heap, you can see and comprehend everything your consumers do, allowing your product and marketing teams to decide where to make the most significant changes to your website or digital product.


There are four different price tiers for Heap.

  • Free
  • Growth
  • Pro
  • Premier

Unfortunately, as of Feb 2023, Heap no longer seems to display pricing information on their pricing page and requests that you contact them for information. Alternatively, for their growth plan, you can sign up and install the free snippet to get a pricing estimate.


  • Heap allows users to alter definitions following user behavior and other data injected into Heap.
  • Heap is simple to set up and immediately begins collecting data.
  • Heap is excellent for quickly determining user behavior without requiring engineering work.


  • Before employing Heap for analysis, a significant amount of legwork on the user's part is required.
  • Heap's learning curve is rather steep. It takes a few training sessions and some practice to get the hang of it.
  • There aren't any non-technical user-friendly event definition guides on Heap.

Fullstory - UX and product teams

Fullstory website

FullStory is a trusted Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform that delivers real-time insights that identify opportunities on web and mobile experiences. You can flesh out these insights by combining deep product analytics, robust session information, and collaboration capabilities.


Companies have a choice between these two customized pricing plans:

  • Enterprise: for large, multi-functional teams who require complete transparency into their digital portfolio.
  • Business: for teams focused on growth that want data that can be acted upon to find patterns, perfect experiences, and build roadmaps.


  • FullStory includes a plethora of features and customization options.
  • The clear documentation and helpful customer assistance make integrating FullStory into your product quick and easy.
  • FullStory also assists in identifying the problems in your funnel and suggests potential improvements.


  • The search capability as it currently stands is not always simple to comprehend or utilize.
  • FullStory does not provide a solution that you can use to study the experiences of individual customers; instead, it just provides information regarding general traffic.
  • Fullstory sometimes gets described as slow or "laggy."


For process improvement to genuinely influence the quality of the customer experience and profitability, strategies need to be grounded in facts. Digital intelligence solutions are being used on the front end of today's modern businesses to discover chances for transformative action that offer the highest potential return and ensure that their initiatives are successful.


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