Fullview Replays is Here To Change Customer Support Forever 🎉

Announcing our biggest launch EVER: Fullview Replays! Rewatch user sessions in your product with one click to see issues and bugs in context
Published on: Jul 06, 2022
Last updated: Feb 26, 2024


  • Automatically record and watch user activity within your app
  • By default, all user sessions are recorded
  • Users are identifiable during a session
  • 1000 monthly Replays included in our free plan
  • Unlimited Replays included in our pro plan (based on the tier chosen)
  • Start for free and upgrade to higher limits if you need to
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Sign up at fullview.io and request access now!

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We’re incredibly excited to announce that our biggest product release to date is finally here: Fullview Replays! 

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Interested in trying Fullview Replays? We don’t blame you! Sign up for an account and request access to Fullview Replays now! You can also see it in action and read the documentation here.

Designed for technical support 

Fullview Replays is the only session replay solution designed exclusively for customer support, product and development teams. 

Other session replay tools anonymize user sessions, making them much more suited to marketers who are looking for big-picture data about user behavior 🥸

In contrast, users are identifiable within a session in Fullview Replays, making it uniquely suited to technical support.  

Support agents or developers watching a Fullview Replays session can immediately see what issues a user faced, which user it was, know the browser and device used, and reach out to them to offer proactive support. 

See your product through your users’ eyes

Fullview Replays allows you to see your product through your users’ eyes, which gives you the data you need to provide exceptional customer experiences. 

Good CX is key to improving retention rates and decreasing churn. But how do you know you’re working with the right information? 

With Fullview Replays, you can watch video-like recordings of user sessions in your product to see how they’re actually using it. This makes identifying pain points a breeze 👁️

See bugs in context, identify issues and deploy fixes that actually make a difference. 

You can also navigate to a specific customer’s page within Fullview to see a log of their recent activity and watch past user sessions. 

Improve metrics like CSAT, NPS and time to resolution

Frustrating customer support interactions with a lot of friction and back-and-forth can lead to plummeting metrics. 

Fullview Replays to the rescue! 🦸

Support agents can now watch a user session and immediately jump to issues — even before reaching out to a user directly. 

They can also see information about that user’s journey, device and network information. We also have a way to sort by errors, warnings and logs, so nothing is missed. 

Tired of asking users to describe bugs or inspect elements? 

With Fullview Replays, you won’t have to. 

Makes development a breeze 

Identifying, understanding and recreating bugs is hard work. Manual bug reports are tedious and time-consuming. 

What if we told you that you could eliminate all that? 

See bugs in context with Fullview Replays. You’ll never have to ask a support agent or user to describe an issue ever again and then struggle to recreate it. 

All you have to do is watch the session replay flagged to get an immediate look at what went wrong. 


Want to try Fullview Replays but scared about compliance and user privacy? 

Don’t be! We automatically blur out sensitive information during Fullview Replay sessions and you also have the option to customize these controls. 

As one of the only session replay tools based in Europe, Fullview is fully GDPR compliant and all user data is stored in the EU. 

v2.0 is going to be even better...

✅ Jump straight to clearly-marked issues on the timeline 

✅ Automate bug reports to Jira, Github and more

✅ Get notified when your customers face issues and deliver proactive support instantly

Guide customers to faster resolutions
Cobrowse with screen control
Highlight on screen
Integrate with Zendesk and more
Take interactive demo
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