August 2022 Updates: Share timestamped replays, a new in-call chat function and more!

August 2022 Updates: Share timestamped replays, a new in-call chat function and more!

Another month, another batch of updates. Things move at a fast clip at Fullview, and we've been working hard on this batch of updates since the launch of Fullview Replays a few weeks ago.

As a little refresher, Fullview Replays is our user session replay product. It is built specifically for customer support and product teams.

With it, support agents can playback video-like recordings of user sessions to spot bugs in context and flag issues so developers can release targeted, relevant fixes.

We wanted to take you through what has improved in the weeks since the big launch.

Share timestamped replays with your team

You're watching a session replay when you notice that a user has encountered a bug.

🔆 Before this update: You'd have to manually explain, record and report it to your development team.

🔆 After this update: No more manual bug reporting. Directly share a timestamped replay at the click of a button.

Jump straight to events on the timeline

You're busy and you don't have time to watch hours of session replays to spot issues.

🔆 Before this update: There was no good way to skip to points at which an event or bug occurred during a user session.

🔆 After this update: All events and errors are clearly labelled on the timeline, so you can skip directly to them.

See previous or next replays

You want an easy way to skip to a user's previous or next session replay recording.

🔆 Before this update: You had to navigate back to the customer details page and choose a replay from the list.

🔆 After this update: When you're watching a replay, you can easily skip to the next (or previous) replay without having to navigate away.

See how many recorded sessions per user

You want to know how many sessions have been recorded for each of your users.

🔆 Before this update: You'd have to manually count by doing down the list from the customer details page.

🔆 After this update: We have a handy icon with the number of recorded sessions for each user.

Send in-call chats to users

You're in a cobrowsing session and want to send a user a message or share a link.

🔆 Before this update: You'd have to do that somewhere else, because there was no in-call chat feature.

🔆 After this update: We now have an in-call chat feature, so you can send a message directly within the cobrowsing session.

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Dorin Tarau

Co-Founder / CPO