Fullview's 2022 In Review

From a better product to a bigger team to more customers, here's everything Team Fullview achieved this year.
Published on: Dec 28, 2022
Last updated: Nov 01, 2023


  • In 2022, Fullview launched several new products and integrations, including Fullview Live, Fullview Console, and Fullview Replays.
  • Fullview Live allows agents to initiate in-app calls with users and take over their screens to resolve technical issues.
  • Fullview Console provides agents with relevant console information while on a call to recreate issues and troubleshoot bugs.
  • Fullview Replays records all user sessions in an app and allows for easy sharing with team members.
  • Fullview has also added integrations with Zendesk, Intercom, and Salesforce, and more integrations are coming soon.
  • Fullview has improved the usability, stability, and scalability of their product.
  • Fullview has added new customers and raised a record-breaking seed round in Danish history.
  • Fullview plans to release new features in 2023, including more integrations, a new interface for listing sessions, team analytics, and reporting features.

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A better product, a bigger team, more customers – 2022 has been an absolutely monumental year for Fullview.

What started as a closed beta and a hunch about what was needed to fix technical customer support has turned into a fully-fledged company that is helping its customers deliver better CX every single day.

From our product to our team, here’s everything that we accomplished in 2022.

Product updates

We would be remiss not to dedicate the largest section of this post to all the product updates we made this year.

We’ve always prided ourselves on our speed of execution and nowhere is that reflected as clearly as the rate at which we ship new products, features, improvements, and integrations.

Fullview Cobrowsing

Have you ever struggled to understand or explain a complicated issue to a user over chat or email? We’ve certainly been there!

Right at the beginning of this year, we shipped the first version of our first product: Fullview Cobrowsing

With Fullview Cobrowsing, agents can initiate in-app calls with their users and take over their screens to tackle those issues that are difficult to resolve over chat and email.

They can use our annotation tools to draw and highlight on a user’s screen. And they even have the option to send chat messages back and forth.

Fullview Cobrowsing makes it easier and faster to solve technical support requests without stress or miscommunication.

Fullview Console

Soon after shipping Fullview Live, we augmented it with Fullview Console.

Fullview Console gives you relevant and timely console information while you’re on a call with a user.

With it, agents can see their customer’s journey, and get full context for recreating issues and troubleshooting bugs. It automatically collects and displays errors, warnings, and user steps.

Fullview Console is available as a side panel in both a cobrowsing call and when watching a session replay, as shown below:Fullview Console

Fullview Replays

One of the biggest launches of the year and something we were so excited to ship to all of you was Fullview Replays, our session replays product!

Fullview Replays gives you the ability to record all user sessions in your app and then watch those recordings back to see bugs and errors in context.

It also includes the Fullview Console side panel to display any errors, warnings or user steps. And those events are automatically marked on the video progress bar, so you can skip directly to them!

Need to show a replay to your team? We’ve made that as simple as clicking ‘Share’, trimming the replay if necessary, and copy-pasting the link.


This year, we released integrations with:

  • Zendesk
  • Intercom and
  • Salesforce (out soon)

Support teams can now integrate Fullview as a seamless part of their customer support workflow. They can watch user sessions and initiate cobrowsing calls from the software they already use to track and resolve tickets.

More integrations are coming soon, so keep on the lookout for those!

App Improvements

Along with all the new stuff we shipped this year, we’ve also worked diligently at improving the usability, stability, and scalability of Fullview.

That work is ongoing and always happening behind the scenes to give you and your end users the best experience possible.

Other Updates

A ton of really cool stuff happened on the product side, but it happened elsewhere too!

Here are the biggest highlights from this year:

Awesome customers

We added some truly incredible companies to our customer base this year. We’re now helping them deliver top-class customer support experiences and improve metrics like time-to-resolution and customer satisfaction!

We can’t wait to add more in 2023.

Interested in what our customers have to say? Read our customer testimonials.

Record-breaking Seed Round

Earlier this year, we raised the largest seed round in Danish history led by Anoushka Vaswani at Lightspeed Venture Partners!

New Fullviewers

We now number 16 full-time Fullviewers across product, CX, marketing, and operations!

We took everyone to a team offsite in Bologna in the summer, where the Cluj and CPH offices got to know each other and brainstorm over (many) plates of pasta.

What’s Coming Next...

We are poised for 2023 and have some very exciting things in the pipeline, including:

  • Lots of integrations to make your support workflows seamless, including Jira, Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Dixa.
  • A brand new interface for listing all your sessions. They'll be chronologically ordered with options for complex filtering and custom views, making it lightning-fast to find the sessions you're looking for.
  • A team analytics page where management can see how many sessions are watched, how many cobrowsing calls the team is doing, the avg. time spent in a session, etc.
  • Reporting for understanding how your users are using certain parts of your product.
  • And so much more — but you're going to have to keep your eyes peeled for that 👀
Want to see what all the fuss is about? Try our product demo yourself to understand exactly how Fullview can help you solve your technical support challenges.

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