5 Best Tools & Software for Customer Centricity

Explore the leading customer centricity software options for 2023, categorized by their features, pros, cons, pricing, and user reviews.
Published on: Jan 12, 2024
Last updated: Feb 09, 2024

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Understanding your customers is an essential part of delivering high-quality services or products. Thankfully, many tools and software platforms empower businesses and agents to gain a comprehensive customer experience perspective.

In this post, we’ll explore six of the most beneficial customer-centric tools. These platforms include innovative support solutions, omnichannel customer service, heat mapping, and customer success software. After reading, you’ll better understand customer centricity and what tools you can implement to improve your relationships with customers.

“Until you understand your customers – deeply and genuinely – you cannot truly serve them.”

What is customer-centric software?

Customer-centric software is the cornerstone for creating exceptional customer experiences, streamlining data insights, and fostering personalized interactions. The approach integrates CRM, data analytics, and feedback tools, empowering businesses to align operations for customer-first design thinking. Customer-centric solutions build lasting relationships by prioritizing individual preferences and mapping the customer journey. This software is the strategic ally, steering informed decisions and propelling business goals toward consistently delivering customer value and satisfaction.

Types of customer-centricity software

Customer-centric software encompasses a wide variety of different tools and features. To better understand how these platforms can help businesses build customer relationships and improve customer happiness and loyalty, let’s look at the most popular types.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

CRM software helps businesses manage their interactions with current and potential customers. It typically includes features for contact management, sales automation, and customer service. Some examples include HubSpot and Intercom. CRM software can help businesses strengthen customer relationships and build loyalty.

Session replays and product analytics software

With session replays software, you can auto-record and playback user sessions to see user behavior and product issues in context.

Session replays and product analytics software offer invaluable insights into user behavior and interactions. These tools record and visualize user sessions, providing a detailed understanding of how users navigate websites or applications.

Cobrowsing software

Initiate one-click zero-download cobrowsing calls with users to solve problems collaboratively.

Cobrowsing software facilitates real-time collaboration between customers and support agents by allowing simultaneous web browsing. The interactive solution enables agents to guide users through websites or apps, resolving issues faster and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Customer Support and Helpdesk Software

This software streamlines customer inquiries, organizes support tickets, and centralizes communication channels. Customer support and help desk software empowers teams to efficiently resolve issues, track customer interactions, and maintain a seamless support experience across multiple touchpoints.

Customer Feedback and Survey Tools

These tools capture valuable insights by collecting feedback through surveys, reviews, and sentiment analysis. Businesses benefit from customer feedback and survey tools because they provide actionable data to help understand customer preferences, pain points, and expectations, aiding in informed decision-making.

Customer Experience (CX) Analytics Software

CX analytics software measures and analyzes customer interactions across various channels. It offers deep insights into customer behavior, enabling businesses to optimize experiences, predict trends, and prioritize improvements.

Customer Journey Mapping Software

This software visualizes and analyzes the customer journey, illustrating touchpoints and interactions. Understanding customer pathways, identifying pain points, and strategizing improvements with customer journey mapping software enhance overall user satisfaction.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Software

VoC software captures and analyzes customer feedback from diverse sources like social media, reviews, and surveys. These platforms synthesize this data to view customer sentiments and preferences comprehensively.

Customer Success Software

This software focuses on post-sale customer relationships, aiding customer retention and growth. Customer success software tracks customer health metrics, enabling proactive actions to ensure continued satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Loyalty and Rewards Platforms

Customer loyalty and rewards platforms incentivize customer engagement and loyalty through rewards, points, or tiered programs. In addition, they drive repeat business by acknowledging and appreciating customer loyalty.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

CDPs unify customer data from various sources into a single, comprehensive view. They enable businesses to create detailed customer profiles, facilitate personalized marketing, and tailor experiences.

5 Best Customer Centricity Software for 2023

Now, let’s dive into specific software platforms that use customer-centric tools to help businesses understand their customers. Each software mentioned below uses a unique toolset to drive beneficial customer interactions. The option that best suits your company will depend on your services and the care your customers require.

Fullview for session replays and cobrowsing

Fullview leverages innovative customer-centric solutions like one-click cobrowsing, cobrowsing call recordings, session replays, console logs, and analytics to bolster customer relationships.

