New: Save Time And Steps With One-Click Calls And An Improved Dashboard

Say hello to Fullview's API Integration! Enables one-click calls, a better dashboard and a smoother customer service workflow.
Published on: May 03, 2022
Last updated: May 12, 2023


  • Fullview launched its API integration to scale technical support and ease pain points.
  • The integration allows users to pull their customers into Fullview and start a cobrowsing session with one click.
  • Fullview's new update enables users to search for customers by name or email and see their online status.
  • The one-click call feature eliminates the need to generate and send a session link, saving time and improving the customer experience.
  • The new integration reduces the time to resolution, offers superior customer experience, and enables support for anonymous users through session links.

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Team Fullview is always on the lookout for new and improved ways to scale technical support, ease bottlenecks and soothe pain points. This week, we continued to forge ahead and did just that with the launch of our API integration!

With this integration, you can pull your customers into Fullview, allowing you to start a co-browsing session with the click of a button. Introducing one-click calls and an improved dashboard 🙌


You can now:

  • Search for users with a name or email.
  • See which users are online, idle or offline.
  • Start a support call without having to generate and send a session link — it’s now one-click away.

Why should I care?

Here’s what these improvements mean for you:

  • Spend less time resolving customer service tickets.
  • No painful coordination across email, chat and video conferencing platforms.
  • A smoother experience, more context and happier users.

What’s changed

Previously, Fullview’s pipeline went something like this:

  1. The user contacts the customer support rep on email, Intercom chat or the like.
  2. The customer support rep generates a session link within Fullview.
  3. The customer support rep then sends the session link to the user through email, Intercom chat or the like.
  4. The user receives a pop up, where they are prompted to accept the call and grant the necessary permissions.
  5. The user and customer support rep finally hop on a call where they can use video calling, audio calling and screen sharing.

New and Improved

As you can probably tell, that’s too many steps! Too many steps means far too many pain points, so here’s what it looks like with our new API integration:

  1. Find the user you want to talk to.
  2. Press the ‘Start Call’ button.

That’s it. It’s now that simple to hop on a call and provide immediate assistance with the necessary context, cutting time to resolution in half and offering superior customer experience 💪

P.S. You can still generate session links to send to anonymous users.


Shifa Rahaman

Content Marketing Manager


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