November Product Updates

We've taken Fullview to new heights in November! Custom masking, SSO via Microsoft Azure AD and more!


  • Fullview has added several new features and improvements to our platform.
  • Custom data privacy settings allow users to selectively mask data fields during session replays or cobrowsing calls.
  • SSO via Microsoft has been added to make sign-in easier for users.
  • Cobrowsing has been made faster and more reliable without affecting app performance or load times.
  • Customer presence tags are now updated instantaneously for accurate tracking.
  • The customers table now only displays each user once, even if signed in on multiple tabs or browsers.
  • Fullview Session Replays now display the number of collected replays for each customer and allow users to flip through replays without going back to the session list.

From new features to feature improvements, we've worked hard to take Fullview to new heights in November! Here are all the changes we've made to the platform: 

Custom data privacy settings

You can now granularly select which data fields you want to mask during a session replay or cobrowsing call. Let's say you don't want to be able to see input field where an API token is displayed. You can now mask that! Do you want to go further and mask all input fields? You can now do that too for ever great data privacy and compliance.

SSO via Microsoft

To make your experience as easy and smooth as possible, we've made it so you can now sign in with your organization's existing channels with SSO via Microsoft. More SSO providers will be added soon!

Better, faster cobrowsing

Our cobrowsing is now faster, better and more reliable than ever before — all without affecting the performance or load times of your app.

Customer presence

Our customer presence tags (online, idle and offline) are now updated instantaneously, so you always know exactly who is doing what at any given moment.

Customer table

Our customers table only displays each user one time — even if they are signed in on multiple tabs or on multiple browsers. This keeps things clean and helps you avoid any confusion.

Fullview Replays

  • The number of collected replays for each of your customers is now listed in the customer table. This allows you to see which of your customers have replays at a glance.
  • You can now flip through replays without having to go back to the session list. Just click the Console button from the right-side menu


Dorin Tarau

Co-Founder / CPO


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