Fullview’s cobrowsing solution is best-in-class if you want seamless screen control to add context to customer issues and speed up support ticket resolution times. Other platform features include session replays and easy troubleshooting with console logs. Fullview also offers cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility to ensure no technical problems arise during an agent’s customer interaction.

Data security is at the forefront of Fullview’s offering. You’ll have access to customizable privacy controls to adjust what information is visible and hidden. In addition, Fullview offers data blurring options to protect sensitive data without decreasing the agent’s capability to troubleshoot problems. Customer data is fully secure and protected with Fullview’s GDPR-compliant servers.

Deploying Fullview is also an area where the platform stands out. Downloads aren’t required for easy implementation. Agents can start a cobrowsing call recording with customers in just one click; no links or tedious on-screen verification codes are required.

Unfortunately, Fullview does have some drawbacks; most notably, the software lacks support for mobile application cobrowsing. Agents must serve clients on desktops, lowering the convenience factor for the platform.

Fullview is available in a forever free plan that offers up to four cobrowsing calls per month, console logs, and 1000 monthly session replays. Paid options start at $47 per seat per month, which includes unlimited cobrowsing, console logs, data blurring, and integrations. Access to 10,000 session replays is priced starting at $71 per month. The package has unlimited seats and integrations, frustrations signals, console logs, and filtering and segmentation.

Customers who use Fullview are excited about the unique set of features. Fullview has earned a 4.7-star rating on G2; here’s some of the feedback:

  • “A must-have for people who take their customers seriously.”
  • "Transparent and easy to use support tool.”
  • “Great tool for support, reproducing bugs and improving customer experience.”

How Fullview supports customer centricity

Fullview's session replays offer an unparalleled advantage in understanding user interactions and fostering customer-centric design decisions. The feature provides an unbiased, firsthand look at how users experience your product, offering invaluable insights to enhance the user experience.

Session replays transcend traditional feedback methods like surveys, providing an objective view without biases or post-purchase rationalization. This neutrality accurately represents user interactions with your website or web app. Moreover, these replays complement quantitative data by offering contextualization and substantiation. They unveil nuances that quantitative metrics might miss, revealing the operational strengths and areas needing optimization within your product, workflow, or processes.

By leveraging Fullview's session replays, call centers gain invaluable clues to refine and tailor their offerings, placing the user experience at the forefront of customer-centric design decisions.

Intercom for customer support and CRM


Intercom is an all-encompassing solution merging AI, customer support, and CRM functionalities, making it a pivotal tool for businesses prioritizing customer-centricity. The comprehensive suite of features includes real-time customer engagement tools like live chat and in-app messaging, fostering instant and personalized interactions. Intercom's CRM capabilities empower businesses to manage customer data effectively, allowing for targeted messaging and tailored experiences based on individual preferences and behaviors.

Customer-centric features:

  • Live chat and in-app messaging: Real-time communication channels for instant interaction.
  • Unified inbox: Centralized platform for streamlined communication across various channels.
  • CRM capabilities: Manages and leverages customer data for tailored interactions.
  • Targeted messaging: Customized messaging based on customer behavior and preferences.

Intercom has a massive user base due to its efficient communication system that offers real-time engagement tools, personalized experiences, and CRM integration. However, some users might encounter a learning curve due to the platform's extensive functionalities, and the pricing structure, depending on the features required, can be intricate to navigate.

G2’s rating for Intercom stands strong at 4.7 stars with thousands of reviews. Here’s some of the most positive feedback:

  • “Simple and effective!”
  • “Intuitive ticket managing.”
  • “Easy to use, great features.”

Pricing for Intercom starts at $39 per seat monthly. However, most features businesses need, such as multiple team inboxes, workflows for advanced automation, and workload management, will fall in the $99 or $139 per seat monthly tier.

Hotjar for heatmaps and user feedback

Hotjar emerges as a powerful tool that provides detailed insights through heatmaps and user feedback functionalities, making it an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to enhance their customer-centric approaches. The platform's standout feature includes comprehensive heatmaps visually illustrating user behavior, offering critical insights into how users interact with websites or applications.

Customer-centric features:

  • Heatmaps: Visual representation of user behavior for insightful analysis.
  • User feedback tools: Enables users to leave direct feedback on website elements.

We’re huge fans of Hotjar as a visualization tool, and the best part is heatmapping is free, and you can access 35 daily sessions free. This is an excellent option if you want to try the software, but it isn’t enough to truly understand user activity through behavior data. Other features like data filtering and frustration signals require a monthly fee and analytics training.

