How HopSkip reduced time-to-resolution by 30% with Fullview

HopSkip reduced average time-to-resolution by 30% after implementing Fullview. Here's how they did it.



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Customer support, troubleshooting, technical support


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TL:DR - Why HopSkip chose Fullview

  • Intercom integration 🔗
  • Easy to implement and use 🙌
  • Both synchronous and asynchronous support capabilities 🤙
  • Session replays to diagnose customer and product issues faster and more accurately 🔍
  • Console logs with network information and error detection for the technical team 🗂️
  • A 30% drop in avg. time to resolution since implementing Fullview 📉

A natural fit

Greg Leizerowicz, CTO at HopSkip, was looking through Intercom marketplace a few months ago when he stumbled across a listing for Fullview. HopSkip were already in the process of casting about for a sessions replay and cobrowsing solution, so it couldn't have come at a better time.

'Within a day or two, we had Fullview set up because the replays are really interesting to me, and we didn't have a really good way to do the cobrowsing-type feature."

HopSkip was founded in 2019 and is a SaaS platform designed for the hospitality and hotels vertical. 

"When we founded HopSkip, it was right before Covid and our industry went through hell basically for a couple of years. This was all while we were building the product, automating the RFP process and trying to improve adoption. It was a challenging time, but we believe very strongly in what we're doing at HopSkip and just how badly the entire RFP process needs an overhaul."

The RFP (request for proposal) process is where buyers — typically event planners in charge of planning conferences or team off-sites — submit proposals to hotels that outline how much meeting space they require, the length of the event, and the expected number of attendees. It's an incredibly common and important process, but it’s often made cumbersome by the fact that everything is handled manually.

"Sourcing hotel rooms and meeting space is a very complex process. Historically, it has been done through email, spreadsheets, word documents, and things like that. We wanted to change that."

"Our users are focused on many different tasks at once, so we needed tools to improve the product adoption, bug discovery, and customer support process without causing friction, which is why session replays and cobrowsing have become such a valuable tool for us."

Given that HopSkip has been using Fullview for a few months now, we wanted to sit down with Greg and talk about his experience with our product.

Have key support metrics improved and would he recommend Fullview? 

Reducing time-to-resolution by 30% with Fullview

Could you tell us a little bit about what your support workflow looked like before you started using Fullview? 

We actually started with Intercom. Our first contact with the customer if they're having any kind of question is usually through the Intercom messenger; we've been using that for about two years now. And as part of Intercom, I get digest emails. And I was looking through their marketplace and saw Fullview, and within a day or two, had it set up because the replays are really interesting to me, but we didn't have a really good way to do cobrowsing. 

As you can imagine, our users are not technical people, they're not software developers. So the last thing that they want to do is recount what they've done to get to where they are if they're having an issue. So the replays and cobrowsing are a huge feature. 

Before we integrated with Fullview, our support workflow was pretty much Intercom chat and a support email. 

What were some of the challenges you were having with that workflow?

Again, it's really having the customer stop what they’re in the middle of to give us the information. It can be pretty cumbersome for them. And it's just the last thing that they're looking to do. So the replays — beyond being able to see what they're doing — it's also  a lot closer to what actually happened than what the customer might tell you. 

We use replays even beyond the support workflow we have. We often go back to watch them again and spot places where we can improve the flow of the product as well. 

Have you been keeping track of how your support metrics have improved since you’ve implemented Fullview?

We definitely have seen Intercom threads be answered and resolved a lot quicker — probably around 25 to 30 percent improvement on that.

We don't have a huge sample size like some of your customers might, but it's significant for us.

That’s great to hear! Any aspects or features in particular that you have enjoyed using? 

Replays and the console information like network information and errors that might be happening in the console are super valuable to us, especially the technical team.

Would you recommend Fullview to other companies? 

Yeah, of course, and I have! I have a network of people that I've worked with in the past and I tell them what we're doing with Fullview and to just go check it out.

A better alternative for support teams

  • Auto record user issues
  • See console log data
  • Cobrowse for live support
  • 100% GDPR compliant
Get to resolution faster

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