A powerful new way to use Fullview

A powerful new way to use Fullview

We’re incredibly excited to announce the latest (and greatest) changes to Fullview!

You’ll now be able to:

  • Diagnose customer issues faster with powerful filtering and segmentation of user sessions 🚀
  • Better organization and labeling of issues, and search within console log data 🔍
  • Record cobrowsing calls for record-keeping, quality, and training purposes

New UI to save time and stay proactive

New dashboard with chronologically-ordered sessions so you can find recent & relevant ones faster.

Say hello to your new dashboard.

Instead of seeing a list of customers when you log in, you’ll see a list of sessions ordered chronologically.


So you can quickly see all the latest sessions in your app — ongoing as well as ones that have recently ended – and find issues faster.  

Find session recordings at lightning speed

Create labels and filter to find user sessions and issues faster.

Most web apps have thousands — if not tens of thousands — of sessions every day. No one has time to sort through all of them without a little bit of help! So we’re here to help.

You can now create custom labels (or choose from a list of defaults) for sessions. You can then filter by the label to find the exact session recording you’re looking for.

You can even combine labels for more powerful filtering.

No more scrolling through endless lists of recordings. Your pointer finger will thank you later.

Stay organized with custom views

Create custom views for filter combinations you look up often.

Find yourself adding combinations of the same filters over and over again?

Just create a custom view!

What is a custom view, you ask?

Let’s say you often filter to find sessions with errors within specific timeframes. With custom views, you can set that combination of filters and labels as a saved custom view, and quickly access that view with one click.

This way, you don’t have to manually sort by the same combination of filters and labels each time, shaving valuable minutes off every support ticket - or even letting you proactively find user issues!

Call recordings for training and record-keeping

See all cobrowsing recordings in one place.

Want to record your cobrowsing calls for record-keeping and training purposes? Now you can!

All live cobrowsing screen-sharing sessions will automatically be recorded and the recordings can be accessed in the ‘cobrowsing sessions' view on your dashboard.

The upside? You can now review exactly what you and your users did during a cobrowsing call to identify areas of improvement and train your agents to provide even better support.

We’ll even pin the recordings to your Zendesk tickets for better workflows.

Want to see for yourself?

Sign in to give it a go.


Dorin Tarau

Co-Founder / CPO


Try Fullview today

  • Automatically record user issues
  • See console log data
  • Cobrowse for real time support
  • 100% GDPR compliant

Try Fullview today

  • Automatically record user issues
  • See console log data
  • Cobrowse for real time support
  • 100% GDPR compliant

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