Hotjar’s pricing starts at $32 monthly and includes 100 daily sessions, filter and segment data, and an events API. Access to custom integrations, identify API, 500 sessions, and frustration and confusion signals require an $80 monthly payment.

Users on G2 have given the platform a 4.3 star rating; here’s what some of them have said:

  • “Detective tool that transformed my design approach.”
  • “Uncover user insights and enhance website performance.”
  • “Very efficient to understand the user journey.”

Totango for customer success

Totango is a highly intuitive solution to optimize customer success management, making it an indispensable tool for businesses committed to a customer-centric approach. The platform offers a comprehensive view of customer health and engagement, enabling enterprises to monitor and address customer needs proactively.

Customer-centric features:

  • 360-degree customer view: Provides a holistic view of customer health and engagement.
  • Automated workflows: Streamlines processes for efficient customer success management.
  • Customer health scoring: Identifies at-risk customers for proactive intervention.

Totango is an excellent platform for understanding customer health and behavior. In addition, the seamless automated workflows allow you to add the tool to your existing CRM or ticketing software. However, the features can be overwhelming for first-time users, and it could take time to experience the benefits of leveraging customer success data.

G2 has Totango at 4.4 stars based on over 800 reviews. Read below to hear what happy users are saying:

  • “Super customizable with lots of capabilities.”
  • “Great customer success tool.”
  • “An intuitive CS tool that makes most things very easy.”

While the platform is highly beneficial and has some of the most effective customer-centric tools available, it is costly. If you want to empower ten agents or more with Totango, your investment will cost at least $18,000 per year, and you still won’t have access to all the features or functionality.

Kangaroo for customer loyalty and rewards


Kangaroo is an effective platform that fosters customer loyalty and engagement through tailored rewards programs. The platform enables businesses to create and manage customizable loyalty and rewards programs, encouraging customer engagement and promoting repeat business. With its flexible integration capabilities, you can ensure seamless adoption across various platforms and industries.

Customer-centric features:

  • Reward programs: Customizable loyalty and rewards programs to boost engagement.
  • Engagement enhancement: Encourages repeat business and customer loyalty.
  • Flexible integration: Adaptable across multiple platforms and industries.

Kangaroo excels at tailoring incentive programs to boost customer activity. The software will increase engagement and build a loyal customer base when appropriately utilized. However, users have reported bugs, trouble capturing data for targeted campaigns, and a steep learning curve.

G2 has Kangaroo at 4.1 stars based on 17 reviews. Here’s what happy users had to say about the platform:

  • “Superb offering, exceptional customer service.”
  • “10x better than stamp cards.”
  • “Great platform, many kinks to work out.”

Pricing for Kangaroo starts at $59 per month. The lowest tier includes points rewards, referral modules, point redemption, social sharing, and customer segmentation. However, advanced features like a contest module, gift with purchase, gift cards, and email and SMS marketing (a must-have!) are only included in the tiers running $200 or $300 monthly.


In the ever-evolving landscape of customer-centricity, the right tools can be the catalyst for building lasting relationships and driving business success. The exploration of these five customer-centric software solutions—Fullview, Intercom, Hotjar, Totango, and Kangaroo—reveals a diverse set of tools tailored to different aspects of the customer journey.

Fullview stands out with its session replays and cobrowsing capabilities, offering a unique perspective on user interactions. Its emphasis on data security and ease of implementation positions it as a valuable asset for customer-centric design decisions. Intercom, with its all-encompassing suite, combines AI, customer support, and CRM functionalities to provide real-time engagement and tailored experiences. Hotjar, known for its heatmaps and user feedback tools, excels in visualizing user behavior, offering critical insights for businesses seeking to enhance customer-centric approaches.

Totango emerges as a highly intuitive solution for optimizing customer success management, providing a 360-degree view of customer health and engagement. Finally, Kangaroo focuses on fostering customer loyalty through customizable rewards programs, encouraging repeat business and engagement.

Each software solution caters to specific needs, and the choice depends on the unique requirements of your business and the level of customer care your audience demands. As you navigate the customer-centric landscape, these tools can serve as strategic allies, helping you align operations for customer-first design thinking and ensuring continued satisfaction and loyalty. Remember, understanding your customers deeply and genuinely is the foundation of serving them effectively, and these tools can be instrumental in achieving that goal.

Sources used:

Sources last checked: 11-Jan-2024

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